Perhaps you have heard that team building and team activities are important for the future of your corporation or organization. This new business trend has been sweeping the world for the last 20 years, but has recently begun to enjoy a new rebirth as companies like Facebook, Google and Apple dominate the headlines. Teams are thus brought to the forefront as they are proven to be an important part of their overall success.

In fact, Steve Jobs has said about teams, “The people who are doing the work are the moving force behind the Macintosh. My job is to create a space for them, to clear out the rest of the organization and keep it at bay.”

Creating opportunity, space and freedom within team activities and other organizational building events and tools is something that every corporation should invest in.


Why are team activities, corporate team building events or weekend retreats of racing go-carts, Survivor type events or running through watery obstacles so important to success?

Team Activities for Success

The answer to that question is three-fold. There are three important foundational skills that every business – successful business – are built on. These three skills are often taught in colleges and institutes of higher learning, but when put into practice – through engagement and fun – the principles remain intact and established within the person’s mindset.

Whether through large outdoor games, conferences with game show energisers or themed events for Christmas or other holidays, team activities play a major role in corporate success.

1. Personal and Corporate Communication – This is a skill that can be taught but not successfully implemented. The reason is because as much as we like to put labels on skills like communication, there are still humans that have to exercise these skills. Team activities put humans into a position where they must communicate, but not in an overwhelming or intimidating way.

This one skill can transform a failing corporation into a successful one – or on its way to success – quickly. Through personal communications within the “team” environment comes the corporate communication through divisions and regions. This then trickles into the customer/organization relationship where communication is the priority and naturally exercised.

2. Leadership – Team activities and games are perfect for building leadership skills and helping emerging leaders step up. Through problems and challenges these leaders can learn – through practical, yet fun games – how to navigate a group to a successful solution. Again, leadership can be taught but the principles must be learned through practice.

3. Creativity – Innovation is the sustaining life source of any organization. For those who continue to push the envelope and develop new ways to do things and new products to enlighten everyday life, they become the known top brands. Names like Samsung, Google, Apple, BMW, 3M and a host of others are well known, and stay at the top of their sectors, because of the innovation they strive for. This innovation is multiplied when born through teamwork.

Team activities that are challenging, introduce problems and require a lot of critical thinking are those games that develop high capacity of creativity and innovation. Many games that use art, music, and dance are not only fun and engaging, but also develop creativity within the skill sets of the people involved.

Corporate success is more than just luck. While some CEO’s like to think that their charisma and will alone can move mountains within the corporate world, it is really all about teams and the way that they work together in communicating, leading and creating. Team activities are pivotal in corporate success today for these reasons.

Whilst many of our outdoor team building event focus on improving vital workplace skills such as communication or creative thinking, we do also specialise in outdoor team building events which are there purely for fun.

Work life is serious, but we firmly believe that a team who can really let their hair down with each other and enjoy some silliness, will be a happier and more productive team.

We use giant inflatables for some of our team building events coupled with water and foam for an extremely high-spirited, fun day out.  With the emphasis firmly on laughter, your teams will get the chance to unleash their inner child and jump around with wild abandon.

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Of course our inflatable outdoor team building events still have a competitive element, which adds to the occasion as the marketing department try their best to perform on some of our amazing courses and beat the finance gang.

Inflatable outdoor team building events are some of our most popular events for the summer, with employees relishing a day out of the workplace and into the sunshine.  They also make great events for family fun days, where employees can invite their partners and children and everyone can feel like one big family.

Outdoor team building with inflatables cannot fail to improve team spirits and morale, which will be taken back into the workplace the next day.  A superb way of really getting your people to bond and create a shared experience that will be talked about at the water cooler for months after the event.

In today’s ever-changing business world, teams of people often chop and change and this tends to leave people feeling a little out of sorts and lacking confidence.

If your company has recently undergone major changes such as redundancies, mergers, employing new people, departmental reshuffle, relocation or changes of management then you will probably have lots of newly formed teams working together.

New teams take time to gel, particularly if people may be harbouring feelings of dissatisfaction with their new set up, but this process can be speeded up by using fun team building exercises.

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Fun team building exercises are useful tools to help people to get to know each other better and for people to showcase their skills.  They are perfect opportunities to cast any old rivalries and grudges aside, or to simply break down any barriers that may have occurred during the period of transition.

