Motivating your team and reinforcing your company message can be done in a fun and informal way using  motivational team building events.

In any department or team there will be occasions where morale in low and individuals may be lacking in motivation.  There could be several reasons for this; a restructuring of the company, redundancies, a lull in orders, or a change of management can all disrupt the natural balance of a team and start to dent confidence.

A team that is lacking in motivation and morale will be a team that under-delivers. It won’t reach its potential, nor will the individuals involved particularly enjoy coming to work each day.  This quickly leads to complacency, which often leads to good employees digging out their CVs to look for roles elsewhere.  In addition, it can mean deadlines and targets aren’t met which has the real potential to lose future business.

To keep your best people and to maximise their potential it is vital to keep them focused, driven and happy.  Increasing motivation and team spirit will lead to a more dynamic team who will strive to achieve all they can whilst pulling together for the greater good and working with a real sense of pride in the company.

Morale is extremely infectious; the trick is to ensure that your team has high morale and not low morale passing from employee to employee.  Bringing the team together to take part in a team building event will work on increasing morale within the team as well as targeting certain business needs that may need addressing such as communication, time management, decision making etc.

Team building events that take people away from their everyday working environment and routine are paramount for optimum success.  Team building events held at a neutral venue are great levellers, meaning that people from all different management levels will be more relaxed in each other’s company.  It will enable those who usually give orders to stand back and improve their listening skills, while other quieter members can take their turn to shine and showcase some of their skillset that may have gone unnoticed before.

Using either business-focused indoor team building events, or fun and frantic outdoor team building events, will quickly get everyone working together and enjoying a new challenge, whilst honing a host of skills that are vital to any workplace.

Do you find that time just runs away from you at work?  Are you always struggling to catch up and find yourself stressed out because you’re so far behind with your daily tasks? Office team building can help!

We all have times at work when we feel under the cosh, learning to better manage your time will help to alleviate some of the stress and help to prioritise our workload, making for a more productive and enjoyable time at work.

Make a ‘to do’ list

Most people make lists, but the trick is to prioritise the order in which things must be completed.  Obviously, the most important and time dependent tasks should be tackled first, but don’t get into the habit of putting off some of the smaller tasks that you don’t particularly like doing.  Getting these out of the way will mean that you can then spend your time doing the tasks and jobs you most enjoy without having to stress about other things.

Make a list at the start of each day, but only put down things that you know can achieve within the time frame.  Starting off with an impossible mountain of tasks won’t help the situation.  Be honest about how much you can actually do.

Allow yourself to say ‘no’

Colleagues and bosses will respect you more if you explain to them that you can’t take on any extra work at the moment because you’re too busy, than if you take the work and then fail to deliver because you’ve overcommitted yourself.


Does everything in your in tray need to be done by you and only you?  Can you delegate some of your work to a junior member of the team, or someone who isn’t as busy as you?

Sharing the workload is part of an efficient team, and you can always step into the breach and help out colleagues when you are less busy.

Make good use of quieter times

There will be times when your phone isn’t ringing off the hook and you don’t have 100s of emails to answer.  Use this time wisely to catch up with some of the more mundane tasks that tend to build up, this way you’ll have a clear deck once things become a little more hectic.

Don’t Rush

It’s easy when you’re stressed out to try and rush through work to meet deadlines, but rushing tends to lead to errors.  It is better to take your time and do the work correctly first time around than have the embarrassment and extra time demands of having to re-do tasks

Don’t procrastinate

There is a time for Facebook and a time for getting on with work.  A quick look at a social media site can quickly turn into half an hour or more, time that could be better spent on clearing your backlog.

Sometimes the mountain of workload can be scary, but gritting your teeth and diving into it is the best way to tackle it.

No distractions

If you are working against the clock, then it pays to shut yourself away from all distractions.  Turn your mobile phone to voicemail and ignore emails until you’ve completed the task.

Break down large tasks

Breaking down big projects or tasks into smaller, more manageable chunks will help you to overcome the initial feeling of being overwhelmed.

Think about how you work

Can things be done a different way?  Just because you’ve always done something a certain way, it doesn’t always mean that there isn’t a better, more practical way of doing something.  Don’t be afraid to try out new ways of working.

Ask for help

Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness; it is actually a sign of your dedication to the job.

Attend a team building event that focuses on time management



Have you left it too late to book your workplace Christmas party this year?  Are struggling to find a suitable venue, caterers and entertainment that aren’t fully booked up in December?  If the answer to either of these questions is ‘yes’, then maybe you need to give this year’s Christmas party a rethink.

Instead of having a Corporate Christmas party in December, why not hold it in November instead?  Bringing the date of your Christmas party forwards a few weeks actually has a few advantages over December bookings, here’s why:

Better Choice of Venues

Generally speaking most venues will charge a premium in December, knowing that they will be able to book out their space very easily at this busy time of year.  You are more likely to be able to get the venue you want, or an even better venue, at a reasonable rate if you decide to hold your Christmas party in November instead.

