Planning your 2013 Christmas Party

Christmas is now just 15 weeks away and if you haven’t already thought about planning and organising your Christmas party, then you really should be doing!

We’ve come up with some handy tips and hints to help you ensure that this year’s Christmas party is the best to date and that your team get the reward they truly deserve.

Decide how much you want to spend

It is important to nail down your budget before you start with any other plans.  Be realistic and investigate how much venues and catering costs.  Be sure to set enough money aside so that everyone has a good time, you don’t want to be liken to a certain Dickins’ character!

Find your venue

You may find that this late in the year all the best venues are already fully booked up in December.  However, if you really have your heart set on a specific venue then you could consider hosting your Christmas party earlier in November or even pushing it back into January.

Using our free venue finding service will help you to find the perfect venue for your Christmas party this year.

Give Plenty of Notice

Sending out your Christmas party invite early is the best way to ensure the best turn out.  Giving your team plenty of notice so they can plan their working diaries around the event will ensure that more people will be able to attend the event.

Add in other elements

Make your Christmas party more memorable by adding in a team building event or some ice breakers such as popular quiz or games shows.  These are great for helping people to bond and break down any barriers between colleagues.  They also have the added benefit of helping people to work better together and build strong networks within your business.

Consider Transport or Overnight Accommodation

If you’re planning a large Christmas party that requires people to travel to the event, consider laying on some transport to ferry people to and from the event.   Coaches are useful if you’re hosting an out of town event, where invitees are staying at local hotels.

If you’re planning to host your Christmas party in your home town, employ the services of a local taxi firm to ensure everyone gets home safely.

Provide Catering

The scale of your party will largely dictate the type of food you wish to serve, whether this is a 3 course sit-down meal or a hot finger buffet.  By mixing up tables with employees from different sectors of the business and different management levels will ensure that everyone can network and meet new people.  Ice breakers like our Crashing Waiters before or during the meal will help everyone to bond and enjoy the experience more.

Providing drinks with the meal is expected from most people, but you probably should avoid free drinks all night as this may lead to embarrassing situations and plenty of sore heads in the morning.

Provide entertainment to suit everyone

Not everyone wants to spend their evening on the dance floor after their Christmas dinner, so ensure that you have alternative entertainment that will please everyone.  Casino tables, giant Wiis and Video Horse Racing will ensure that everyone is kept happy.