Having fun at team building events leads to acquiring new skills

There are many reasons why companies send their employees to attend team building events and learning new skills, or building upon their skillset, in a fun and informal environment is one of them.

Companies can have their team building events tailored to suit specific needs within their business, for example; encouraging people to listen more, improve time management and decision making, or increase creativity.

The people who participate in the team building event get to spend a great day out of their usual working environment, but whilst they are having fun and bonding with their colleagues they are also learning and improving upon vital business skills which will ultimately lead to better productivity and efficiency when back in the workplace.

Here are some of the skills that can be improved upon in a team building event:

Working Together as a Team

Teams will be required to work together to complete the task (or beat other teams in a competition), this experience will help colleagues to form better bonds and increase trust.   Completing the team building event through team work will instill a sense of pride and help them to understand the roles other people play in the success of a business.

Management Skills

Because everyone starts off as equals in a team building event, people can be elected to project manage or lead the team who wouldn’t normally get the chance to showcase their people managing skills in their normal work role.

Communication Skills

Both listening and being able to convey accurate instructions are vital skills for any workplace.  A team building event will help to hone these skills and highlight the importance of good communication between colleagues.

As team building events are informal, they help to break down any barriers between different management levels and improve inter-departmental relationships.

Decision Making

Many of our business related team building events require people to make decisions and follow through with them.   Brain storming will allow teams to bring together their ideas and decide amongst themselves the best way to progress with the challenge.


We encourage a good mix of people when arranging teams for a team building event.  Having a good mix of ages and management levels, as well as people from different parts of the company will ensure that everyone gets a chance to network with people they wouldn’t usually get the chance to speak to in their usual roles.