Body Percussion

What’s Body Percussion? We show you how to make incredible music with your bodies, by the time we’ve finished you’ll be making an incredible company sound… You’ll probably find that people will still be recreating it back in the office long after the event…

Body Percussion is a vibrant and energising conference ice breaker. Our motivational experts will sweep your delegates away, with this rhythmic session. Before they have time to think, we’ll have them on their feet and joining in with this infectious body rhythm as they tap, clap and slap! We dramatically transform them into an energised and well oiled human music machine!

This fantastic conference energiser is also ideal for illustrating conference messages such as achieving great things with limited resources, getting back to basics and how each person plays an important part of the big picture.

Another wonderful bonus with this superb event is that it doesn’t matter what size of group you have, we can host this event – seriously – you could have a group of 5,000 and we can easily host this for you and what’s even better is that you don’t need any space; people just need to be able to stand up – simple!

Want a no obligation quote for Body Percussion or any other of our events? If you’d like us to talk you through how Body Percussion can be incorporated into your next conference, then contact us today on 0800 083 1172.

What type of team is Body Percussion good for?

his is a high energy, hugely motivational and interactive energiser for groups of many different levels.

This short burst of energy will help different levels and skills communicate with each other.