Back to School Party Theme

Back to School Party Theme

Quickly get into line, stop misbehaving and listen to the Headmaster! Anyone would think you’re at a company party rather than Back to School! Welcome to the school for special ‘children’, a school where good behavior is rewarded and those who are naughty will be kept back in detention! If you are looking for a fun company party, then that’s great because our Back to School theme is just one of the many fun company party ideas to choose from. We haven’t got all of our themes on our website but take a look at some of them on our company party page or why not call on 0800 083 1172 and tell us what theme you’re looking for, chances are we’ve already hosted one and if not, then our creative team are up for a challenge! Alternatively, if you want to practice your handwriting for your classes then fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Company party ideas

Our Back to School party theme will be a blast from the past as we treat your guests to some retro school fun! On the timetable, tonight is a strict curriculum of interactive activities, entertainment, and good old school disco tunes! It doesn’t matter if you went to school in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s or even the 2000’s we guarantee that everyone will be transported back in time.

Corporate party ideas

Hosted by our very own ever so strict Headmaster, we’ll have no back chat when your ‘pupils’ enter the classroom; the classroom (your dining room) has been transformed into a retro school setting with coat pegs, benches and blackboards. The headmaster will ring the bell for assembly, the other costumed teachers will gather and then the end of term school fun starts.
We can theme your event as lavishly or as simple as you wish; different ingredients to make the perfect school night include the common room full of great old school games like table soccer football, basketball, space invaders and table tennis, it’s incredible how your guests will love playing on these old favourites; move on over the the science lab, where our science geeks become the coolest teachers in the school and serve up some superb experimental drinks – in test tubes! Take a trip to every pupil’s favourite place – the tuck shop, flying saucers, white mice, licorice shoe laces and we couldn’t have a tuck shop without the old school favourite – the gobstopper! Our tuck shop stocks all the old favourite sweets.

Company party entertainment

Get yourself over to the drama hall because of course, no school night would be complete without the classic school disco playing tunes throughout the ages! There will be no lurking against the wall hiding and definitely no Dad dancing, as our school DJ takes you on a nostalgic musical journey. Why not enhance your fun company party and have a band playing live music? Our superb party bands play different music genres over the years and ensure that everyone is on that dance floor and strutting their stuff – just like they did when they were kids.

Back to School Party Band

End of Term Back to School Party Theme

Why not make a full day of it? Combine your Back to School party theme with our School Sports Day team building event where your pupils will compete in teams and take part in our wonderfully retro school games like the skipping race, good old egg and spoon and throwing the soft javelin – a great start which compliments your evening party perfectly.

School Sports Day Corporate Events

Back to School theme not your bag? No problem, we have many other company party ideas to choose from, from Viva Las Vegas to a German Beer Festival; you name it and there’s every probability that we do it and if we don’t, then it’s game on, we’ll create the theme especially for you! If you’d like to know how we could host the perfect Back to School party theme for your company, then why not give us a call today on 0800 083 1172 or zap us over a message using this contact form, tell us how you would prefer to communicate and we will be in touch with you – we’d love to help you with your next company party!

What type of team is a Back to School party theme suitable for?

Our Back to School party theme is ideal for groups that want to have fun and let their hair down!