If you want a dramatic and energising team building event that can be easily slotted into a large corporate occasion, then a team building drumming event would be perfect.

By using percussion to bring everyone together and increase morale you are sending an incredibly powerful message about teamwork and company pride.

Team Building Drumming Events Build Company Harmony

Drumming is loud, but it also require precision and timing to ensure that it sounds good.  Getting several hundred people to drum to the same beat at the same time shows just how easy it is to create something magical if they work together and really listen to one another.

Drumming workshops offer a unique chance for a large group to understand company cohesion and because they are so engaging, they will be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

They help to foster good leadership skills and require people to hone their listening skills if they are to create the right sound.

Quick team building activities

However, you don’t even need to have a drum!  Team building drumming can be used in different ways.  Our Junk Funk team building event uses all sorts of different objects to create a sound.  From brooms to pipes to dustbin lids, the inventiveness and how you play the new musical instruments is entirely down to your team.

For a quick blast of morale raising euphoria, our Body Percussion is a short team building activities that works brilliantly as an conference energiser.  No equipment is necessary, which makes it ideal for large corporate events, all you need to make an amazing amount of noise is to be able to clap, stamp your feet and generally follow and keep up with everyone else.

If you’d like to find more about how effective team building drumming events are or more information on our many different team building activities, then please give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and we’d love to help you!

When it comes to choosing team building venues, we here at Accolade Corporate Events are experts.  We have insider knowledge of some of the country’s, and indeed the world’s best venues and we can secure them at the best prices.

However, there are some considerations that have to be taken into account when choosing team building venues:

How Many People are Attending?

Finding team building venues for small crowds of under 50 is usually pretty straight forward.  However, if you need a venue for a large number of delegates then your search can become more difficult.

Not only do you need a main room large enough to cater for everyone where the team building event is to take place, but you should also have a separate greeting area which can double up as a place to serve refreshments.


If all of the delegates are coming from the same area then it is more practical to hold the team building event locally.  Things start to get complicated when you have delegates travelling in from different parts of the country, or even from overseas.

Finding team building venues that have good motorway, train and airport access is crucial to enable people to arrive as easily as possible.

What type of event?

Different types of team building events need different types of venues.  Some of our outdoor team building events require a large area of grass, whereas others, such as our Treasure Hunts, merely need an exciting city centre to play host to the event.

Indoor team building events require venues to be large enough for teams to have their own separate working space – this needn’t be separate rooms, but enough space so they don’t all drown each other out or feel cramped.

If you need help finding perfect team building venues, then you can take advantage of our FREE venue finding service.

In every organization there is the need for stronger communications, enhanced critical thinking and a strengthening of the relational bonds between those who work together. With group activities, such as fun indoor games and problems, competitive outdoor games and engaging conferences, your organization can grow in these skills while having fun at the same time.

Group activities can come in a lot of different types, engagements, competitiveness and skill. However, each of the activities has plenty of cross-benefits in which the people participating can learn from and incorporate into everyday life.

Your Organization Needs Group Activities

These skills that can be learned are plentiful. Some of these would include;

  • better communications skills
  • enhanced leadership
  • critical thinking skills
  • problem solving
  • greater creativity
  • trusting others within a team

Because of these important skills organizations need to incorporate some sort of group activities or team building philosophy in your day to day work. The reasons are plentiful, but for the sake of brevity we can focus on four major ones.

1. Loyalty within Corporation – As people work together, which is a part of group activities, they begin to have more interest in corporate goals rather than individual acclaim. As they see the organization succeed, and recognition merited, they start to be more excited about the company as a whole.

2. Individual Recognition – While the premise of teamwork is to move away from individual recognition, individuals to start to shine. Group activities give people the opportunity to learn new skills and “practice” new ways of doing things. They can then use these ideas and skills within the team to enhance the overall work and progress, thus bringing recognition to their efforts.

3. Self Esteem is Improved – People like winning. There is a natural, inherent joy that comes from success. Teams that work together and everyone lives up to their responsibility success naturally occurs. This motivates the people to not only work harder, but to be much happier with their work and their lives.