Sending your people to attend fun team building exercises will start the ball rolling in gaining trust and confidence in each other.  Once this has been gained, then the team can truly start working together in an effective and productive manner.

Fun team building exercises are a unique way to not only improve team spirit and morale, but also to concentrate on vital business areas that a newly formed team may be lacking.  With communication at the heart of all of our events, our fun team building exercises will have your people listening better and giving clearer directions, both of these skills can then be taken back into the workplace to give the team the best start possible.

Often it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut in the workplace.  Everyone has their job to do and they tend to stick rigidly to their own routine, rarely taking into account other people and the roles they play – other than when they are late or do something that holds up their own progress.

By sending people on a  team building event, it challenges this thought process and makes people much more aware of their co-workers and how they might be able to join forces with each other to improve their working day.

Team building challenges the attitudes of ‘them and us’, and helps to build bridges between different departments.  Team building events are also great for helping to break down barriers that may have occurred between different departments or levels of management.

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Barriers in the workplace can quickly lead to a lack of trust and ultimately to a downfall in communication.  Getting people together to concentrate on improving trust and communication will help to mend working relationships and have them realise how important each person is to the company as a whole.

Team building also challenges the ‘can’t do’ attitudes that sometimes people have both of themselves and of others.  Taking people out of their comfort zone to participate in fun, yet challenging team building events often has the added bonus of bringing people out of their shells and allowing them to showcase their skill set in a different environment.

Allowing junior members of staff to take the lead, and more seniors one to sit back and watch and observe the rest of their team often leads to great surprises.  Senior management become more approachable and human, and junior staff are given the chance to shine and show their potential.

Team building challenges your people to think outside of the box, to be better communicators, better listeners, better problem solvers and better at time management.  It challenges them to work with, not against others and to come together and share the talent to truly succeed.

Hosting a team building corporate event for a large crowd is a major task.  There are many considerations needed, from deciding upon the best location, right venue and the team building activities to entertain and challenge so many people.


Location is pivotal when it comes to planning team building corporate events.  Ideally the best location should somewhere people have to travel equi-distance to if you have people working across the country.  If this isn’t practical, then the location should have good rail, road and airport networks to ensure travel to the location is as pain-free as possible.

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If all the employees work at the same location then the team building corporate event should be held in the same town or city.


Finding a venue suitable for a large crowd can be troublesome.  It may mean that you are reliant on large city centres rather than provincial towns or countryside venues.

The venue for team building corporate events should be large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably without feeling claustrophobic, but not so big it feels overwhelming. It should also have separate areas where people can take coffee breaks and mingle with other delegates.

Team Building Activities

Supplying quality team building activities for larger crowds can be challenging.  However, we have a fantastic range of team building activities than can be used for crowds of 2000+ delegates.

With the emphasis on fun, our team building corporate events make sure that everyone gets involved and they work brilliantly as conference energisers or ice breakers for corporate events.  They can be used to great effect to further strengthen your company message.

As countless companies have discovered corporate event management is a job that requires a high degree or organization, attention to detail and knowledge of specific needs within a company. As team building weekends and corporate retreats become more prominent within the business world, more organizations are trying to tackle this event management in-house. In doing so, there are events that are not as successful as they could be.

Corporate Team Management Essentials

Every company wants to succeed. In fact, it would be safe to say that every company wants to be the top in their industry. As studies are starting to reveal, a company that has a practice, and philosophy, of building efficient teams are those that continue to be at the top of their respective industries. The reason for this is quite simple; people who work together in a team atmosphere are not only working for themselves, but they work together to reach team goals. Higher levels of creativity, innovation and leadership are all hallmarks of teamwork and team building.

The way that this happens is through corporate events, weekend retreats and times of team building games and challenges. The workforce comes together for these “fun” days of games, competition, and entertainment to not only learn, and improve, business skills, but leave with stronger relationships and commitment to success.

These corporate events require a lot of attention and cardinal tasks that must be attended to.

1. Venue – One of the first tasks of any corporate team management project is to locate a venue that in conducive to meeting required goals. If you want an outdoor team building event it does not good to hold it in the middle of a city without any space.

The venue should be large enough to hold all participants and attenders comfortably, but not so large that it seems like there is a low attendance. The space should also be good for entertainment and eating for a full day, or evening event.

