5 Tips for Getting the Best Mix of People for Team Building Events

Team Apprentice team building

Team building events can be extremely useful business tools that will help bond and strengthen working relationships and improve important skills.  However, to get the most out of any team building event, it is vital that you ensure you have the right mix of people within the teams.

Unless the team building event is solely to be a thank you or to try and fix problems within a specific group of people, it is wise to ensure that each team is a good mix of people.  The likelihood is that the marketing department already very well together, they are aware of the dynamics and are less likely to step outside of their usual roles even in different surroundings.

However, if you have a much more diverse mix of people who, they will be free from their usual pecking order and be able to truly explore their potential and improve their networking skills.

Ensure a mix of ages

Whilst older employees can certainly pass on their knowledge and experience, younger members of a team will bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas.  Both younger and older employees can learn a lot from each other in a team building event.

Mix up management levels

Team building events should be a level playing field, however this doesn’t mean that all delegate should be from the same management level.  An interesting mix of people should include different levels of management; higher level managers should welcome the chance to become approachable to other members of the team, while more junior members of the team will be able to showcase some of their skills that had previously gone undetected.

Invite people from different departments

Not only will this help people to improve their networking and communication skills, it will also give them the chance to realise that the success of any business depends on all departments pulling together for the good of the company.

Working bonds and relationships formed in a team building activity will then be taken back into the workplace for a more harmonious working environment.

Invite delegates from different parts of the country

If you have a large national organisation, inviting people from around the country will enable people to share best practices, meet up with people they may previously have only spoken to on the telephone or emailed before, and generally strengthen working relationships.

Don’t pick obvious roles

When assigning roles for team building events, avoid picking the obvious choices.  The most senior delegate may not actually get anything out of being the team leader, but may benefit more by having to be a team player and listen to others for a change.  Whereas more junior members of the team may relish the chance to take the helm and improve vital skills such as time management and decision making.