4. Creativity and Innovation Flows – Group activities, by their nature, require a lot of creativity and thinking “outside the box”. This action is carried forward into their individual roles in their work. Goals are reached and problems are solved in an easier way because people are thinking in a more forward direction.

It has been said that success comes to those to are prepared for it. Team building events, group activities, and corporate retreats are all excellent ways to be prepared.

When your organization starts to incorporate a team environment within the office, there are many great benefits that are a natural result. Through group team building, however, you can enhance those natural results to benefit both the organization and the individual.

Encouraging your workforce to come together in teams, or groups, within the office will have a positive effect. Colleagues begin to bond together in stronger relationships, problems are solved must faster – and with less trial and error, and goals are met in faster periods of time.

Group Team Building Enhances Natural Benefits

These improved skills are a result of not only a decision to work as a team, but going through group team building activities as a team. Normally, the office environment is one that is non-conducive to building relationships as individuals work for their own advancement or personal goals. As the personnel begins, and continues, to work as a team, these individual desires begin to give way to team success. Naturally, each team member begins to communicate better, listen and trust each other and work towards a common goal.

Through group team building events and games these naturally occurring effects gain side benefits.

1. Strengths and Weaknesses are Compensated for – A group team building game that requires everyone to have an input is a representation of the normal work day where each person has a job to complete. As people work together, and talk, they see where strengths and weaknesses are in the team. As these are found each person then compensates with their own talents and skills.

2. Office Has Better Atmosphere – Sharing experiences together creates a strong bond between people. As successes are shared there is a lot more joy and happiness within the group that succeeded. This is not only found in competitive group team building events, but transferred into the office environment.

3. Responsibility is Shared – In many group team building games there is a built in aspect in which every member of the team shares the responsibility with completing a task. As people go back to the office, this same lesson stays with them. As the teams continue to work together they naturally share the tasks and the responsibilities of meeting goals and solving problems.

Group team building is a major part of business success today. Some of the top companies in the world like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, 3M, Royal Caribbean and Audi take their personnel through different team building events on a consistent basis. The result are the above great benefits and higher levels of success.

Building a strong corporate team is paramount to the success of any business.  Corporate team building helps to strengthen bonds between colleagues and evoke a real sense of pride in the company.

Feeling an integral part of a corporate team brings confidence to the individuals and also a sense of loyalty.  They want the company and their fellow colleagues to succeed and achieve their set goals just as much as they want to personally succeed.

Investing in corporate team building is a shrewd business move.  Team building can be used in various ways—to improve on workplace skills or simply as a reward or an incentive—but the emphasis on informal, yet challenging events cannot fail to bring your people together, helping them to forge lasting working relationships and raise team spirits.

Morale and motivation is heightened when a team works well together.  Success is contagious and wanting to achieve, excel and surpass expectations is much more evident in a corporate team who have a real passion for their work.

Corporate team building works well because everyone is taken out of their comfort zone. Delegates get to experience a fun and unique occasion where they can showcase some of the skills that their day to day jobs doesn’t call for.

Because everyone starts a team building event on an even footing, management levels, length of service within the company and experience are all irrelevant.  What matters is what people do on the day.  This leveller helps to break down perceived barriers and allows people to be much more open and approachable.  This will then be taken back into the workplace where relationships will have improved because trust and confidence has grown.

There are many benefits from working in teams, for both the business at large and the individuals within the team. Encouraging working in teams where appropriate helps colleagues to bond and increases the working relationships between the team members, making them more likely to want to help each other achieve goals and have a pride in each other’s success.

Here are some more benefits of working in teams:

Shared Pools of Talent

Having a diverse team of people usually means that different team members will excel at different things. Bringing together the talents of individuals into a collective can only help to reach those goals sooner.

Happier Work Environment

A team which works well together and enjoys each other’s company equals a happier workplace. If people like their colleagues and enjoy working with them, they are less likely to want to leave and find a job elsewhere

Employee Cover

Working closely in a team means that people can pick up on each other roles. This is important if you need cover in the event of absence due to holiday or illness.

Learn from Each Other

Working in teams often means that members will be teaching each other new skills. Sharing best practices and learning new skills can occur for all members, with those with experience being able to show newer members of the team how to do things.