2. Entertainment – After the venue has been secured there is the need for quality entertainment. This does not have to be a headlining act or popular music performer. However, you do not have to have amateurs or an act that is not relevant to your goals and needs. A combination of speakers, music and even some comedic elements, work together for a great event.

Professional emcees are also a valuable asset as they can keep the event going, make any announcements, host the games and add a different dimension to the time together.

3. Caterer – Every good event will be remembered for the food. That is something that organizations have been learning for years. Many believe that if they have great entertainment and a luxury venue that they can skimp on the food. After the event is over, the participants will talk about whether or not they liked the food. Choosing a caterer in any corporate event management project is essential to success.

4. Flow – While many corporate event management tasks center around the “major” tasks that need to be attended to the flow of the event is often overlooked. The “flow” of the event is how the different segments join together. For a successful event, a seamless transition between each aspect is most desirable. This is where an emcee makes a major impact and where attention to planning the event come into play.

Corporate event management is a job, or project, that requires a lot of attention and specialized knowledge. Knowing the right caterers, or finding entertainment, and planning activities are not something that management should arbitrarily hand off to someone. Hiring a corporate event specialist is the recommended path to take.

In order for your team building event to be a success, it is vital that you pick the right team building ideas for your people to attend.

Whilst many of our team building ideas can be tailored to suit all age groups, there are a few which will appeal more to a younger team.

Team building for young teams can be more physical than for teams with a wider cross-sections of ages.  Outdoor team building games such as our range of inflatable events are always popular with younger crowds and are a great way to let of steam whilst bonding with colleagues new and old.

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If your team of people are a theatrical lot, then you may want to consider one of our singing or dancing team building ideas.   From recreating the iconic Michael Jackson’ Thriller routine to coming up with a new company song, we have a range of team building ideas that will stoke the creativity in your team and help them to realise just how important teamwork is within a successful business.

For the fashion divas and potential designers in your team, our Catwalk Challenge is a popular team building ideas for younger teams.  Your people will have to come up with a winning fashion outfit, create and market it and then model it on the catwalk.

Taking our cues from popular television, budding entrepreneurs can be tested in our challenging Team Apprentice and Investors Den team building ideas.  These fun and fast-paced events will really put your people through their paces as well as concentrating on improving vital workplace skills such as communication, decision making, time management, leadership and delegation skills.

Communication within the workplace is a fundamental building block to success. Paul Meyer, a leadership guru, has said that, “Communication–the human connection–is the key to personal and career success.” Within any organization good communication is a direct determinate of success. Fortunately, a business that is struggling with communication can improve upon it with some quick team building activities.

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Team building has been rising in prominence in the last five years as companies struggle within this new economic world. As giants in tech continue to set the pace for innovation smaller companies have to climb their way through the trail already set. Of course, tech sector continues to skyrocket with each new quarter. What about other areas? What about medical, education, mechanical services or retail? There are superstars in each of these sectors too. Brand names that are household terms. Some are even verbs for what we do. The key to all this success in all of these areas is team building and team challenges.

Quick Team Building Activities Lead to Better Communication

In order to use this “key”, as Meyer puts it, to personal and career success you must first learn how. There are plenty of great team building games that can be found online today. Many companies use these to some success. The problem is that without any specialized knowledge of what makes good communication, these games are just games.

Read even more about Quick Team Building Activities.

Stronger, more trusting, communication should be the goal. At Accolade Corporate Events we have many great quick team building activities that help to drastically improve and enhance communication within the workplace.

1. Investors Den – This quick game has been modeled after the popular game show, Dragons Den. In this team game, teams battle to gain investment from a panel of successful ‘venture capitalists.’ As teams, your group has to decide on the product, then develop it so it’s ready to present to the investors.

The beauty of Investors Den is that it can be either related specifically to your company or have a general business focus – whichever you choose; the results can often surprise you. Creativity, communication, time management, team work and presentation skills are all needed if your team is going to be successful in the den.

2. Deadline – This great communication game inspires the hidden reporter in us all. Deadline is a fun creative event in which teams compete to see which newspaper will make the first edition and which will go straight to chip paper!

The game consists of official press conferences which teams will have to piece information together about ‘celebrities’ that are in the area. The question is, can your teams track them down and can anyone get a scoop about them? Opportunities will be short lived and your teams need to be able to react fast!

