3 Cost Saving Ideas for your Company Christmas Party

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Although the economy is showing tentative signs of picking up, quite rightly many companies are still feeling the pinch and are approaching the festive season with caution.

However, you can still reward your team with a Christmas party this year if you’re watching your finances; scaling down your plans to an affordable but vital morale boosting occasion is easier than you think, and both your accountant and your staff will thank you for it.


On Site Christmas Party

Is there really any need to go to the expense of hiring out an expensive venue?  If you have a small number of people working for you then you could hold this year’s Christmas party at your workplace, providing that it is a safe environment to do so.

You could save a lot of money by having the caterers and entertainment come to you, rather than the other way around.  A lavish sit-down 4 course meal could be replaced with a luxurious finger buffet instead and wholesale bought drinks will be considerably cheaper than over-inflated bar and restaurant prices.

If you have room for a disco then great, but if not you could always look at alternative entertainment to make it a night to remember.  Team building activities such as quiz and game shows are great for breaking the ice and getting everyone into the party spirit.  Casino tables and giant Wiis are also great entertainment ideas that won’t break the bank.

Daytime Christmas Party

There is no law saying that Christmas parties have to be held in the evening.  In fact there are many benefits from having a daytime Christmas party instead; you are more likely to have everyone attend as they will be at work anyway, venues will be much cheaper to hire during the day than at night, and lunchtime menus are usually much cheaper too.

Daytime Christmas parties will also eliminate that awkward ‘drinking too much’ factor meaning less red faces in the morning and no hangovers!

You can still spice up a daytime Christmas party with some ice breakers during the meal.  Our traditional Haka dancers or our Crashing Waiters will be sure to make the event a truly memorable occasion.

Incorporate the Christmas Party into another event

Mix business with pleasure by adding a Christmas party onto another corporate event.  By holding a Christmas party after your annual sale conference or a team building event you can deliver your business information and forecasts for the following year and then reward everyone for their hard work with a dinner and dance afterwards.

Tacking a Christmas party onto another event ensure that you have maximum attendance and you can often use the same venue for the two events, thus saving money.