Circus Skills

A Circus Skills team event isn’t just about jugging and plate spinning, it’s about confidence boosting, group support and encouragement. Realising that it’s possible to learn new skills has a positive impact on individual confidence and team work.

We’ve developed a highly effective Circus skills team event that harnesses the power of performance, encourages the fun factor but delivers a strong message that tells your team that they can achieve the extraordinary.

Working in teams your team are taught familiar circus skills and are encouraged to develop a supportive environment where everyone encourages each other to reach their performance potential. The Circus skills that they’ll learn include juggling, Plate Spinning, Diablo and Flower sticks.

When all the skills are learnt, your teams go head to head to see who will be crown as the star circus performers! You’ll find that your team will be talking about the event for some time to come and demonstrating their newly found skills back at the office.

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What type of team is the Circus Skills Team Event good for?

It’s a great event for junior to mid level teams and is popular in management training.