3. Storytelling – Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling itself has a natural and organic ability to change attitudes and behaviour. With this quick team building activity your teams can harness the most powerful, most motivational and most cost effective communication tool available. Through the 90 minutes of this activity, teams harnesses the power of storytelling so their stories are the ones that are listened to and passed on to others.

Quick team building activities can be very powerful when used with a goal. To enhance and improve upon communications within your company, or organization, these team challenges are the tools needed.

corporate team building ideas

We all like to blow off a little steam. Running, jumping, playing crazy games, laughing and just being something other than formal are all ways we like to let go of the stresses of the day and enjoy life. Team building is a concept in business that not only strengthens the organization, but also allows the actual workforce to bond through “blowing off steam”. There are many corporate team building ideas that allow people to have fun, get a little crazy and enjoy their time together. These team building ideas also help to improve on vital skills like communicating, leadership, problem solving and creativity.

When you think about corporate team building ideas usually the first things that come to mind are things like walking on coals, eating disgusting foods (or bugs) and being dropped off in a remote jungle and having to make it back alive. Sure, those types of team building events are available, but those are the extreme of the extreme. There are plenty of other great corporate team building ideas that have nothing to do with eating bugs, but plenty to do with having fun.

Corporate Team Building Ideas for Over the Top Fun

There are plenty of great ways that the people within a certain organization can have fun, bond, learn new skills and participate in “adventurous” and over the top type games. Most notably are the corporate team building ideas that mimic popular television game shows.

Team building game ideas like Wipeout, Survivor and Spooks are all a lot of fun, model game shows, and inject a lot of running, jumping, laughing and team bonding.

These over the top games are always great for corporate picnics, weekend retreats and even worker appreciation days. Researchers have noted that team games in which there is a lot of energy bring people together in a stronger bond than low impact games. Here are three over the top games which can build that bond, but also lead team members into improving various business skills.

Inflatable Team Building Activities – Who doesn’t like the thrill of bouncing on an inflatable? Who doesn’t like sliding through a waterfall and bouncing out the other end? Inflatables are a lot of fun, and they are perfect for letting off steam and having a ton of laughs. Obstacle courses and other inflatables can be used for learning how to set goals, solve problems and persevere as a team.

Battle of the Superstars – A take off from the vintage US television game show Battle of the Network Stars, this team game is a fast paced, team focused event where all of your teams compete at the same time, ensuring maximum engagement and a fantastically competitive atmosphere! For groups as large as 250 people, the Superstars will be put through their paces with a series of specially designed ‘sporting’ events to compete in and as you’d expect from the team building experts, each event has an unusual difference. An afternoon could put teams of Superstar through a variety of different games including water based, track and field games and even tailored games specific to your company.

Motorized and Shooting Games – Among the many different corporate team building ideas that are high action, games that have racing or shooting are always the most popular. Games like turning powerturns, shooing laser clays, riding Honda Pilots, archery, axe or knife throwing, obstacle courses with Segways, and driving blind in 4X4’s can really turn an afternoon from blah to wow very quickly.

Corporate team building ideas do not have to be low-key indoor games that involve balloons and paint. These team building opportunities do not have to involve baseball or camping over a weekend. They can involve Segways, laser guns, obstacle courses, inflatables, water and a lot of high octane energy.

Maybe your next team building weekend could use some over the top corporate team building ideas if your workforce needs to blow off some steam.

You may think that creative thinking is not a skill any of your team needs.  However, attending corporate team building events for creative thinking means you can unlock potential in your team and also encourage people to take a different approach to troubleshooting and problem solving when back in the workplace.

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You don’t need to be a master artist or an aspiring actor to be able to think creatively. Creative thinking is about looking at things from a different angle and trying something completely new.  Coming up with unique and innovative ideas that can help to make their roles more effective and efficient.

Here are some of our favourite creative thinking corporate team building events:

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is perfect for slotting into a day’s team building event or other corporate events such as a seminar or conference.

Getting different teams to work on separate parts of the same giant painting will give good visual emphasis on how working together as one, even when you can’t see what the other teams are doing, equals success.

Thriller Team Event

Can your team recreate the legendary Michael Jackson, Thriller routine?   Working with professional choreographers and dancers we can turn your team of pen pushers into the undead for the afternoon.

Coming together to perfect the routine and their zombie look, Thriller Team Event will help everyone to unite and pull together, whilst giving them a unique shared experience they will never forget.

