Beat the Cube

Beat the cube

Can your team accept the challenge and beat the Cube? Step into the cube and race against the clock in this incredibly competitive Cube team building event!

Based on the hit TV show, we’ve developed our own unique version of this challenging game! It’s your teams turn to challenge the Cube and see if they can win. Frustratingly simple tasks are issued and each team elects the person they feel can be victorious!

This is a fantastic team building event where communication and team support is paramount. Teams will compete in a series of games which test coordination, control and communication – all against the clock!

Team Cube

With our professional compare hosting the event, we ensure that Beat the Cube is fast paced and everyone is engaged throughout. Stepping into our 3m cube, with lighting and dramatic music to enhance the atmosphere and crank up the pressure, your teams will be on the edge of their seats as everyone watches to see who will beat the Cube.

Beat the cube  team building event – experience the thrill of the cube!

If you’d like more information on our Cube team building event, then fill out a contact form or give us a call on 0800 083 and we’ll talk you through how this brilliant event could work for your team.

What type of team is Beat the Cube good for?

Beat the Cube is a great leveller as it's all about skill, dexterity and communication rather than knowledge, so it's very flexible and can be hosted for all different levels.