Animation corporate event

Those managers of yours – they’re the backbone of the company, the link between the C-Suite and the vital on -ground employees. Got motivated, inspired managers? Then you’ve a productive, satisfied workforce. So that annual event for team building for management. Yeah, it’s not all ice breakers, tired-old trust exercises and name tags – it’s actually about war dancing, game show buzzes and drum rolls… who knew? Let’s enlighten you with five fresh ideas when it comes to team building for management.

team building for management

Learn the HakaForget a well-oiled machine, get your management working like an army of ancient New Zealand warriors. Led by an authentic team of Haka masters your team will stamp their feet, slap their thighs and scream their own war cries.

Perfect for? Newly formed management teams, or those with a few new recruits (heck, the Haka is the ice breaker of all ice breakers). This team building for management event is also pretty awesome for creating focused teams that get back to the office, and take on challenges with the grit of ancient troopers.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 8 -2000
Duration: Flexible (from 30 to 90 minutes)
Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoors and outdoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice – including your office

Waewae takahia kia kino, Ka mate! Ka mate! Yeah, that’s right – your competitors should be scared!

Apprentice corporate event

The Team Apprentice HuntYou know the one – where the teams rush around London or some far-flung Middle Eastern marketplace bartering, getting lost, and being generally hapless as they confuse things like black soap with soup. Fools. The lot of them. Right? Your management team would trounce it. Surely?

The Team Apprentice Hunt will put that certainty to the test, as your team’s communication, time management and negotiation skills are put through their paces. Every second counts and each penny matters when it comes to the showdown and count-up in the boardroom.

Perfect for? Gelling teams together as if they were stuck together with no more nails, this event will push your team to their limits of performance – collaboration is key.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 12 – 400
Duration: Flexible (from 1 hour to 1 full day)
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Who’ll be hired and who’ll be on the sharp end of Lord Sugar Rush’s pointy firing finger?

Company fortunes

Company FortunesAhhhh Family Fortunes – Les Dennis, Eh-errs and good ol’ family primetime telly. Only now, there’s Company Fortunes – a game show focused on you – your company, your message, the way you do, the things you do.
An entire conference audience can play along at the same time – fostering heated discussions over answers and getting people involved in the concepts of your conference.

Perfect for? This conference icebreaker and team building event can fit neatly into your conference or team day – customised around your company and your message.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 10 – 100
Duration: Flexible (from 40 to 90 minutes)
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any European venue of your choice

Fingers on buzzers please.

Drumming corporate event

Drumming WorkshopsGet your teams making sweet music together with this unique team building for management. Both leadership and collaboration will take centre stage, while your facilitator for the day will make sure your company message is communicated throughout.

Perfect for? From small to humongous groups, this drumming event gets your team working together without words. Through gestures alone they’ll be feeling the vibe and creating solid beats – ideal for every level of management, from any department or industry.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 10 -5000
Duration: 45 to 3 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Drum roll please…

Animation team building events

Movie MakingGot a Martin Scorsese somewhere in your marketing management? A Steven Spielberg amongst your sales leaders or an Alfred Hitchcock over in finance? Movie Making team building for management unleashes undiscovered creativity, as your management teams get behind and in front of the camera, to take on the roles of scriptwriter, actor or actress, location experts and film director.

Perfect for? Teams that will dive headfirst into an event that relies on planning, creativity, communications and time management.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 12 – 100
Duration: 2 – 4 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoors and outdoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Annnnnnnd action!

Whether recreating One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest, banging their drums or going head to head in that tense boardroom, these events are the ultimate events for management team building.

Let’s talk about your team – send us a message and we’ll be right back in touch, or call us directly on 0800 083 1172.

Team Building Day

teambuilding activities ideas

From marketing departments to human resources, is there a team within any business that can’t benefit from some creative thinking every now and again? Unfortunately, office desks are hardly the right place for coming up with new ideas and ways of working. If you’re eager for your employees to get their creative juices flowing, we’ve got teambuilding activities ideas that you’ve been looking for.

Often when you inform your team they’re going to be getting involved in teambuilding exercises, you’ll hear a collective groan. But we do away with the usual activities and promise it’ll be a team day with a difference. Whether you’re a small firm that wants to help colleagues see each other as individuals or a large business aiming for greater collaborating between departments, teambuilding is the way forward and we’ve lots of teambuilding activities ideas to suit you.

If you really want to get something extra from your teambuilding day, these five great creative ideas could lead to some much-sought inspiration.

Team Takeaway
Charity ApprenticeIf you love the thought of showing your skills and abilities to Lord Alan Sugar, we’ve got the next best thing – Lord Sugar-Rush. We’ll set your team one of the most popular challenges from The Apprentice, that’ll seem them negotiating and running through town to track down all the items on their list.