You are also less likely to have to share your venue with other work’s Christmas parties, giving you more exclusivity.

Better Menu Variety

Whilst many people love a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, many find that once a year (on Christmas Day) is enough.  In December most restaurants and hotels will only serve Christmas fare, so a November party could mean that you can choose from the normal menu they offer, or you could speak to the venue to provide a themed dinner of your choice without a mince pie in sight.

Christmas Overload


By getting in there first with your Christmas party you can avoid Christmas overload.  Usually by mid-December many people are pretty fed up with having Christmas forced upon them, so you can be sure that the novelty is still there when you host your event.

Also, you could avoid the Christmas theme altogether, this works particularly well if you employ staff who don’t celebrate Christmas.

Better Choice of Entertainment

A Christmas party, whether it’s held in December or November, should ideally have entertainment. This brings the whole party together, helping to break the ice and introduce new colleagues to each other in a fun and informal way.

However, like venues, any entertainer who is worth their weight in salt will be fully booked up months in advance for the Christmas period.  You have a much better chance booking that top DJ, band or magician if you move your Christmas party forwards to November.

Effectively using energisers and ice breakers at large corporate events with astounding results!

We often get asked to help with energisers and icebreakers for large corporate events, it always sends a wave of excitement through the office as we imagine harnessing the power of anything from 100 people up to 8000 people. We can acheive amazing results in a very short time, give us 10 minutes and we’ll energise your group in a way you didn’t think possible with our superb Clap Happy energiser but if you have 30 minutes, then hold onto your seats because the authentic HAKA Maori warriors will send an amazing surge of energy, of power and of purpose through your conference and whats more, we can tailor it to your specific company message.

Let’s take a look and see what conference icebreakers could effectively work for any group of 100 people right up to a whopping 8000!

Clap Happy and Body Percussion – Ideal for when you are short of space and short on time, these brilliantly energising events can be hosted in as little as 10 minutes and either have absolutely no set up time needed or can be set up in minutes!

The HAKA, Boomwhackers, Your Song, Junk Funk can all be hosted between 20 and 40 minutes and each has minimal set up time, they are great icebreakers and really do energise your conference!

If you have a little more time 45 minutes and over, then there are even more conference event ideas; The Big Picture, Team Millionaire and Team Apprentice are just a tiny selection of the inspirational team events we can host for your company.

All of the energisers icebreakers at large corporate events are designed specifically to break the ice, to ensure that people from different departments actually speak to each other and form a bond which they can take back to the workplace and all in a relaxed, fun and inspirational environment.

Literally any size group you can imagine and at any venue of your choice around the world – we can help you!

If you’ve got a large group and need some inspiration for motivational icebreakers, then call our events team on 0800 083 1172 today and ask for a completely free of charge quote.

With the economic situation continuing to drag its heels and recovery seemingly still a long way off, many companies are wondering whether they should still host their annual Christmas party.   Some companies also give their staff a Christmas bonus in addition to a party each year, so it comes as no surprise to us that many are considering stopping either the Christmas party or the bonus in a bid to save money.

Whilst you’d be hard pressed to find a person who wouldn’t appreciate a few extra pounds in their pay packet at Christmas, you have to ask yourself whether this represents good value for money against a Christmas party.

For return on investment it makes more sense to host a Christmas party if you need to choose between the two.    Yes, a cash bonus will be showing your appreciation, but it won’t necessarily raise morale or increase motivation in the workplace.  On the other hand, a Christmas party will help to unite a team, something that is especially important if your company has undergone changes in personnel or management or you’ve had a particularly difficult year in terms of orders and sales.

By integrating other aspects into your annual office Christmas party, such as a team building events or energizers, you can also help to hone vital workplace skills such as communication, working together and trust.   In addition, depending on the type of team building events or energizers you choose, you can focus on areas that you feel need addressing such as listening skills, time management and decision making – all whilst having great fun!

Even if you decide to keep your Christmas party purely social and don’t include any business elements into it, your team will be able to bond, meet new colleagues and network which will in turn create a stronger and more dynamic team who are more willing to help each other and the company to strive forwards in 2014.

Christmas parties don’t have to be extravagant and expensive affairs, indeed if your company has gone through major restructuring and has had to make people redundant then it may be wise to pare down your festivities this year.  You could consider looking at cheaper and smaller venues than you would normally choose, or opt for a finger buffet rather than a sit down meal.   Could you hold your Christmas party on site to save money and increase the entertainment budget to really make it a night to remember?

Ultimately, treating your staff to a good night out regardless of what you choose to do, will be remembered and talked about much more than a cash bonus would be.


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