Brand New World

Purpose, identity and Pride; Shared goals, a sense of unity and a thirst to be the best are what make great companies. In Brand New World we take your teams back to basics as they get the chance to build from the ground up. Is this a creative team event? Absolutely! It’s a lot of fun too.

We all know that creativity and team work is essential in any business, solving business problems needs not only logical minds but a team of creative minds too. In Brand New World we give your teams the chance to create a world’s identity from ground level.

The old expression of ‘survival of the fittest’ has never been so true here; we are looking for the fittest creative minds and team work. With just limited details of a civilization your teams have to plan, design and then showcase their civilizations identity and convince the Brand New World Council that theirs is worthy of survival.

Brand New World can easily be adapted to incorporate your company message and objectives.

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What type of team is Brand New World good for?

A fantastic creative energiser that can test the creativity and team work of a multi level team.