Crystal Maze

Crystal maze team building events

Our Crystal Maze team building event is ideal if you want to put your teams through their paces and see how well they work together.  The Crystal Maze themed event is a fantastic group team building event that really does build teams.

Crystal maze 4

Winning crystals are all the teams think they care about but team support, performance and success is the real concern. If you watched the TV show you’ll already have an idea about our event but if you didn’t then don’t worry! Your teams will compete in a range of team building games in order to win the most crystals.

Crystal maze

Racing against the clock teams visit different activity zones that are categorized Physical, Mental, Mystery and Skill. Challenges are varied to suit all skills and are specially designed to encourage attributes including communication, logic, co-ordination, problem solving and time management. For each challenge teams are awarded crystals depending on their performance. The more crystals teams earn, the more time they will have in the finale.

Crystal maze 3

Just like on the TV show our finale sees your teams in a giant inflatable crystal dome, desperately trying to grab as many gold and silver tickets as they can!

Want more information on our Crystal Maze team building event? Call us on 0800 083 1172 for more details.

What type of team is the Crystal Maze good for?

This is a great all rounder, a great leveler as everyone has the ability to contribute. Usually hosted for teams that want to focus on predominantly junior and mid level staff.