Every day is different at Accolade Corporate Events and we love the fact that our clients are always wanting us to design unique corporate entertainment events especially for their company.

When one of our long term clients asked us to make their summer meeting memorable and to provide their team with impacting entertainment, then we let our creativity flow. We’ve been working with this team for quite a few years and we knew just the thing to blow them away, so we developed fantastic corporate entertainment ideas for them to choose from.

So, after a lot of planning, designing and excitement we hosted their very own outdoor music festival! We arrived onsite very early in the morning and slowly built up a fantastic stage, this was a stage that just by itself was impressive but when we combined it with the entertainment, it was phenomenal!


Working closely with the venue, we organised for the food that was served to be traditional festival fare, we organised a themed VW camper van photo booth and lots of wigs and props. Sound checks were made, bands arrived…everything was prepared!

The meeting finished and the guests started to arrive, walking into the grounds of the venue they were visibly taken aback, the huge smiles for the anticipated fantastic evening ahead were on everyone’s faces.

We had three sensational acts lined up for the guests to enjoy. As the daylight started to dim, the stage lighting really came into its own and everyone felt like they were taking part in a very special evening. Just like at Glastonbury, it started to rain, but did that matter? No, not at all, we’d got poncho’s at the ready and umbrella hats and everyone enjoyed wearing them and the festival feel just grew and grew.

With an Ed Sheeran style act to start with, the guests were singing along and warming up nicely, then a good all-round band singing favourite well known songs were second to take our festival stage leading up to our dramatic and hugely well received finale act of Freddie Mercury tribute. The guests were dancing and singing all night and had an absolutely brilliant time!


The feedback was fantastic both on the night from the guests themselves telling our team it was the best evening they’d had ever to the MD feeding back what a huge success it had been after the event, our job was done and we were left with a wonderful sense of satisfaction – we had not only met our clients expectations, we’d exceeded them. We’re already talking about how we top it for next year, we’re all looking forward to another sensational event.

If you’d like to know how you could host your own company festival event or if you’re looking for inspiration and corporate entertainment ideas for your next corporate event, then give our team a call on 0800 083 1172.


With the TV show proving to be hugely popular over the years, it’s not surprising that our clients love to take part in their very own version of the show. So when a brand new client in the banking industry approached us wanting to host an Apprentice Style Team Building Event, we knew that they had come to the right place!

We first designed our Team Apprentice for a management training course for John Lewis, this was many years ago and the event has evolved and continually developed ever since. We gave our client the option of making it pure fun or giving it a very business focused direction. They chose mainly the fun direction as they wanted to improve communication and help people to get to know each other better.

Marketing & Promotion

Apprentice Style Team Building Event That Motivates

We arrived on the day and set up the room in anticipation of the delegates arrival, our team hid out of sight and the delegates took their seats…then BOOM the apprentice music was cranked up high, the door was flung open and in walked Lord Alan Sugar Rush with his team of eagle eyed advisors, Nick and Karens! The delegates jaws hit the floor as they wondered what on earth was in store for them!

In our Apprentice style events, we make sure that it’s a very positive environment, the delegates always work in teams and no team is fired but one team is hired – this is always a positive experience. With the tasks explained the teams threw themselves into ensuring that they were going to be the team that Lord Alan was going to hire.

Team Takeaway

Team names were chosen and Apprentice tasks such as corporate branding, marketing and promotion and a product prototype was hilariously made along with a fit for TV advert. We have to be honest and say that the boardroom sessions were superb, the whole room was enthralled, there was so much laughter and interaction and we’ve never seen a more enthusiastic presentation of the corporate branding!

After the final boardroom session Lord Alan, Nick and Karen’s conferred and announced the winning team – who revelled in their glory as they were hired!

The feedback from the client was superb, they said:

‘It was a fantastic day. The team were really engaed and had a lot of fun. It was great from a team building perspective – a great way for people to get to know each other better.’

Buying & Negotiating

If you are looking to host an Apprentice style team building event and want to make sure it’s a huge success – then look no further, we are the experts! We’ve even just launched our very own Charity Apprentice event, so your company can do real good for the community whilst building their team.

Conference icebreakers for large groups that create excitement, that channel positivity and leave your delegates eager for more!

Event organisers that need conference icebreakers for large groups always make a beeline for us here at Accolade Corporate Events, as we have an incredible selection of different energiser ideas that work perfectly for large groups. Size really is no problem for us and we can easily accommodate groups from 100 – 10,000. If you want to make a huge impact, if you want to revitalise your group and if you want to drive your conference message home then we can definitely help you, we specialise in large corporate events – take a look at our conference icebreakers page.

Want to hear how we helped one of our corporate clients host an inspiring conference energiser for 600 people?

A corporate client came to us with what they thought was an impossible task; they had 600 delegates that they wanted a really impacting energiser ideas for. They wanted to communicate a clear business message and they wanted to divide their group into four separate groups, send them off to separate rooms and then bring them back together as one big finale and they wanted a competitive element within the event. It was crucial that every one taking part, felt like they had an important part to play and that everyone walked away feeling energised and motivated.

Could we help they asked? Yes, of course we could! They’d come to the right place as luckily, we’ve got a range of different effective events ideas to suit and many a conference energiser for large groups to suggest. After discussing the different solutions with them, they decided that the Haka conference energiser was the ideal solution for their event.