Being Able to Look at Things From New Perspectives

Often newer members of a team can suggest new ways of tackling problems, as they will be able to see things through fresh eyes, rather than just do something a certain way because that’s how it’s always been done.

Shared Responsibility

Because responsibility for a task is shared amongst the whole team, individual members will feel more obliged to really give their all. Also, team members will rally round and help those who may be struggling.

A successful company today is one that continues to push the boundaries of innovation, remain at the front of technology, and provide stellar service to both the customer and the employee. Team building courses can deliver these results through the benefits of motivating your employees and creating personal spirit within.

Team building courses are an investment a company makes within their organization, but also in their personnel. This investment can look like a day of team building games, a weekend retreat, or Christmas themed party. The important thing about team building courses or a day of fun is that your workforce is getting away from the stress of “work” while having fun and learning a few things in the process.

Through different events, games, and activities any type of conference or retreat day can be turned into a learning experience. This learning experience is not only a time of bonding and strengthening working relationships, but also a time to allow your workforce to concentrate on vital workplace skills that may need some attention will help to vastly improve motivation and personal spirit.

In any team environment, whether it be in sports or business, there is the need for using certain skills which keep that motivations and spirit high. These include things like communicating together, leading others, solving problems that are outside the normal parameters of work, and thinking critically and creatively in many instance. Through all of this there is also the need for teams to like each other. Participating in team building courses, games and fun outdoor activities helps to forge these lasting relationships and creates a highly motivated and spirited individual.

Within a business environment morale and motivation can be tough to maintain through the day to day activities. With team building courses and games these things can be kept at a high level so that teams can reach corporate and personal goals.

Using team building events that inspire creative thinking or use music and dance can often yield amazing and surprising results for your corporate team building day.

By bringing together people from different parts of your company and having them participate in a unique and challenging team building event, you can help them to see things from a different angle and appreciate where you want your business to go.

Creative team building events allow people to think laterally as well as logically.  This different approach to problem solving can then be taken back into the workplace and put into practice.

In addition, creative activities take everyone outside of their comfort zone and challenge them to work together to complete the task.

Challenging, yet engaging musical team building events require total unison and are excellent for motivating and galvanising a team.  When used as conference energisers they are powerful tools for reinforcing company mission statements and helping people to realise the potential they have if they work together.

As well as being hilarious fun, our range of dance team building events are perfect for a corporate team building day.  Using costumes and makeup to ensure everyone looks the part, professional choreographers will guide your people through the steps until they can turn out a polished performance.

If you would prefer a quieter and less physical way to inspire and promote creative thinking, then we have a range of team building events that will bring out the budding artists amongst you or unearth the entrepreneurs and captains of industry.   All of which can be used as a stand alone corporate team building day or slotted into a larger corporate event such as a conference.


In any workplace there is the need for strong relationships and personal bonds within the office or work environment. Anytime you have people working within an office, warehouse, worksite, or other area where they must work together and communicate with each other, there is the need for teambuilding.

While people do have a natural tendency to build relations with co-workers they can be strained through different problems or misinformation. With a steady practice of teambuilding within your organization there is the opportunity for each team member to build stronger relationships bonds that will not only stay in the office, but into their own personal lives.

Teambuilding Goes Beyond Work

One of the fallacies that has been a part of corporate thought is that if people work beside each other they will grow to like each other. While they may have a working relationship, that does not translate into a personal relationship. Attending teambuilding events and games which focus on different areas of relational building will help personnel – and the teams – flourish.

Through events like Catwalk Challenge, Team Apprentice, and Investor’s Den team members must work together and use their talents together while learning new skills. These games are perfect for building relationships and better ways to communicate. It doesn’t hurt that these create outlets also help people to laugh together.

Teambuilding Through Repetition

Through the different teambuilding events and games people begin to learn how to work together in a different way. It is important to realize that after just one game or retreat, your workforce is not going to be magically changed into better friends. It takes a sustained effort on the part of the corporation to continue these types of events and office structure.

The more people work together as a team and begin to put their lessons to real world use they start to communicate with each other and a stronger relationship begins to develop. Increased trust and confidence between colleagues leads to the working day being more productive and positive.

