Corporate Events Activities

We often get calls from organisers wanting to arrange corporate events and not knowing exactly where to start. The good news is that by contacting Accolade Corporate Events, you’ve already made a huge step in the right direction. We are expert event organisers and have many years experience in planning and executing superb events with resounding success. 

Fun team building exercises and corporate eventsEach client that we work with has different reasons for wanting to arrange their corporate event, it maybe for corporate hospitality where they want the day to really feel like a reward day, where there’s no company message except ‘we appreciate you‘ that’s to be communicated; or it could be that they want to host the event to include corporate team building activities, where the day is fun but there is a clear outcome, they may want us to focus on motivating their team; the objective may be building bridges and bringing people together, encouraging them to find common ground and opening up the channels of communication or it could be as focused as developing new and viable business opportunities for the company – whatever the objective, you can be sure that we have the right solution for your team.

The best and most effective way to determine which solution is right for your company is to contact us, call us or email us, whichever way is the best for you and we’ll be straight back in touch with you. We’ll need to have a ‘no pressure’ chat about what it is that you are wanting to achieve, the timeframe that you have, your team dynamics and your budget that you need to stick to. Once we have all of those details then we are in a much more informed place and are able to start letting our creativity work it’s magic. We’ll send you a proposal with different options, all of which meet your objectives and then we’ll be in touch to discuss it and gain your feedback once you’ve had time to digest it. 

Party Entertainment IdeasOver the years we’ve worked with thousands of companies both here in the UK and also worldwide. We’ve hosted VIP corporate events for very small groups of top executives from Blue Chip companies right through to large family fun days of 900 employees and their families – no group is too small or too large for us, we really do have the solution for all kinds of groups.

Corporate Event Planning

The thing that sets Accolade Corporate Events apart from the rest is our passion – we love our team events, we’ve painstakingly developed them so that they engage and motivate firmly on the basis that if we wouldn’t want to take part in it, then it doesn’t make it in to our superbly diverse portfolio of corporate events. Our events don’t stand still we are constantly tweaking and changing them, both maintaining and improving them, ensuring that they are bang up to date, current and effective, you can really have confidence with our activities, we are events organisers that care.

If you are looking to host a corporate event and want to make sure you host an event that’s insanely successful, then please call us or email us – our team will come straight back to you and you’ll soon be certain that you’ve come to the right place just like thousands of other happy clients.