It’s that time of year when meetings and conferences are being planned and the savvy organiser is on the look out for some great conference energiser activities. Fortunately we’ve got such a wide selection that we can be pretty certain that we’ve got something that will not only suit your group but blow them away and we haven’t…our creative team will devise something especially for you.

There are a lot of a factors that will determine which conference energiser is best suited for you; the amount of time you have, the space you have in your meeting room, the dynamics of your group and your objectives all factor in when choosing the perfect and most effective energising activity.

Conference energiser activities for large groups

Sometimes the size of a group can make organisers feel that there’s nothing that can effectively work for them, perhaps they feel the group is too large or on the flip side, that their group is too small. It’s true to say that not all conference icebreakers work well for all sized groups but we are experts at directing you to the right solution for your group.

Conference energiser activities for large groups that work really well would include Boomwhackers, the Haka and Team Millionaire – and there are many more possibilities. Energisers that work well for small groups include all three we’ve already mentioned but also activities such as Thriller, Right Track and Sound as a Bell.

Whatever the size of group you have we have the perfect conference energiser activities for you; so why not fill in our contact form and we’ll call or email you back – whichever you prefer, or just call us on 0800 083 1172 and we’ll be happy to talk through the many different effective events for you.

Conference icebreaker activities


We love giving  Company Treasure Hunt ideas and when one of our favourite clients asked us to host one for them in the lovely town of Colchester, we were excited as we knew it was a brilliant setting for a treasure hunt!

All of our treasure hunts are always written just a couple of weeks before the event especially for your group, so we set off to sunny Colchester to prepare. We found lots of material and a great route and trail for the teams follow and we were able to write an excellent route.


Unique Town or Country Company Treasure Hunt Ideas

The day of the event arrived and we briefed the teams of their challenge, we split them into teams and then it was a quick ride on the coach into town, completing a team quiz on the way.

As soon as the teams got off the bus they were busily completing tasks; with our hunts we feel it’s important to give more than just a trail, there’s other fun, interactive and team focused challenges that they complete also including a photographic challenge where we give each team a digital camera and ask them to recreate some very specific unusual team poses!


Teams frantically raced against the clock in an attempt to complete all of the different sections of the challenge while all the while our Events Director Jane Chapman was keeping a close eye on them ensuring that they all were having a fantastic time!

Time was up and it was time to mark up the scores to see which team were going to be triumphant and crowned the winning team; the winners were beside themselves and there was a lot of cheering and showing off of their first place medals!

Our client was extremely pleased with the event and said:

‘Thanks so much for yet another excellent day, everyone had a brilliant time and I’ve had lots of good, positive feedback!’


If you are looking for some fabulous and exciting company treasure hunt ideas then fill in our contact form and we’ll call you back or why not pick up the phone and call us on 0800 083 1172 and we can tell you how we can make sure your next event is a huge success!

Short on time? We’ve a huge range of ideas for quick team building activities that maximise every single second!

Many of our corporate clients come to us looking for quick team building activities and even though they are quick, they can have a huge impact. The term ‘quick’ can mean different things to different clients and usually ranges from anywhere between 10 minutes and three hours, so naturally, there’s a huge range of different events ideas that can be hosted within these time frames. The great news is, we have lots of different and exciting quick team building activities ideas that we can offer your group! If you’d like to speak to an expert in quick team building activities then call us on 0800 083 1172 or fill in the quick contact form and let us know a good time to call you and we’ll call you back.

If you want to see our range of quick team building activities then take a look at our conference icebreakers, indoor events and outdoor events for an idea of how we can help your company!

Let’s take a look at three very popular quick team activity ideas.

Boomwhackers are a great idea if you are really tight for time but want to invigorate your team and leave them in a heightened state of listening. Boomwhackers are a small hollow tube, they are different lengths and different colours and each one produces a different note that when you layer them on top of each other, can create an incredible harmonious sound. Our expert facilitator can build your group and deliver a meaningful quick session and can be hosted between 15 – 30 minutes and suitable for groups up to a whopping 10,000 and with no need for your group to even leave their seats, this is a perfect quick activity idea.

The Big Picture – An incredibly popular quick team building activity! With this visual team building activity being suitable for up to 1000 people and hosted between 1 – 2 hours, this is a strong contender. Working in teams on a section of canvass to contribute to the bigger picture, we can totally customise this creative event for your specific company message. We bring all the canvasses together to build the big picture as a wonderful conference finale!

Gameshows are perfect for a little conference interaction and we’ve got many different ideas to suit all types of groups. Choose between Team Millionaire, Company Fortunes and Million Point Drop to name but a few. Our gameshows can last as little as 45 minutes and up to 90 minutes. We can tailor the shows to reinforce your conference message, making them a very useful learning and evaluating tool. Your delegates won’t even have to leave their seats and we include everyone at the same time, everyone plays here, ensuring that all your delegates are engaged.

Quick team building activities ideas that help to improve communication

Building communication is a popular objective for our clients. Sometimes your conference will be the only time you have everybody under one roof and you need to break the ice and build communication as quickly as possible, relaxing, inspiring and building the sense of your company as one big team.

There are many ways we can easily achieve this, we’ve got some great ideas; Drumming will build your group like you didn’t think possible. Forget any preconceived ideas you may have about drumming, we only use experts at the top of their game, our facilitators are highly experienced in taking your objectives and conveying them in a motivational way and in a way that your entire team will buy into. Drumming events can be hosted in as little as 40 minutes up to three hours.