Catwalk Challenge

Can you design, create and model a fashion outfit in just a few hours? This creative corporate team building event will unleash the divas and designers in your team.  Catwalk Challenge helps to focus on teamwork, creativity and presentation skills in a fun and inventive way.


Team building is the new corporate buzz word that is sweeping the world. Most often associated with big retreats, “Survivor” type challenges or softball tournaments, team building is much more than novelty games and sports. Fun team building games energize your organization, help people feel a part of a common goal, and provide a time for people to relax and be themselves.

Incorporating fun team building activities into an organization’s yearly calender will shine a bright light upon many improved skills within the workforce. Typically, team building is about providing a way for team members to form tighter relationships, improve communications, heighten acute problem solving and define leadership principles and practices. All in all, team building events and challenges are not only a great way to blow off steam and enjoy a day out of the office, but is a healthy return on investment.

But, is that all you can expect from fun team building games?

Bonus Benefits of Fun Team Building Activities

A bonus is something that has been gained through a particular activity that was not originally intended, but organically worked out. While improving skills, defining leaders and building stronger relationships are the three major benefits there are several bonus benefits that naturally happen as a result of the former skills improvements.

1. Creativity – Best selling author Stephen Covey once said, “Interdependent people combine their own efforts, with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.” One of the ideas behind this quote is that as people combine their efforts with others they naturally step into a more creative mode. Problem solving, working through obstacles, making decisions and communication are all heightened because of this bonus.

2. Intelligent collaboration – There may be a lot of smart people within a department, but they will never be as intelligent as they are together. Ken Blanchard has said, “None of us is as smart as all of us.” When a collaboration of team members get together to work through a shared challenge, they can do much more than just one who shoulders the burden alone.

3. Fun workplace – Fun team building activities lead to a more fun work environment. As people share laughs together during a time of fun, they can begin to associate that same fun when around the same people. It is a matter of mind and association.

4. Increased productivity – This can be both a required goal and a bonus. The goal is always to have increased productivity through fun team building activities or corporate retreats. However, a bonus is when that productivity is sustained without having to have a big push to do it.

5. Innovative input – You could make a case that this is the same as being more creative, but with one difference. This input is not just for the team, but for the organization as a whole. A team that endures games together can then put that towards finding new ways for the organization to forge ahead in the marketplace.

As you can see, fun team building activities have a tremendous place within the workplace. By taking on a team building philosophy and spending time fostering this within your workforce, there are plenty of bonus benefits that begin to kick in.

As well as being fun and a great way to get everyone talking, ice breaker games can take your corporate event from the mediocre to the truly memorable. At Accolade Corporate Events, we’ve got a wonderful mix of different ice breakers that can suit all different types of team, time frames and group sizes. Why not take a browse around our site for inspiration.

Here’s four reasons why you should include ice breaker games in your next corporate event:

Broaden People’s Networks

Having people sit down to dinner with their everyday colleagues may seem like a good idea, but actually mixing things up and introducing new people to each other is an ideal opportunity for people to broaden their own business networks. Using ice breaker games will quickly help to settle everyone in and give them an initial talking point for them to take things from.

Effective Ice Breaker Games

Breaking Down Barriers

Ice breaker games have everyone on an equal footing so therefore they really give people chance to mingle with different management levels on a more informal basis. This helps senior level management to become more approachable and for others, the opportunity to get their name and face known.

Strengthen Your Company Message

Ice breaker activities

You can tailor your ice breaker games to further emphasise your mission statement. With dramatic and powerful ice breaker games you can really get everyone on board and working together. Memorable ice breakers such as the Haka or Crashing Waiters will ensure that your message is heard loud and clear.

Raise Morale and Team Spirit

Using ice breaker games to pitch different tables or teams against each other in a fun and relaxed setting is a fantastic way to raise everyone’s morale and increase team spirit. Classic quiz and game shows are ideal for this purpose and can be tailored to your company or general knowledge.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your next event be a huge success then please call us on 0800 083 1172 today.


Team building. It is being talked about by the most influential CEO’s in the world today. Team building is starting to become more prevalent as corporations strive to pull ahead of their competition and maintain success. Team building training is therefore not something to take lightly. In a world where attention is focused on making the client happy, businesses often forget about their most valued asset — the employees. Team building training and specially planned activities are not just for morale. These times are important for continued success and are too important not to do.

