Art Potential

An art team building activity can be very rewarding. Firstly we eradicate self doubt, we show people their potential and install confidence, then we combine individual belief with group focus and the result is a confident team of people ready to take on new challenges.

Art based team building activities are a great way for taking people out of their comfort zones. When facing a challenge our preconceived ideas greatly affect how successful we are. Negative thought processes formed during our early years can affect the way we approach other challenges, especially those we face in the work environment, we can help break down those negativity’s.

This art team building activity session has been designed to tackle these self-limiting beliefs by enabling people to create their own watercolour painting! By coaching and demonstrating, we give them all the tools they will need to succeed and when they do, sense of achievement is high. We then join them into a team and together they achieve something they never thought they could do.

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What type of team is Discovering Potential Through Art good for?

This is especially popular with management training schemes, junior and mid level staff.