We’ll make it fiendishly difficult so not only will your employees be coming up with strategies but they’ll have to get creative too. Once the time is up, each item is carefully tallied up and scored with the winners being named – you’ll certainly see a competitive streak come out.

One of the best parts of this teambuilding activity is that your gathered items can be tailored and then donated to a charity of your choice. It makes for a great teambuilding activity all round and you’ll be surprised at some of the ideas that teams come up with.

Animation team event
Animation Team EventTake your team back to the good old days of TV when stop-motion animation ruled. Yes, that’s right you’ll be able to channel your inner creative to create a short film to rival Wallace & Gromit, Coraline, and Morph.

Hands on, fun, and completely different – what’s not to like about this creative teambuilding option? From crafting a little plasticine character to coming up with innovative story ideas, there’s plenty of scope to get creative when you choose this alternative idea. If that’s not enough, you’ll even get to take your mascots home and receive video file of the created films – perfect for posting on social media!

Sculpture workshop
Sculpture workshopWe can’t guarantee that the completed sculptures your team will make will be worthy of displaying proudly in the office. But we do promise that our sculpture workshop will be a fun filled and creative afternoon.

Giving you complete freedom to set themes and incorporate your company message, we’ll handle the rest. Once the equipment is supplied and we’ve given participates a quick how to guide and some tips, they’ll be left to get creative and (hopefully!) provide a stunning sculpture that shows off your firm. We’ve seen some incredible ingenuity come out of this workshop and you might be surprised by how your staff interprets your brand’s message.

Junk Funk Energiser
Junk Funk EnergiserGetting creative doesn’t have to mean sitting around and trying your hand at getting crafty. If you’re looking for something that’s a bit more active, Junk Funk Energiser is perfect for you.

If any of your team has budding ambitions to be in Stomp in the West End or revolutionise the music industry, we’ll promise they’ll love it. Even those without lofty music ambitions will enjoy getting creative with sounds throughout the interactive session. It’s not just musical creativity that’ll be unleashed either. As any business knows, an ability to work together and morale are vital for operations – this unique teambuilding activity will boost both.

Cupcake team event
Cupcake creationsHas your business embraced the office cake culture? Got some budding Bake Off contestants among your ranks? Cupcake Creations lets each team channel their creativity to bring their vision to life. Of course, they’ll get to eat their creations afterwards so what’s not to like?

Teambuilding activities ideas that inspire

Channeling their inner Mary Berry, we guarantee your team won’t just be getting creative in a bid to secure the backing of the judges, they’ll be improving their communication, marketing, and teamwork too. Creatively thinking of ways to produce a cake brand that’ll stand out, you’ll have plenty of new ideas on your hands.

Do you want to combine creativity with teambuilding? We’ve got more teambuilding activities ideas than these five ideas for you to choose from. Get in touch with our Accolade Corporate Events team today to start planning your next teambuilding exercise.


If you’ve been left with the responsibility of setting up your office’s Christmas party, you can find you’re experiencing feelings of dread and anxiety. There’s always that pressure to make it better than last year, find something that’s a little different, and make sure it’s suitable for the whole team. That’s no easy task!

But don’t worry, here at Accolade corporate events we’ve got the know how and experience to ensure you put on an office Christmas party that’ll be remembered for all the right reasons. With years of experience putting on incredible parties and events for companies across the UK, from small, growing firms to established names, we know exactly what it takes to pull a winning Christmas party of the bag. We’ll help you cover two of the most vital elements to putting on a Christmas party that will be remembered for years to come – the venue and entertainment.

Company Party

The venueThe venue sets the first impression and the overall atmosphere of your Christmas office party – it also sets out what you can do in terms of entertainment and the other aspects of your plans.

Did you know that some venues can be booked up over the Christmas season up to a year in advance? That’s right, to throw an incredible party in one of the most sought-after venues, you’ll either need to be well organised or well connected. Fortunately for you, when you work with Accolade Corporate Events, we’ve got the perfect service for you. Completely free of charge, our venue finding service guarantees that you’ll not only have an incredible place to hold your office Christmas party but you’ll get a great price too thanks to our buying power.

Corporate party ideas

Your Christmas office party just became legendary…

The entertainmentThe entertainment at a Christmas office party is what goes down in history. Pick out something great and it’ll set an incredible benchmark for years to come. But fail and it’ll be remembered as a Christmas party flop. When it comes to party entertainment, we’re the experts. In need of some inspiration? These three fun ideas are perfect for booking for your office Christmas party now.