Conference Energiser for Large Groups – huge range of ideas

So on the day our Events Director Jane Chapman arrived on site at the Midlands based venue with seven – yes seven – authentic Maori Haka masters. This was going to be a fantastic event! The time came for our team to storm the conference room and they certainly made a huge impact. They performed the Haka on stage to a rapturous round of admiring applause because the energy was tangible. Then our head Maori Master explained the chant, what it meant and how it can be used.

We then split the group up into four tribes, each tribe went to a different room and each was taught the Haka chant and movements. This is such a fun thing to learn, the teams loved it, they were on their feet energised and engaged right from the very first moment.

Then once the teams had mastered their moves, it was quickly back into the main meeting room where we divided the room into two and had 300 people each side facing each other; each side lead by their Haka Masters, it was time for the tribal face off, where each side tries to outdo the other in order to be triumphant. The sight of so many people participating was incredible.

Any group size, any location, anythings possible!

Here’s what our client had to say about the event:

‘The remit of a conference energiser for large groups seemed like a tall order but thanks to your whole team that made the event such a success! They were all such lovely people and pulled off an amazing afternoon’s event. I have heard lots of great feedback and know that everyone had a fantastic time – and one to remember.

I must say, that to watch 600 people all doing the HAKA was breathtaking. But what made it so powerful was that the HAKA masters were genuine and not ‘made up’ to pretend to Maori people and this made a lot of difference.’ 

We’re brimming with ideas for conference energiser for large groups, so if you want to hear how we can motivate and energise your team, then give us a call on 0800 083 1172.

We all like a bit of cake! With the Great British Bake Off back on our TV screens, there’s never been a better time to host a Bake Off cooking event.

When one of our long term clients wanted to host an event that was going to build communication through their team, they decided to choose our Company Bake Off cooking event. With a mixed group of men and  women and a wide spectrum of ages, we knew that this was going to be an event that would produce some fantastic results!


We helped find the perfect venue for the group at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge – a simply amazing setting for the day! We arrived early in the morning and prepared the room and put up a marquee outside for all of our ovens. With all the preparation complete and the chefs in their chef whites, ready and waiting, we were ready to bake!

The clients arrived and the look of surprise on their faces when they realised that they would be baking as a team was superb! Nerves about not being able to cook were quickly eradicated as everyone realised this was a team effort and the experienced chefs were on hand to give tricks of the trade and soon nervous faces became beaming smiles.

Each team competed in three different categories and were tasked in baking a Signature Bake, then they faced a Technical Challenge and finally the Showstopper! We have to admit the teams did a wonderful job and it was amazing to watch the level of concentration, team work and determination to become the winners.


Host Your Own Bake Off Cooking Event

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding but in this case it was definitely in the cake! With time up, the teams eagerly placed their superb creations on the judging table and the chefs started to taste and give feedback. The winners were awarded their prizes and everyone really enjoyed looking at all of the cakes and of course…they enjoyed eating them too!

Here’s what our client had to say about the event:

‘We thoroughly enjoyed the experience – great fun and a good team building exercise. It made a pleasant change for a company to deliver exactly what they promised – thank you for that. The Accolade team made everyone feel comfortable immediately. Very well organized and professional approach from start to finish.’


We have party entertainment ideas for all occasions, for all size of groups and at any venue anywhere!

So it’s your job to organise the company party entertainment then? Well, no pressure! When you are looking for party entertainment ideas, you’ve got to consider your whole group, the different ages, personalities, the venue, your budget and a whole host of different considerations! Luckily we’ve been hosting quality entertainment for company parties for over 20 years now and we know what works best for different groups. Take a look at our evening events and give our friendly team a call on 0800 083 1172 today and ask for a free no obligation quote.

Why not take a look and see how we helped one of our long term clients host fabulous evening entertainment after a full day of team events…

We’d hosted a hugely successful Country Pursuits activity for our client in the daytime and they were very keen for us to provide them with a selection of dinner party entertainment ideas so that we could keep the momentum going.

This wasn’t a problem at all and we gave them a wide range of different ideas for them to choose from. They were very excited to see Team Generation Game amongst the choices and knew that their guests would absolutely love it!

So we set up our big screen complete with atmospheric star cloth backdrops and awaited the guests arrival — none of them knew what they were going to be doing over dinner and when they walked in to the room and saw the set, they couldn’t help but laugh!

Party Entertainment ideas that are fun and interactive – call for a free no obligation quote today!

Hosted throughout the evening between the courses of their meal, and tables becoming the teams, our wonderful professional compare effortlessly commanded the room and instilled a fun, competitive atmosphere. With experts giving a detailed demonstration of all the different challenges, it was then over to the teams to impress the judges and try to score top marks.

You could see and hear the level of competition rise throughout the evening as people encouraged and bantered with each other, all very slickly managed by our compare! Our client was delighted with the evening and said that there had been fantastic feedback in the office after the event. For those that hadn’t come along, they felt that they had missed out and would definitely be going on the next away day!

Everybody loved the evening and we had fantastic feedback from the clients. If you’d like us to give you party entertainment ideas, then why not give our team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we’ll give you plenty of ideas to think about!

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