Team Building Training Motivates

It is important to realize that team building training is not just about fun and games. While this is the “means” of team building it is not the goal. Team leadership and team performance go hand in hand. Through challenging games, fun times of bonding, and reaching levels of success can motivate a workforce and instill a greater depth of confidence.

Team Building Training Breaks Barriers

Any workplace is bound to have personality conflicts and trust issues. That is the nature of human interactions. Through team building challenges and fun, interactive games, trust begins to build and interpersonal relationships reach new plateaus. In essence, the barriers that are put up begin to crumble down. Team building training is also important as far as leadership and employee go. By competing together through various games the leadership is seen as a colleague rather than an enemy.

Team Building Training Promotes Creativity

Innovation is the driving force of success. The tech sector is a great example. Companies like Apple and Samsung continue to try and “outdo” each other through new devices and new features. The force behind this is the innovative and creative flair of the employees. Team building games, problem solving challenges and high energy energisers during conferences can all contribute to improving, or learning, creativity.

Moving your organization ahead during economic ups and downs is made much easier through time of team building training and skill development. The benefits vastly outweigh any of the investment.

Sending your team to attend a team building event, means they can concentrate on areas which need improving upon. Our team building events focus on important key skills which are required in any type of business:


Communication is an area which can always be improved upon. Learning how to both be heard and listen effectively is a core skill which can only benefit an individual. Good communication leads to better trust and confidence within a team.

Read more about team building skills.

Time Management

A lot of our team building events are against the clock or a race against another team, so planning and effectively using your time is essential if you want to win. Good time management in the workplace leads to less stress and better productivity.

Creative Thinking

Focusing your team’s attention on being creative in a team building event will them to think more outside of the box when back in the workplace. Whilst not all roles within a company require people to be creative, it is incredibly useful to be able to visualise and look at things from different angles.

Problem Solving

Problem solving usually needs a combination of various skills, such as communication, creative thinking and time management to achieve set goals. Brainstorming, delegating and logical thinking are all required as well as be able to trust each other.

Leadership Skills

Because all of our team building events have everyone as an equal, this gives different people a chance to show off their leadership skills. Delegating, decision making and communication are key if you want to be the best leader possible.

Basing team building events London means that your team get to see some of London’s famous landmarks whilst improving upon vital business skills needed in any company.

We can host virtually any of our portfolio of indoor or outdoor team building events in London, but some of our favourite treasure hunt activities really do the city justice and allow London to be the perfect backdrop to a challenging and rewarding experience.

Team building events London is the perfect location

Here are our favourite three team building events in London for seeing the sights:

London Funopoly

This is a wonderful way to see the city, work as a team and have a lot of fun at the same time! Based on the classic board game Monopoly, this team building event in London will have your team visit some of the most recognisable streets in the world whilst trying to build up their stash of fun cash before the bank or their competitors take it from them.


Walk the streets of Westminster, see some of the capitals top secret locations and unleash the spy potential in your teams by having them participate in this MI4 inspired team building event in London.  Armed with all the gadgets they’ll need to complete this challenge, Spooks will showcase their organisational, communication and problem solving skills.

In today’s business world, many of the thinkers and business leaders believe that team building, through team games, corporate retreats and fun-filled activities, is a vital element to productivity and longevity. There is no doubt that today’s economic climate is volatile at best. The ups and downs come in greater frequency with larger trends either way.

With that said, there are still those who shy away from incorporating a team building philosophy in their organizations because of the assumption that team games take away from productivity due to time loss. What these leaders fail to recognize is that a team that works better together, produces at a much more rapid – and innovative – pace.

Team Games Equals Better Productivity For 3 Major Reasons

As any professional sports team knows, good teamwork is the foundation for better seasons. It has been said that championships are built on defense. However, a close look at the great sports franchises in the last 100 years shows clearly that the team that works together celebrates the most. The same idea is found in the corporate world today. Team games play a major part of corporate success because of three major reasons.

1. Goal Setting and Accomplishing – Every successful championship team has set a series of goals that they wish to reach during the season. The same goes for every successful organization today. Goals are the rungs of a ladder that keep a company innovating and improving. Through team games, members learn the fundamentals – and put into practice – of reaching goals and how to pursue them. Contrast to this, individuals who are given a set of tasks often resist meeting the goal as there is no personal incentive. A team with the same tasks work together for the vested interest of each other and the company.

