Is your company having a difficult time retaining your workforce? Read about how team building events can be the deciding factor in keeping or losing valuable employees on your team. 

Employee retention continues to be an enduring problem for businesses worldwide. Because the job market is now online and easy to access, employees are much more willing and eager to move from job to job to capture the best pay and benefits possible. With that in mind, businesses now struggle to find a balance between meeting their payroll budgets and doing what it takes to keep the talent in-house.

If spending more money on your workforce is becoming difficult, hosting a team building event might positively impact employee retention more than incrementally incrasing salaries or benefits.

Those in management are keenly aware of the delicate balance that exists between engendering a team atmosphere in the office and the need to reach out to employees. To be sure, managers and business owners hope for a workforce that is self-motivated to succeed just for the sake of the business itself, but the reality is more sobering: the role in the work process has to be rewarding in and of itself, and employees need to be essential to a team’s professional success. Most of all, workers must feel that their salary is balanced with the work they are doing.

DSC_7121Team building events can significantly aid in reinforcing an employee’s sense of connection to their team. Events like Team Apprentice — which is modeled after the popular television reality show — help to recreate an employee’s place in the success of a workforce team in a setting that is fun, casual, and engaging, all while remaining connected to the business world. The event itself assists in reinforcing the critical nature of each worker’s role in helping to make a team into a success, and also reveals to a team and its employees the business’ will in investing in the happiness of their employees. Team building, after all, should be a fun experience that takes employees away from the normal business day. As a result, the experience really resonates.

Often times, employees lose sight of their importance in the business processes that they work within. Or, sometimes employees realise their importance, but feel that their management fails to recognise how important they are to the team. Use team building events to show your employees how much you care about their role in the success of the company.

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Let’s face it: for any business, an event is an investment. Whether you are looking to train your staff, raise morale, or simply have a good time, the event itself has to have value and effectiveness to make it worth spending money on.

To get the most return on investment from a team building event, it is vital that you know exactly what you want to get out of the occasion.  Whether you want to host a team building event that is just for fun, or if you want something that is more business-minded there are a few important elements that you need to decide upon to ensure the team building event is a great success — both for employees and as an “ROI”.

We’ve detailed some of the main issues you need to decide upon before hosting a team building event:


The timing of your team building event is vital.  You want the maximum amount of people to attend. so you need to ensure that your date doesn’t conflict with any other industry occasion or business commitment people may have.

The time of year may also be a concern; hosting a team building event when the children are off school could cause issues as more parents tend to take their annual leave at this time. This is particularly true for office Christmas parties as well as events in the summer, which coincide with the summer holiday season and the kids being out of school

If you want to have your team building event in another town or city, Mondays and Fridays are generally the worse days for travelling, and most employees won’t thank you for getting home late on a Friday night.


How many delegates do you want to attend the team building event?  Many of our team building events can be tailored to both small and large numbers; however, some are more suited to smaller groups.

Which employees do you want to attend the team building event?  If you want to host something open to all employees then a having a good mix of people from different departments, management positions and ages will get the best results.  If you just want to focus on one team, ensure that everyone in that team—even those who work part time or are long-term temporary staff—are included.

Send invitations out early so people can plan around the event and make sure you advise people of the dress code.

Type of team building event

Our team building events can be general or tailored to your exact business requirements.  Do you want your team building event to focus on specific areas that you feel your team needs to improve upon, such as communication or creativity?

If you want a team building event that involves problem solving or being creative, you need to ensure that you give the delegates enough time for them to complete the tasks set without feeling rushed.

If the objective of the team building event is for everyone to have fun, a quiz or game show can be an ideal event that everyone will enjoy and makes for a great ice-breaker at a conference or seminar.


Do you want your team building event to be held at the workplace, or at a different venue?  For larger companies with widespread employees it makes sense to hold a team building event in a central location so delegates don’t have to travel too far.

Picking locations with good motorway or train links is essential. City centre hotels can be good choices for venues, but many have very limited car parking availability, would this be an issue?

Remember: planning your team building event properly is going to play a major role in whether it turns out to be productive. Using these helpful tips can ensure that you make the right moves in planning and executing your next big event.

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Hosting a successful event starts with choosing themes and corporate event planning. For many corporate events and team building events, an established theme helps to add another dimension to the day or evening.  Themes can include your objectives and messages that are cleverly woven into the different activities or it can be a full on themed party – whichever you need, we can help you.

Theming your event can help to emphasise certain key areas that you wish your employees to improve upon, be it creativity, communication or problem solving. Or, if you are hosting your corporate event just for fun, then a theme will help set your event apart from previous ones and make it memorable.

When choosing the theme for your corporate event you will need to think about the following issues:

Time of year for Corporate Event Planning

Winter corporate event planning can be tied in with your annual Christmas party, but you could always use Halloween as a fun theme if you think your employees would love the chance to dress up. Outdoor events are best held in the summer months, and suitable themes include treasure hunts based on popular TV programs such as Spooks or The Apprentice are very popular.  For those who enjoy a physical challenge, inflatable fun can be had with It’s a Knock Out and the warmer weather can be a great time to reward employees with a family fun day.

