There is no question that team building is a very powerful tool that a company can use to help them continue to grow and innovate even in the worst economic climates. As great as the philosophy of team building is, there are companies that have a hard time implementing it. The most limiting factor to the success of many team building efforts on the part of companies today is not whether they should focus on outdoor or indoor team building activities, but rather understanding which is the best approach for your personnel.

Twitter is one of those corporations that have changed the rules of news, communications, and the way that people live. Last year, the social media giant went public and the spotlight has been shining on them ever since. That spotlight has revealed several team building benefits through a recent award given to the CEO, Dick Costolo.During the 7th Annual Crunchie Awards, held in San Francisco this past week, Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, was given the "CEO of the Year" award. This is a great achievement for the social media leader as the company just went into the public sector a few months prior to that. What is of great significance in this award is that Costolo did not take the credit for himself as the leader of the company, but said that the award is actually a "team award." He also went on to say, "it's the people inside the company that make the company what it is, and I certainly wouldn't be here without them."

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