Charity Team Building

Step into the boardroom for a special charity version of our most popular team building event as your team takes part in Charity Apprentice!

This is where you get to host a fantastic feel good team building event which focuses on planning, negotiating and communication AND help your favourite charity. Lord Alan Sugar-Rush, our superb professional actor and his team of eagle eyed advisors will tell your teams about your charity, what they do and the kind of people that the charity helps, then its down to business and they give your teams a thorough briefing of exactly what he wants them to buy.

Teams only have a set time to track down and buy what they can – this may be a charity team building event but Lord Alan Sugar-Rush and his eagle eyed advisors aren’t going to be giving any free passes today, everything is carefully scored, luckily no teams will be fired today but then it’s in to the boardroom to see which team is going to be hired!

Do you want to help charities and donate essential items to a good cause? Please call us for more information on 0800 083 1172 and together we can make your next team building event really count.

What type of team is Charity Team Building good for?

This is an event that is fantastic for all types of people at all different levels, it'll leave everyone on a superb feel good high.