Teambuilding Leads to Better Trust

Through the different aspects of teambuilding (games, activities, office parties, conferences, retreats, etc.) a dynamic within the workforce begins to happen. Through the growing relationships between colleagues means they are able to better understand what each other needs to achieve success and reach personal and corporate goals.

Choosing the teambuilding games for a fun time of bonding, learning, and competing is essential to the success of any team event. Taking time throughout this process will greatly multiply the success.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky once said that, “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” The best part of this quote is not that Wayne Gretzky said it or that it is about hockey. The best part of the quote is that these same words can be attributed to any sport, job or part of life. This is the reason that corporate sporting events are so useful for business success.

The concept of team building within the corporate environment is more than a buzzword. This is the idea in which employees are viewed as members of interdependent teams instead of as individual workers. This is not exclusive to business as it can be found in many areas like sports, schools, hospitals, non-profit organizations and religious groups. Team building has tremendous benefits that lead to improved self-development, positive communication, leadership skills and the ability to work closely together as a team to solve problems.

Corporate Sporting Events Benefits

Through corporate sporting events, team building is put into actual practice through competition and fun engagement. There are plenty of reasons why sporting events within a team building philosophy is beneficial.

1. Instill Discipline – Sports have always been said to teach discipline through rigorous practice and willingness to work as a team. It takes discipline to learn the skills in order to maximize performance. As team members go through different outdoor team building activities that stress sporting themes they are working through developing strong discipline to stay on task, work hard, and enjoy the process.

2. Sacrifice – Any athlete knows what sacrifice is. However, the business world does not usually stress sacrifice on a personal level in order for the entire corporation to move forward. Corporate sporting events lead team members into valuing sacrifice as a way to succeed. This sacrifice is not on the same level as hard athletic training, but has some similarities. Sacrifices in personal achievements, stretching boundaries, putting larger vision in place are normal to a business team building environment.

3. Teamwork – At its very essence team building is about participating in a shared, group working environment that will require teamwork to be a success. For the best example of this, team sports is the perfect model in which to learn the basics combining efforts of a collective in order to create an environment of success. The importance of the team then supersedes the recognition of individual accomplishments. Through teamwork – with the larger corporate vision and success in mind – greater levels of success are achieved on a sustained basis.

4. Dealing with Failure (and Success) – Corporate sporting events are a powerful way to help people deal with both the failures found in business and the successes. It is common in the sporting world to see a lot of “smack talk” and putting down the other team when they lose. This is unacceptable at any level, but can only be taught how to deal with it through actual practice. Transitioning to a business mindset, sporting events then can help with dealing with the emotions when a project fails.

5. Overcoming Adversity – Many of the principles that are taught through team building games and activities can also be used in every day life. Business, like life, isn’t fair sometimes. Many things can happen that involves overcoming setbacks and other adversity. Team members can learn how to overcome adversity and temporary failures through the many situations they learn through corporate sporting events, both in their preparation and during the competitions. Learning to overcome adversity is a mental skill that can serve participants well through both their business and personal lives.

Corporate sporting events are very useful for business success because of the many different benefits associated with them. Through competitive events, great businesses are playing there the puck is going to be.


Outdoor teambuilding

Motivation is an important element for any business. If a team isn’t motivated, then they will just plod along doing the bare minimum and clock watch until it’s time to go home. Ultimately, unmotivated people will be unhappy in their work and be much more likely to leave.

Conversely a motivated team go above and beyond their job description. They want to succeed and strive to be the best they can. They enjoy their jobs immensely and have great pride in what they do. However, all teams could use a little help from time to time to improve motivation. Whilst individuals may well be motivated, often team motivation needs a helping hand. Ideas for team building which focus on team spirit and working together towards a shared goal will help to motivate any team.

The best types of team building events for motivation should be enjoyable and fun. Importantly, they should be something that everyone in the team will be capable of and whilst challenged, not be so far out of their comfort zone that they participate in under duress.

Team Apprentice

Business-related team building events such as Team Apprentice or Investors Den help teams to hone vital work related skills as well as pull together to achieve the set task.

