Questions to ask when choosing the theme of your corporate event

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When organising a corporate event such as an annual ball, conference, Christmas party or team building event, it is often a good idea to have a theme running through the event.  By having a themed corporate event you can help to strengthen your company message whilst making it a fun, interesting and engaging event for delegates to attend.

When considering the theme of your corporate event you need to think about the following aspects:

When is it?

The time of year could make it very easy to theme, for instance an October or early November corporate event immediately lends itself to a Halloween theme, while December and early January events could double up as a Christmas party for everyone.

Summer is a great time to host outdoor themed events such as Treasure Hunts, It’s a Knock Out and Family Fun Days.

Who’s Attending?

Will the delegates be a mixed age group, all from different walks of life or is the team generally of the same age and sex?

It’s important to pick a theme which will appeal to everyone, so the broader the spectrum of your team, the wider appeal the theme needs to have.  Favourite crowd pleasers include popular quiz and game show themes where everyone can feel included and be part of the fun.

A younger crowd may well prefer something a little more modern such as a giant Wii or a team building event that brings out their creative side such as our Catwalk Challenge.

What’s Happening Right Now?

Popular television programs make great themes for corporate events; anything from the X Factor to the Apprentice can be used as inspiration for team building events.

Corporate events could also be themed on events such as the Olympics, the Football World Cup and other major sporting events throughout the year.

How Many Delegates?

Large corporate events such as conferences, Christmas parties and annual balls need to please a large number of people.  Often people are sat at dinner with people they don’t know, so using themed conference energisers and ice breakers throughout your event will help everyone feel at ease, speed up the networking process and help to deliver your mission statement.

What’s Your Goal?

What exactly do you want out of your corporate event?  Is it a purely business event, a social event, or a mixture of the two?  Deciding what your goals for the event are will help us to pick the theme that is right for your event and will engage and motivate your team.