When a new client in the pharmaceutical industry approached us asking if we could help stage a company school sports day, we leapt at the chance to help – it’s one of our favourite events! This was slightly different from the usual team building sports days that we host because this event was going to be a charity fundraiser, there would be lots of different companies taking part so it had to be professional, it had to be quality and it had to be a lot of fun!

Adult School Sports Day

We knew that we could deliver this effortlessly, all our School Sports Day events are professional, quality and fun so this was going to be a great event! With over 100 people gathered all in school uniform, the school bell was rang to the sound of the Grange Hill theme tune and the fully costumed Headmaster and his team of teachers called all the teams onto the sports field to start!


After a quick warm up to make sure everyone was ready for the physical activity ahead, a whole host of fun traditional sports day games were played, the egg and spoon race, sack race, skipping race, football slalom, javelin and many, many other fun team focused games.

Everybody had a fantastic time as the sports day progressed the competition increased and it was absolutely brilliant to hear the teams screaming encouragement for their team mates as they bounced on the space hoppers or dribbled their hockey balls!


Each team put their all into the last activity of the day which was the tug of war and then it was time to sit down, rest and have a refreshing drink while the scores were marked up and the winning team  was announced!

Our client was delighted with the whole event and there were huge beaming smiles from everyone there and a LOT of laughter. After the event our client said:

‘It was a truly fabulous day and everyone had lots of fun! Really great feedback internally’ another wonderfully successful event and one that helped raise money for charity!


If you’d like to find out more about how you can host your very own Company School Sports Day then why not give our events team a call, they’re experienced, friendly and hugely enthusiastic and can help you with all aspects of the event. Call them on 0800 083 1172 today.

When we received a phone call from a client who was interested in hosting our Spooks team building event, we were delighted – we love this event! They had a sizeable group of 100 people and the organising committee was keen to ensure that everyone would join in. This wasn’t a problem we reassured them because over the years we’ve developed Spooks to have many different challenges meaning that there most certainly is something for each person to enjoy.

Spooks Corporate Event

The location of Cromer in Norfolk was chosen and weeks before the event our team visited the town to write a Spooks event specifically for the client, we don’t believe in recycling old events that could be out of date, it has to be current and a lot of fun!

With the preparation all complete, the day arrived and there were 100 intrigued people waiting to find out what they were going to do. When our Agents briefed them in true Spooks style, you could see the smiles break out on the teams faces as they realised they were getting outside in the sun and this was going to be FUN!


The teams raced out ready to tackle the different challenges and find the location of undercover agents that were located around Cromer. They had a bag full of useful secret agent tools to help them and they were soon completely absorbed into the event.

When the time was up, they reported to base and the scores were counted. It was a tense room when the results were announced, lots of groans from loosing teams but when the winners were announced they were delighted, the champagne was opened and in true grand prix style shaken all over each other! Another fantastic event!

Here’s what our clients said:

‘What a brilliant event that was! Everyone had such a great day and some even said that it was the best they’ve ever been on – thanks very much!’

Spooks Style team building

If you’d like to find out more about hosting your very own Spooks team building event or another of our fantastic treasure hunt events, then give our team a call and we’ll talk you through how we can make this an event to remember!

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