Motivational ideas for team building

Investors Den

Treasure hunts are fun and fast paced and require all team members to put their all into the event to be the winning team.

However, ideas for team building to improve motivation don’t need to be business related. Sometimes a little frivolity and silliness is just the ticket to get everyone motivated and increase team spirits. Our range of inflatable outdoor team building events offer a chance for everyone to get outside, race around like loons and embrace their inner child – perfect for raising motivation!

Outdoor teambuilding activity

If you’d like to talk to us to hear more ideas for team building with your group then call 0800 083 or fill in our contact form and we’ll call you straight back!

It is that time of year again. Many corporations and organizations are looking to getting outside with their personnel for team bonding activities, games, and retreats. The long winter is giving way and the push to do something fun is on. Most business professionals agree that good team building is a vital element of a productive company. However, there are those leaders that do not have a high opinion of team building and bonding. What these leaders do not understand are the many benefits that a properly functioning team can provide.

Benefits of Team Bonding Activities

Like any type of training, whether it be personal exercise, athletic training or training in the arts, business can benefit a great deal through team bonding activities. Here is a description of just some of these benefits.

1. – Goals and accomplishments are often met on a more consistent basis through teams and the way that they can work together. The reason for this is found through the dynamics of teamwork and team bonding. As people engage through a common goal they naturally begin relying on each other and filling in the gaps as far as skills are concerned.

2. – There is great support found within a team. Team members and leaders work together as they know that they are all working for the same goal. No longer is there a focus on individual recognition, but team members can celebrate together for the work they have done.

3. – When problems arise in projects, team members are able to rely on each other, communicate, and solve problems much faster through collaboration than through individual thinking. Because of this there is a lot less failure as people are no longer forcing ideas, but working through them.

4. – Through team bonding activities the members are able to not only bond relationally, but they are able to have fun creating, solving, and competing. Because of this fun motivation is at a high level. In this motivation, members are inspired to achieve goals and maintain high levels of productivity. This motivation tends to be infectious and filters through the team, encouraging every member to perform to maintain the standard.

Team bonding activities lead to many different benefits that the organization can gain from. However, the actual members of the team benefit also through principles that can be transferred over to everyday life. Communication, solving problems, working with others, trusting decisions and other benefits can help both personnel and the organization succeed.

Using popular quiz and game shows for team building is a fantastic way to bring people together and enjoy a shared experience. Because everyone already knows how to play the quiz and game shows, they are extremely inclusive and a guaranteed way of making everyone feel at home.

Here are some of the most popular ways to use a team building quiz:

During Courses at an Evening Event

Large formal dining events such as Christmas parties or annual balls usually have mixed tables. Mixing tables makes sense as it give people a chance to meet and mingle with new people, a team building quiz between courses is a great tool to help break the ice and get the conversation flowing.

Entertainment for an Evening Event

A disco or karaoke as evening entertainment may please some people, but equally it will fill many people with dread and horror. Some folk just don’t want to dance or embarrass themselves by killing off a popular chart hit.

A different approach to entertainment after a meal could be a team building quiz or game show.  Because they include everyone, they have broader appeal than other methods of entertainment and give the unique chance for colleagues to bond in a way that a disco wouldn’t.

As a Conference Energiser

Conferences and seminars tend to be rather passive events for the delegates. Even the most polished and professional public speakers will struggle to hold onto the crowd once lethargy sets in. Breaking up the day with a team building quiz will make the event more interactive and help to keep those droopy eyes at bay. The team building quiz can be used to further emphasis the content of the conference or reinforce the company mission statement.

When it comes to choosing the right team building tasks for your people, you need to know exactly what you want everyone to get out of the occasion. If the event is just for fun or a reward, then the actual team building tasks only matter in as far as everyone attending should enjoy them. But, if you want to concentrate on certain areas then different team building tasks will allow for this.


Most companies would like to improve communication between its employees. Good communication is at the heart of every business and without things would quickly disintegrate into chaos.

Almost all of our structured team building events rely on communication skills to achieve the set goals. But those where problem solving features highly are particularly good for this purpose.