2. Problem Solving – Many team games that are used within team building events utilize a problem solving element. Because of this problem solving becomes far more effective as all the team members can offer ideas from their own expertise. Several people have said, “Two heads are better than one.” While this may be an old adage, it holds a lot of truth.

3. Disciplined Work Ethics – In traditional corporate structure has been around building the individual. Team building, on the other hand, focuses on the recognition of team achievement based on individual skills coming together for a collective goal. This team focus creates a better disciplined work ethic as more people hold each other accountable. This team discipline spills over into the other areas of corporate and persona life.

Team building, through team games and other team-based activities, is directly related to overall productivity and success within any organization. As teams come together, solidify with stronger bonds, communicate and relate to each other, the organization as a whole benefits. Team building and productivity go together seamlessly. Building strong teams means building a strong company.

Team building is an effective strategy for achieving higher goals and making continued progress within specific projects and organizational success. Many companies today have embraced the team building philosophy and have realized many benefits from it. There are many free team building ideas on the internet today. While this is a great resource, you must be careful about the games and challenges you use for your team building days.

There are free team building ideas that can be used to teach, and to improve, a wide variety of skills. These skills range from communication, interpersonal relationships, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, trust, and creativity to just name a few. One of the biggest needs in business today for those organizations that want to stay on top of their particular sector is to be creative and innovate. Team building challenges that bring out more creativity within the individuals that make up teams will propel organizations into this direction.

Three Top Free Team Building Ideas for Better Creativity

Building individual creativity, critical thinking and innovation will be transferred into the overall team experience. Through free team building ideas that focus on better creativity the individuals are forced to develop these skills during the challenges and events. But, not all team building games are created equal.

To focus on creativity, you must offer challenges and team building games with a creative element to it. Not only do the participants have fun, but they are being creative through the event. Sometimes without even noticing it. Here are three great free team building ideas you can use in your next team building event.

1. Catwalk Challenge – If you are looking for a great way to energise your employees during a conference or retreat, the Catwalk Challenge is the answer. Your teams have to create the next big thing in the fashion industry and they have to do so with limited resources. In this team building exercise creativity is the key as good thought out imaginative ideas are essential. Teams have a very strict deadline to adhere to if they are going to meet the fashion deadline, as not only do they have to create a design, they have to allocate a model, go on a fashion shoot and promote their design on the catwalk.

2. The Big Picture – Right from the start of this great team building game, participants get into creative mode. At the start of The Big Picture teams complete a variety of different tasks in order to earn their paints but just like in business they soon realize that they must work together as a whole group if they are going to achieve the overall goal, which is a superb illustration of a ‘one team’ work ethic. As they work together to create “art”, they are learning how to be creative and what it means to receive input from other team members.

3. Junk Funk – Music and junk always make for a great time. Before anyone can say ‘I am totally unmusical’ the entire team on their feet and a funky orchestra is born. They will play brooms, dustbins, pipes and anything else they can lay their hands on in order to make beautiful music. Junk Funk is always a great to interject a lot of laughs into a corporate retreat, but also instills creative thinking and trying new things.

Use these free team building ideas for your next team building challenge. You will not only notice that your employees and volunteers have a lot of fun, but their creative muscles grow. This new creativity will be found within the overall productivity of your organization and its continued success.

A successful company is one where everyone enjoys coming into work each day and feel part of a dedicated winning team.   However, team spirit is something that needs to be nurtured and looked after to ensure it stays healthy.

Investing in improving team spirit is something that you should look at doing on a regular basis by arranging corporate entertainment such as a Christmas party or annual ball.  In addition, sending your people to a challenging team building event where not only will they be bonding and strengthening working relationships, but they will also be concentrating on vital workplace skills that may need some attention will help to vastly improve team spirit.

There are vital components to great team spirit; good communication skills, the ability to listen as well as give orders, trust and respect all feature highly in a team of people who work well together.  But, the team also needs to get along on a personal level, so participating in a fun and informal team building event will help to forge lasting friendships that can be taken back into the workplace.

Morale and motivation are high when there is good spirit.  Individuals will not only want to succeed for themselves, but for the entire team and will actively help others to achieve their goals.

Good team spirit is infectious, and it is almost impossible not to enjoy working in a team where the spirit is high.  By the same token, a team with low team spirit will be less likely to succeed and more likely to be writing their CVs in their lunch break and seeking alternative employment.

