Break the Ice at your Corporate Event with a Quiz or Game Show Team Building Event

One of the best ways to engage all age groups and management levels on a team building event is to have them participate in a quiz or game show.   Popular TV quiz shows and games show have the ability to appeal to all walks of life and because the formats are so well known, less time is needed to get everyone on board and familiar with what they need to do.

For a fun and formal addition to a corporate event such as a Christmas party or conference, these quiz and game show team building events will help to break the ice, allow colleagues to get to know each other and can be used to put across an important business message or mission statement.

They can also be used to help bridge the gap between management and other employees.  A bit of light-hearted fun at some of the more senior members of the team’s expense will instantly make them more human and approachable when back in the workplace.

Whether you want a purely fun aspect or require a quiz or game show that requires your team to work together and focus on key areas such as communication, listening, and leadership skills to secure a win, these fun elements can be tailored to your exact needs.

Retro Quiz and Game Shows

These are particularly good if you have slightly older employees, not only will they fully understand the rules of classic game shows such as the Team Generation Game, Company Fortunes or Play Your Cards, but they will be transported down memory lane and shouting out all the old famous catchphrases of the day.

These are best used as ice breakers in conferences or corporate dinners.  Slotted between courses or speakers they can be just the thing to raise spirits, relieve any potential boredom that may be setting in and keep everyone alert and lively.   Questions used can be anything from general knowledge to business related issues.

Modern Quiz and Game Shows

All the fun of the more recent hit quiz shows without the glare of the studio lights and pressure to actually win a million pounds.  Modern quiz shows are great to use for corporate events for a bit of informal fun, but can equally be used as a short team building activity slotted into a conference or other event.

Firm favourites such as Team Millionaire and Your Company Has Got Talent will ensure that everyone participates in some way and that everyone has a great time.

Take a look at our range of corporate entertainment packages to decide which would be best suited to your event this year.