Getting a team of people together to discuss the best way forwards and who would do best assigned to each role is paramount – get this wrong and the team loses the challenge.

Creative Thinking

Sometimes however, problem solving isn’t always logical. Thinking outside of the box and creative thinking are useful skills for anyone to have, regardless of what business they are in.

Creative team building tasks take people out of their comfort zones and get them to look at things in a whole new perspective. This can then be taken back into the workplace for people to come up with new and innovative ways of doing their own roles.

Trust and Confidence

Trust and confidence are vital elements of a good team. Without these two firmly in place, bitterness and resentment can quickly take hold. Music and dance themed team building tasks need people to be able to trust one another and have confidence not just in their own abilities, but that of the group in general.

Increasing the confidence of an individual by getting them to do something truly unique and different will help them to realise that anything is possible if you have your team behind you.

When it comes to success in the business world there are a lot of different philosophies and strategies taught in schools and corporate conferences. While many of these strategies do have a place and can help with success, the most fundamental and powerful is working as a team.

Through a paradigm shift of leaning on individual performances and embracing a team concept within the corporate structure, many businesses have found greater heights of sustained success. Teamwork is not a new philosophy. It has been around since the ancient of times when all you had was the person, or persons, around you to help you in life. Business is not much different than sports, war, marriage or politics. You need people working together to meet a collective goal. Not only working together, but excited to meet said goals.

Working as a Team Requires Practice

A dedication to working as a team is not something that comes naturally. The typical businessperson operates through a desire to reach individual recognition and “move up” within the company. This does not mean that being a part of a team does not lead to these things. They do. The difference is that the individual is now a part of a team that succeeds, or fails, according to the collective use of skills and relationships.

This type of paradigm shift requires training. This is best done through team building events and games that teach valuable business, and life, skills. Fun and engaging games offer a great deal of opportunity for any organization to bond together, reach goals and build strong relationships.

Reasons for Working as a Team

Working as a team is not just about the fun and games. While games are a great way to “train” people to work as a team, they are not the reason to think this way. Everyone likes to have fun, but the benefits of working as a team extend far past having a few days of games.

1. Stronger Relationships – As people come together in a “teamwork” type of environment a common phenomena begins to happen. They work better. Not because they feel like they have to, but because they like the people they are working with and want to see each other succeed. These relationships extend past the individuals within a team. Managers, departments and regions begin to communicate better because now the entire organization is traveling in the same direction.

2. Stronger Skills – Through a regular routine of team building games and activities team members learn valuable skills which they can then use together. Improved communications, greater leadership, faster critical thinking and problem solving are all skills that are not only learned but celebrated.

3. Stronger Commitment – As the corporate personnel begin working as a team they also begin to share the same commitment to reaching goals. Combined with better relationships and improved fundamental skills goals are more clearly defined and embraced by the teams.

4. Stronger Innovation – The lifeblood of any business – whether it is a large corporation or a small non-profit, is innovation. Being able to continually move ahead with new products, better designs, improved services and healthier customer relations is how the top brands remain among the top. Team building and working as a team has direct results in the way that companies continue to innovate on a regular basis.

The reasons for working as a team within a corporate structure are not just limited to these four. However, as a bigger picture of corporate life, these reasons can be broken down into a myriad of other, natural occurring benefits. You do not have to hold large corporate retreats or hire the top entertainers, but a commitment to team building and practicing teamwork will lead to better overall successes.

If you’d like information on how Accolade can help you achieve effective teamwork, contact us today for a FREE consultation!

Games for team building are important for allowing teams to bond together and strengthen their working relationships. When these games are fun, creative, and outdoors these things are only multiplied. These games, while are a lot of fun and help people de-stress from a hectic workload, primarily serve to improve communication skills and allow for much better conversations between personnel, departments and regions.

Being a part of a team is important on many levels. However, this does not mean that the process of becoming a team has to be tedious, boring and bland. Games for team building should be a combination of fun with a big mix of creativity thrown in.

Fun and Creative Games for Team Building

There are plenty of great games ideas floating around on the internet. Our favorites include the creative, the fun, and the memorable.

