Cereal Wars

Creativity is crucial for business, it’s the way they develop and win more business. We’ve developed our creative events to encourage creative thinking and presentation in a supportive environment.

This energizing event is very much hands on, it gets your teams moving around, talking, planning and laughing together, it’ll certainly give energy levels in your conference room a boost.

With the launch of a new cereal looming, all that is missing is the name and marketing campaign. Your teams must work hard to pull together a convincing name and marketing strategy for the cereal – of course one of the first tasks is to taste it!

If you are looking to encourage creative thinking, break down barriers between people and to improve communication then Cereal Wars is an excellent choice.

If you’d like to know how Cereal Wars Corporate Events can successfully fit into your next event, then give our events team a call on 0800 083 1172.

What type of team is Cereal Wars good for?

A great energiser, Cereal Wars is good for a mixed team from junior staff up to middle management.