Dancing Team

Dancing Team will not only take individuals out of their comfort zones but your whole team as they learn new skills. A willingness to try, team work and team support are needed here for this vibrant and fun team building event.

Find the hidden talent within your team, as you take part in a singing and dancing workshop hosted by West End musical directors and vocal coaches. We teach your team parts and harmonies from a West End musical song. Choose from iconic musicals like; Grease, Mamma Mia, Oliver, We Will Rock You, Bollywood and Thriller.

Dancing Team takes your team outside of its comfort zone. It’s a great leveler and it relies on individuals willing to learn something new, while working in a team supporting and encouraging each other. We’ve specially designed our event to appeal to men and women but they don’t have to dance as partners, we take the team as a whole & produce an amazing dance formation!

This is a team building event that your team will not forget in a hurry and as they perform their routines for everyone to see, you can be certain of a positive and vibrant impact on your team!

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What type of team is dancing Team good for?

It’s great for all levels; it sets a level playing field and produces great results. Designed to appeal to both men and women.