A great mix of creativity, time management and communication makes Deadline a good tool for building your team and breaking down barriers.

So do you think your team has got what it takes to become the next team of ace reporters? Have they got a nose for a good story? In this creative event, your teams compete to see which newspaper will make the first edition and which will go straight to chip paper!

There will be official press conferences held throughout your event and your teams will have to piece information together about ‘celebrities’ that are in the area, can your teams track them down and can anyone get a scoop about them? Opportunities will be short lived and your teams need to be able to react fast!

There are so many different elements to this fast paced team focused event, there is something for everyone. Teams have to identify strengths, work closely together and think creatively if they are going to succeed.

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What type of team is Deadline good for?

Deadline is great for junior/middle management levels and can be tailored to suit your specific company objectives.