Another popular team building event idea to build communication is Team Apprentice. Our version of this hugely popular TV show has been designed to specifically boost confidence and build communication amongst your teams – totally unlike the TV show! We can tailor it to your specific business objectives and like with the drumming, we only use the best. Our Lord Alan Sugar-Rush and his Eagle Eyed Advisors are trained actors and experienced event managers who know exactly how to get the best out of your team. We believe our events are only as good as the team we send out to host them, that’s why we always send out the best.

If you’d like to find out more about quick team building activities for your next conference or event, then why not call us on 0800 083 1172 and we can listen to your objectives and advise you on the best ideas and solutions for you.

When a client approached us needing help finding a venue for a two night stay for 300 people for an anniversary family celebration, we jumped at the chance to use our expertise! They also wanted us to help them with a little outdoor team building which was also a lot of fun for all involved. We suggested many different options to them and it was decided that our It’s a Knockout Total Wipeout style event would be the ideal solution for them!

So the day came for the event and we arrived nice and early onsite – we always like to arrive within plenty of time so there is a stress free set up and we can snag any problems should they arrive. We unloaded the truck full of inflatables much to the delight of the guests that were gathering in eager anticipation.

BJSS - 2013Accolade Corporate Events0095

Everything was set up and it was time to start the show! With guests split into teams we set them off on a series of inflatable games. The excitement was high as they started competing, each one wanting to beat the other!

We warmed the teams up on the dry inflatable games, this is a very physical activity, so you have to be careful with people, you don’t want to start with the wet games straight away because people can get cold and tired, luckily as you can see from the photos this was a glorious day!

BJSS - 2013Accolade Corporate Events0210

The scores were kept top secret throughout the whole event, which ensured that teams gave it their all right the way through to the end but with the final game completed it was time for our compare to announce the winning team. The tension was high as the scored were announced in reverse order and when the winning team was announced they went berserk! What a great event! Our client was delighted and said everyone was talking about it and saying what a brilliant time they had had!

BJSS - 2013Accolade Corporate Events0200

If you’d like more information on how to host the perfect outdoor team building event then please fill in our contact us form and we’ll call you straight back or give the Accolade team a call on 0800 083 1172.

Each year organisers looking for company away day ideas come back to Accolade Corporate Events because they know that we are the experts in hosting professional, inspirational and fun company away day activities.

Fun corporate event ideas

There are many different reasons that you may be organising an away day, it could be an opportunity to get your team together, to reward them in a fun and interactive way or it could be that you want to work on team cohesion or another element that you feel needs building; whatever your specific objective is,  Accolade Corporate Events can help you.  Want us to call you to discuss your next event? Fill in this quick form and we’ll call you back within the hour.

Shoot Out

In the meantime, why not take a look at our different company away day ideas that have been designed specifically to motivate teams just like yours.

Company Away Day

Daytime team activities can be both indoor or outdoor and as you would expect, we’ve got many different inspirational events for you to choose from.

Company away days don’t always stop at the end of the afternoon and many of our clients stay overnight at a venue and combine their evening meal with fun corporate entertainment, this can be as low key as a magician entertaining your guests during pre dinner drinks right up to a fully themed party night and once again, we’ve got a portfolio packed full of great Evening Entertainment Ideas.

Entertainment Ideas

Case Study

We were delighted when one of our favourite clients that we’ve been working with for many years now, asked us to host their company away day this year.Knowing what a great bunch of people they are, we knew that we were going to have a lot of fun with them!

Fun Company Away Day Ideas

Our clients wanted us to organise the venue for them, they were to arrive, have activities in the afternoon, an evening meal with entertainment and then everyone was to stay overnight. Partners were included as they realise the importance of including partners and making everyone feel like they belong to the company. Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire was chosen out of the shortlist we suggested to the client and the activities were decided upon.

Team Away day

Company Away Day Ideas That work

The afternoon got off to a roaring start, the sun was out and everyone was up for a great afternoon! With lots of activities to participate in, there was certainly something for everyone and everybody could feel that they’d really had a go and enjoyed themselves.

Fun Team Away Day Ideas

Geese Herding was a big hit, with the sheepdogs at the ready and the shepherd demonstrating how the dogs respond to the commands, it was up to the team members to try to round up a gaggle of rowdy geese! There were Segways to master too, balance and coordination was essential to be able to navigate their way through the twisty course laid out for them.

Fun team activities

Rifle shooting was very popular and with their eyes firmly on the target you could feel the concentration as everyone tried to hit a bullseye – some more successfully than others! Another one for a keen eye was Crossbow which was a breeze for some but infuriated others!

For those wanting a little adrenaline rush we had our double seated powerturns, they always go down a storm and are quite tricky to master – Jeremy Clarkson once described them as ‘shopping trolleys on steroids!’ These are real boys toys but not just for the boys!

Archery team building event

No Country Pursuits Company Event would be complete without hay sack throwing, horseshoe throwing and of course Wellie throwing – nice and simple and brilliant fun!

Each of the teams were playing for fun money and we have to say that the lengths that they went to to ‘acquire’ it was admirable! But there could only be one winning team, so the money was counted and the winners announced and the celebrations started! Then it was off back to the bar for a well deserved drink and to get ready for the evening entertainment – a perfect end for their company away day!

Corporate event ideas

Corporate event ideas

If you’d like to find out how we can help you create the perfect Country Pursuits company event, then give our team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we’ll talk you through the many different exciting options.

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