Company Generation Game
Host a game show
Bring a bit of TV magic to your office Christmas party with your very own professionally hosted TV game show. Inspired by hit shows that are instantly recognisable, we’ve got a huge selection for you to choose from. Team Millionaire, Play Your Cards, and Million Point Drop should give you an idea of the kind of fun you’ll be in for when you book a game show.

The best part about hosting a game show at your office Christmas party? It’s flexible to suit you. You can get the whole room involved or have select teams. And it’s up to you whether you run a single, long show or use it to keep guests entertained between the courses of their food.

Office party entertainment ideas

Hire the professionals: When it comes to office Christmas office party entertainment, the professionals can entertain guests in their thousands. We’ve got a huge network of party entertainers that know exactly how to work a room. Bands, magicians, dancers, comedians, artists – we’ve got them all. We’ve even flown in celebrities to perform at events.

Whether you choose to have a set show time or have party entertainers walking through your crowds of guests during the pre-drinks, we’ve got exactly what you need to get that wow factor. If you’ve got an unusual idea, get in touch, we’d love to help you make your creative vision come true.

Haka team building

Try something completely different: Getting everyone relaxed and ready to party could start with an incredible experience that’s new for everyone taking part. We’ve got the entertaining and engaging choice for you – Haka Evening Event.

Suitable for groups from 8 to 2,000, we’ll bring you an authentic, powerful, and thrilling entertainment choice. The ancient Maori tribal ritual will completely immerse your group and we promise it’s something they’ll continue to talk about for years. Looking at the origins of the tradition, you’ll then learn and perform the chant before going head to head.

If you’d like to tap into the expertise of our incredible team, give us a call on 0800 083 1172 or drop us a message through the contact form. Whatever your ambitions and creative ideas for this year’s Christmas office party, we can help you put the planning phase into motion and get all the details set in place that’ll ensure it’s an evening to remember.

fun team building activities
Are your suggestions of corporate events consistently falling flat? Sometimes, when you are looking to bring the workforce together for team building sessions, it can be hard to break away from the corporate norms to create inspiring fun team building activities.

Fun team building activities at your fingertips

But that’s not how it has to be. Hold your breath – when it comes to team building events the options are endless. No really. That is, of course, so long as you’re well in on the fun team building activities that are available to your organisation.
If you want to arrange a fun-filled day that will truly have an impact on your staffing strategies, don’t be afraid to think outside of the rigid corporate box.

5 fantastically fun team building activities

Gum Boot Dancing
Gum Boot Dancing: See your staff stomp, step, and slap into action. Gum boot dancing is certainly one of the more energised fun team building activities available. Ideal for groups of all sizes, from small SME teams to employees in their hundreds, this 40-minute cultural dance-fest is guaranteed to generate some laughs amongst your delegates. Inspired by the traditional dance of South African miners, gum boot dancing events are hosted by our charismatic experts, all choreographed along to the beat of the authentic Djembe drum. Go on – give it some welly!

Event at a glance
Group Size: 15 – 500
Duration: 40 – 60 minutes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choice – even your offices

It's a knockout total wipeout company event

Total WipeoutDo you have a daring bunch of employees? Or perhaps you want to shake the static office vibe up a little bit? Whatever your intentions here, there’s nothing quite like Total Wipeout for working that team spirit. Think the biggest, boldest, blow up inflatables and obstacles, and you’ll have half-imagined the mayhem that your team is about to encounter. This highly visual event promises day-long laughter and memorable mishaps, which is sure to build bonds between delegates. A fusion of Total Wipeout and It’s a Knockout, if you’re looking for fun stuff for your staff in the summer, absolutely look no further. Are you all ready? Let the games begin…

Event at a glance
Group Size: 25 – 500
Duration: Flexible from 1½ – 4 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice

Bake Off

Team Bake OffWho doesn’t love a bit of Bake Off? And don’t let the men deceive you; even a boardroom full of blokes wouldn’t be able to resist the delicious delights you rustle up during this innovative event. Structured a la GBBO, your delegates will don their aprons for The Signature Bake, the Technical Challenge, and of course, your stupendous Staff Show Stopper! Maybe Mary and Paul aren’t around. For which, we can only apologise. Yet, I’m sure your team will do Mel and Sue proud with puntastic foodie quips, and beautifully drool-worthy bakes. Just beware of those soggy bottoms!

Event at a glance
Group Size: 12 – 100
Duration: 1 – 4 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choice

SpooksRucksacks at the ready! It’s a race against time as your teams go all MI5 to crack the case. Throwing delegates in at the deep end, Spooks is fast paced and totally reliant on teamwork. As new secret agents about town, they’ll crack safe codes, make contact with undercover agents, and recreate photo fits. There’s no mystery about it, this is an intriguing and exciting activity that intends to test staff communication, observation, determination… oh, and their sense of humour, too.

