Team Building – Going from Strength to Strength

Quite often when a team of employees have been working together for a while they can become complacent.  Everybody tends to get relaxed into their roles and often don’t tend to push themselves as much as they could do.  There can be a general school of thought that everything is working fine so therefore cannot be improved upon, almost a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ mindset.

However, time and time again team building events have proved to be effective even with the most harmonious and successful teams.

The dynamics of a team can change over the years; sometimes the changes are slight such as a new member of staff or different departmental head.  However, quite often the changes can be significant, such as losses through redundancy or someone within a team gaining promotion and suddenly finding themselves in a position of authority.

Whether the changes in a team are subtle or large scale, each team can benefit greatly from attending a team building event.

Team building events serve as vital business tools to help to strengthen a team and fully realise its potential. There is a reason that professional football clubs always take the teams on a pre-season jaunt overseas, yes to play a bit of soccer with different opponents, but mainly as a chance for the newly assembled team to get to know each other in a new and neutral environment.  This helps any new members of the team to feel at ease and puts everyone on an equal footing.

Essential business skills such as communication, time management, decision making and creativity can be focused on within a team building event.  The events themselves can either be of a general theme where various skillsets are required to complete the task, or can be tailored to suit a specific business need or tackle any problems that may have arisen with a team.

Because all members of the team are equal when attending a team building event, many will find the freedom to showcase some of their skills which may have previously gone unnoticed in their usual day to day role.   Likewise, management figures can take a step back and gain a lot from listening to their colleagues as equals rather than pushing through their own thoughts and ideas.

Team building events are particularly useful for helping teams to bond.  By creating a relaxing and fun environment, participants will quickly be able to let their hair down and have a fun time with their colleagues, whilst at the same time gaining confidence in their own abilities and those around them leading to a more productive and happy team back in the workplace.