1. It’s A Knockout, Total Team Wipeout – The excitement that an It’s a Knockout total wipeout team building event creates is huge! You’ll be competing in teams and tackling inflatable obstacles – with a huge dose of water and foam – racing to be the fastest team. You will find that the teams are left on a high and the company spirit is taken back into the work place after the event.

2. Knights Unite – Whisk your team back to medieval times with Knights Unite! This is a fantastic team focused multi activity event that see’s your teams taking part in some fun activities that test communication, creativity and team work. Teams will build their own castles, construct a real suit of armour, take part in a space hopper jousting competition, design a team flag and other team focused tasks. Sounds like the perfect games for team building.

3. Spooks
– There are times when creative outdoor games for team building can be more intellectual than physical. Cracking safe codes, reading invisible messages, making contact with undercover agents, recreating photo fits, Spooks is an exciting, highly interactive, fast paced team building event. Guaranteed to intrigue and excite your team, this challenging MI4 secret agent themed event will really put your teams through their paces!

4. The Great Adventure – Want something that includes checking out the sights and sounds of the city? The Great Adventure is very much a team focused event, your teams will have to communicate, prioritize, work as a team and be resourceful to pass through passport control and become the group that has visited the most countries.

Read more about games for team building.

Tailored to your company each team receives a personalised world guide and passport to complete, some holiday clothes and a camera for their holiday photos. It’s not as easy as just visiting the country though, each team is asked to take a holiday snap, pick up a souvenir and answer destination questions.

As you can see there are plenty of great games for team building that are fun and creative. Everything from sports to intellectual to solving problems to just enjoying the sights and sounds. Give your organization a boost in morale and build stronger bonds through relationships by using these or any other team building games at Accolade Corporate Events.

If you’re looking for Fun Team Building Games, then you’ve certainly come to the right place. In the Accolade Corporate Events office, we have a rule – if we would’t want to talk part in an event or if we don’t think it would be fun, then the event doesn’t get into our portfolio! So you know right from the start that any events we suggest are going to be a lot of fun but they are also going to do the important job of building your teams. Take a look around our website and you’ll see we’ve a massive range of exciting options.

Team building events are about allowing teams to bond and strengthen working relationships.  Fun team building games help to do this in many ways, but primarily they serve to improve communication skills and aid people to listen better to their colleagues as well being able to express themselves clearly.

Possessing good communication skills is vital in any workplace. Being able to give direct instructions without any ambiguity, but do so in a way that will show respect to each other helps any business to run smoothly and efficiently.

Buying & Negotiating

Fun Team Building Games for Work

Here are some of our favourite fun team building games that focus on communication:

Crystal Maze – Based on the popular 90s television show, the Crystal Maze will allow everyone their chance to shine and also take turns in leadership.  Communication is key if people are to complete the tasks within the given timeslot.  This fun team building game also relies on thinking outside of the box, problem solving and logic.

Team Apprentice Buying Task

Again, taking the recent TV series as inspiration, teams need to compete against each other to buy a list of random items in an allotted time.  Bartering, time management and a real necessity for good communication is in order if your team want to come back with all the items and having spent the least amount of money.

Thinking about teamwork corporate events is crucial as relationship building is paramount in any workplace.  Working in the same office or department will naturally start to build alliances, but it doesn’t always mean that people will gel and have a mutual respect for each other.

The way to really get the most out of relationship building is to embark on some team building activities.

Simply working alongside someone doesn’t mean that you’re going to have a good working relationship with them, that bond needs nurturing to grow and flourish.  Attending team building events will help speed this process up as the individuals are taken out of their usual comfort zone and placed into a neutral environment.  To accomplish the set tasks they must work together and pool their talents, rather than concentrate on their own roles.

The more people work together as a team and really start to communicate with each other, the stronger the working relationship will be.  Increased trust and confidence in your colleagues leads to the working day being more productive and positive.

Relationship building can help to break down barriers that may exists between team members, different departments and different management levels.   Having good working relationships with colleagues means a better understand of what each other needs to achieve success and wanting to help others to reach their goals.  All of which is excellent for the company as a whole, as well as the individual workers involved.