What’s on TV?

Theming your corporate event around a popular television program such as Dragon’ Den or The Apprentice will prove very popular amongst participants.  Or you could even go retro and use an old school quiz show such as Blankety Blank or Play Your Cards Right as inspiration.

Don’t alienate

As we’ve already mentioned, with corporate event planning it’s important that everyone attending a corporate event feels comfortable.  Getting people to do things that they feel awkward or embarrassed about will do the very opposite of what you want to achieve.

Team building and corporate events should be used as tools to bring people together, increase networking and raise morale.  What you don’t want to do is have people polishing up their CVs and checking the situations vacant section of the newspaper the day after.  You know the different personalities you have in your team, think about the type of theme that will work for everyone and not have anyone feel alienated.  Remember, you want participants to be challenged but not humiliated.

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Team building events
can be used for various reasons, whether it’s purely for fun — a nice change of pace for your employees — or if you want to tailor your event to focus on particular skills needed for your business.  A good team building event should be fun, informal, have all the participants relaxed and eager to join in, and most importantly, it should serve a purpose.

We look at some of the main reasons why companies use team building events for their employees.

To reward hard work

Whether it is to celebrate landing a big contract, increasing your year-on-year sales figures or simply to say thank you to your employees, a team building event can be an excellent way to show your appreciation.   Fun events such as It’s a Knock Out or Country Pursuits will ensure that everyone has a day to remember and events are talked about at the water cooler for a long time.

Improve working relationships

Sometimes it is necessary to take employees out of their usual surroundings and daily routine to get them to look at each other in a different light.  Mixing teams up with participants from different sectors of your business can help to improve inter-department relationships as well as allow people to better understand and respect the needs of others.

Change Management

A change management can often throw a team into disarray; employees often feel distrustful of new management, particularly if there have been redundancies.  A team building event can be extremely useful in bringing newly formed teams together and introducing new colleagues to each other, helping to quickly establish trust and harmony in the new set up.

Bring colleagues together

Team building events are excellent ways of bringing people together who may have spoken and emailed each other for years, but because of their geographical location they may never have actually met.

Finally putting a face to a voice or email address will help to strengthen working relationships and improve morale.

To be included in another corporate event

Conferences and seminars can often be long and drawn out occasions that need something lively and informal to break up the day and recapture everyone’s attention.  Fun and snappy team building events can provide a surprise element to your corporate event and help to reinforce your company message.

If you have brought employees together from various departments and locations, it makes sense to take the time whilst they are all together to spend on concentrating on vital workplace skills that could be improved.  This can be achieved by adding a team building event to either the evening or following morning.

Change of personnel

Whether it is a new line manager or an expansion of your existing team, having everyone attend a team building event is a great way of letting colleagues get to know each other in a neutral and informal environment.

To focus on a particular business need

Has communication broken down?  Is time management becoming a major issue? Has the creativity dried up?  A team building event can be tailored to focus on specific areas that your team needs to improve upon.

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Change in management can have a major impact on your workforce. Read how team building events for work can be used to soften the blow of a new manager or management team, and keep your organisation running smoothly.

A business is generally only as strong and efficient as its workers.  The better employees get along and enjoy their work, the more productive the company will be.   There are however, times when the balance of a team can be affected and the result is often a team that has lost its way a little.  After a change in management, a team can suddenly find that it’s lost a few members — or even gained a few. Either way, that new dynamic needs to settle in and learn to harmonise again and as quickly as possible.

Team building events for work are great business tools for bringing a team together and getting them to concentrate on building morale and regaining trust — two areas that tend to need addressing following a change in management, merger or round of redundancies.

Apprentice Style Team Building Event

Team building events for work that are fun and effective

Taking the team outside of their usual environment and participating in a fun and informal team building event will help employees to get to know their new colleagues whilst also concentrating on vital workplace skills such as communication, leadership, time management and decision making.

A change of management often leads to mistrust and a tendency to stick rigidly to the ‘old way’ of working.   Often if two companies or departments have merged, there will be a ‘them and us’ attitude between workers from the different sectors.   A team building event can be used to break down any communication barriers and it allows employees to discover each other’s strengths in neutral surroundings.

Mixing up the teams with employees from different companies and departments will help form new working relationships and build bridges.  Trust between colleagues will be vastly improved and because everyone has had the chance to get to know each other better, the morale in the workplace will be greatly enhanced.

It is in a company’s best interest to have the newly formed teams settle as quickly as possible.  Once new teams have been established, a team building event can help to bring everyone together and forge forwards as one united unit.

Team building events for work can either be general or can be tailored to your exact business needs.  In the case of change management, they can be extremely useful in delivering your company message and vision and bringing everyone on board.  They are also a perfect way of introducing colleagues to each other without the day to day distractions of a busy workplace.

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