Business leaders have come to realize the power, and the benefits, of team building exercises within the corporate world. At the same time, other organizations also benefit from the many ways that team building strengthens the bonds within the workforce or volunteers. Schools, hospitals, fire departments and churches have all practiced team building and realized healthy returns.

While team building exercises are great for the workplace, there are also many lessons that can be found that can be taken into everyday life. A heavy focus on communication, problem solving, and leadership are the hallmarks of team building exercises. These skills are essential to a strong corporation. However, the lessons learned while participating in a team building game, or event, are essential to life.

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Team Building Exercises Develop Life Lessons

Team building exercises are planned to be very similar to a changing work environment. There are many unknowns and risks involved as team members try to identify the correct answer or develop something from nothing. Here are a few key lessons participants discover about dealing with change and uncertainty that you can use to help develop within your own life as well.

1. Effective Planning for Life

Team building exercises are great for pulling a team together to strive for a common plan. However, this same principal is also a foundational aspect of family life. Having everyone share a common goal, or plan, will create a home environment of peace and generosity. As teams plan how to accomplish the goal, you can take this same concept into everyday life to plan as a family, or plan for retirement, or plan for reaching individual goals.

2. View Failures As Beneficial

A major obstacle to success – in life or business – is fear of failure. When failure is feared, it is avoided at all costs and kept secret when it occurs – only serving to harm the organization. There is a story about Thomas Edison that shows the importance of failure. A reporter once questioned Thomas Edison, “Mr. Edison, I heard you failed nearly a thousand times before inventing a light bulb that worked.” Edison replied, “I did not fail 1000 times. I learned 999 ways a light bulb will not work!”
When your team begins to view failure as a lesson, individuals can take that same lesson into their own life to try new things or have bigger ambitions.

3. Celebrate Successes

When a team completes various team building exercises they have a moment to celebrate. High fives, congratulations and hearty laughs are all common elements of success. The corporation then takes this on a higher level and celebrates major breakthroughs, financial stability and name recognition. This same lesson of celebrating successes – especially after a set of failures – is something that can also be done in life. Each milestone that is reached, every goal that is realized and special family moments are all successes that are celebration worthy.

If your corporation is utilising team building exercises as a way to build stronger teams, develop leaders and propel your organization to higher levels of achievement, also understand that these same games and activities can develop into life lessons. Employees and volunteers also benefit from team building exercises as much as the company does.

In any company today there are talks and plans being made to host a team building activity or weekend retreat in order to improve overall team performance. Team building games have become an essential ingredient to any organizational success – no matter if it is a business, a religious organization, hospital staff or school. Team building can be directly attributed to more than half of an organization’s continued success.


The answer is both short and long. Simply put, a team building activity has several outcomes that create a highly effective, highly developed, team that can tackle problems, think innovatively, and communicate with ease. The more complex answer is found within the three essential outcomes that any team building activity must have.

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There are thousands of different games, events, tasks and challenges that can be placed under the moniker of ‘team building’. However, in order to truly be a team building asset there must be some essential outcomes; outcomes that are measurable, can be tracked, and can be built upon.

Team Building Activity Results

Holding a team building event is a lot of fun for everyone involved. The games can get crazy, people leave the event with memories, and hopefully new skills are learned. But, what skills? What are the desired outcomes of a team building activity?

Emerging Leadership Skills – The backbone of any organization is those who lead. Leadership guru John Maxwell wrote;

“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.”

Team building activities and events are a tremendous breeding ground for strong leaders and grooming emerging leaders. A team building activity should always result in improved leadership ideas and skills.

Innovative Thinking – You really have to appreciated a mind like Albert Einstein’s. He once said, “We cannot solve a problem by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” In essence, that is another outcome, or result, of a team building activity or game. There should be some work that goes into the game or challenge which leads to opening doors to innovative thinking. Coming up with new ideas is essential to continued success in a volatile economic world.

Interpersonal Communication – Communication is something that should never be taken lightly. And, it should always be worked on. People who communicate better, have better relationships and trust implicitly are going to be people who continue to meet every trial and succeed through it. Any organization that has a focused approach to building strong interpersonal communications will always rise to the top.

Build your company today through the results of team building. As you incorporate a team building activity into a work week, or host a full weekend of team games, measure the results of leadership, innovative thinking and communications to see if any improvement has been made.

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