Choosing fun and informal team building events for relationship building means that the bond can start off on a great footing.  An exciting shared experience will break the ice for those who don’t know each other well, and serve as a way to increase communication between those who do work together.

Team building is the new buzzword that is circulating through corporate offices and regional meetings. However, without a solid team building definition many corporations find themselves spinning their wheels as they try to lead their workforce through different games, events and retreats.

Read about best team building activities.

In order to find a true team building definition we must look beyond the games and the Survivor like retreats. At its very essence, a team building definition must be refined to the point where the goal is not hindered because of the process. Team building is about the people rather than the games.

A Simple Team Building Definition

Team building refers to the concept of organizing groups of employees into manageable units for meeting various corporate, or organizational, goals and continued innovation for meeting demands of new economies. Building teams is an important part of any organizational structure for several reasons. Working as a cohesive team creates a positive business culture that is essential to continued profitability, sustained innovation and customer retention. Building better teams is easier to do when you fully understand the purposes of teams and how they contribute to your organization.

Purpose for Team Building

With a simple team building definition in hand then you can move your workforce towards this concept. However, there is still the casting of the purpose of team building to the personnel so they catch the spirit of it. Of course, at the CEO level, the purpose is to get a group of people moving towards a more collaborative effort in meeting corporate goals. At the team level the purpose, while still the same, means that through working as a team there is a stimulation of creative thinking within the company environment. This leads to new ideas to increase productivity without adding more burdens.

Benefits of Team Building

A team building definition must also include the benefits associated with it. As corporations realize the success of team building, they can see that a team philosophy can create an environment where team members support one another to help each individual reach his/her goals. As each team member brings their experiences and expertise to the team, the company is able to maximize its human resources. As a juxtaposition, they also share in the successes and failures of other individual team members. In the long run though, this combination works well for a more productive and innovative organization.

Creating a corporate structure around team building and competing in games and attending retreats is a great way to build a strong organization. However, a solid team building definition must be the foundation of this structure. Keep this definition in mind as you navigate the waters of team building and corporate events.

We do not often think of the importance of team building ice breakers before a day of games and activities. We most typically think of ice breakers as the beginning of a conference to introduce everyone and set a tone for the day. However, ice breakers at the beginning of a team building day is also important for getting people to relax, begin to bond and be engaged rather than worrying about time wasted.

The very basic definition of ice breakers is that they are simple techniques used to reduce anxiety and get everyone excited and energized. Icebreakers can set a positive tone for the meeting, help build relationships and motivate people to participate. Team builders can help an established group learn more about how to work with each other, solve problems and be more effective.

The importance of team building ice breakers should not be overlooked. Without a good beginning to the team building activities of the day, your teams and participants can have a poor attitude throughout the day.

Reasons Your Team Building Ice Breakers Fail to Engage

Not enough time – Many times facilitators can simply run quickly through the ice breakers in order to get to the “meat” of the day. This is a major mistake. Remember, ice breakers are all about setting the stage, getting the participants ready for more intensive games and helping each team member engage in the activities. Rushing through the ice breakers can set a stage of hurrying everything rather than engaging, thinking, communicating and bonding.

Uninspiring Ice Breakers – The internet is a wealth of knowledge. The busy assistant who is given the task of putting together a day of team building games and events can find a lot of different team building ice breakers to use. However, the converse it also true; the same assistant can find a lot of bad ice breakers to use.

A good rule to follow when it comes to choosing team building ice breakers for any event is to test them out first. Take some time to assemble some small teams to test out different ice breakers to see how they are received and if people are engaged throughout. Of course, you could also hire team building experts to plan out your entire event for the highest level of success.

Not appropriate for participants – One of the biggest criteria anyone planning a team building event should take into consideration is the people who will be participating. Ages, health status, gender, and other personal concerns must be taken into account when planning any type of team game. This goes for ice breakers also. Having a high energy ice breaker that requires fast motion and twisting and bending for an elderly group may not work so well. The converse is also true; a low key ice breaker may bore a lot of younger personnel.

Team building ice breakers are an important part of any event. Setting the right tone through a well thought out plan, enlisting the right ice breakers, having all the required materials and paying attention to how people are engaging can mean success or failure of your next conference or corporate retreat.

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