Event at a glance
Group Size: 10 – 200
Duration: Flexible from 3 hours to a full day
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Location: Can be hosted worldwide at a venue of your choice

Apprentice style events UK
Dragons DenI’d like to make you an offer… 12-75 employees, half a day, an unforgettable corporate event. How could you say ‘I’m out!’ to a Dragons Den themed team building event? Inspiring imagination and encouraging communication amongst team members, activities throughout are designed to get your delegates’ creative juices flowing. It’s down to each team to create an original invention, and then present their product, to win an investment from our panel of ‘venture capitalists’. Does your company have what it takes to be a success in the Den?

Event at a glance
Group Size: 12 – 75
Duration: Flexible from 90 minutes – 3 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call on 0800 083 1172 or drop us a line using our contact form and let’s start planning some super fun team building activities for your company event!

Arrange an awesome company Christmas party this year – we’ve got ideas for everyone, for any size of group and in any location!

It might seem ages away but now is the perfect time to start planning your company Christmas party. Getting ahead of the game means you’re able to plan entertainment that your staff will absolutely love. Here at Accolade Corporate Events, we’ve literally hundreds of party ideas to wow your guests – pop over to our evening entertainment page to see all that we can offer from wonderfully fun themed party nights, entertainers and bands and lots of interactive entertainment ideas. When it comes to getting in the spirit of a Christmas party is there a better way than an interactive game show that everyone can take part in? We don’t think so.

It’s the ideal way to bring together mixed groups from across your whole business to a lively, fun company Christmas party that’ll be talked about for months. If you’re in need of some inspiration, we’ve got seven ideas to get you started or call us on 0800 083 1172 or if you’d prefer to whizz us over an email then use our quick contact form to get in touch.

So let’s see the seven gameshow ideas we hear you cry…well, feast your eyes on these…

Name That TuneNo company Christmas party would be complete without tunes and we’ve got just what you need to get it started – Name That Tune. Taking you back to when music quiz shows ruled the set, each team will have to try to earn points in each interactive round. With music clips, props, and even a giant spinning wheel, your staff will love getting involved and showing off their musical knowledge.

Team MillionaireEveryone remembers watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire wondering if this was the time someone would make it to the top. Now your team can have a chance to be part of the experience too. With the whole of your group playing at the same time, it’ll keep everyone entertained throughout. Igniting a bit of healthy competition, it’s a great way to get your party entertainment started. Will you be trying Team Millionaire at your company Christmas party this year? Is that your final answer?

Generation GameIf you want to keep the atmosphere of your party going between courses of your meal, what better way than embracing a retro game. We’ll get a competitive atmosphere building in your venue, making for a great talking point for your Christmas party. From senior management down to junior staff, everyone can get involved in this fun icebreaker activity and set the right tone for the rest of the evening.

Play Your CardsHigher or lower? Play Your Cards is a simple but immensely fun and interactive way to keep guests entertained throughout a meal or even as a stand alone show. The giant illuminated card wall means it’ll take centre stage at your company Christmas party. Playing as teams, even the audience will love to get involved and shout out what to do next.

Million Point DropMillion Pound Drop became an instant hit on TV and it’ll do exactly the same at your Christmas party. Teams will be motivated and guided through questions that they put their points on. How many points will they make it out with? With a large screen set up at your venue, Million Point Drop, is a game show activity that everyone can get involved in. With quick games available to play for this one, it’s a great way to get everyone together.

Beat the CubeIf you’re looking for something that’s a bit more active, Beat the Cube is for you. Ideal for smaller groups, teams will be set challenges to see if they can beat them against the clock. We promise that even those that aren’t nominated to complete a task will love watching and cheering on their teammate. Fast paced and engaging, how quickly do you think you could sort out different coloured balls? Will you thrive or crack under the pressure?

Fun company Christmas party ideas to make you a company hero!

Pub QuizIf you want something classic as your Christmas party entertainment look no further than our pub quiz. It might have the usual general knowledge round but it’s got some tricky linguistic teasers and riddles thrown in there too. The whole of your party will be keen to come up with the answers to scoop the converted title of Pub Quiz Champions. If your company’s got a diverse group of people, the Pub Quiz option is great, there’s such a mixed line up that there’s bound to be something everyone knows.

Have we inspired you to try something different at this year’s company Christmas party? Call 0800 083 1172 to chat to our experienced team about livening up your office party with some incredible game show ideas or email us and we’ll come back to you with a free of charge and no obligation quote.

Corporate party ideas

OK, party time – this little list of corporate party ideas is less David Brent, way more Freddie Mercury. So dig in, rock out and tune up your workforce’s goodwill for the rest of the year.

Ideas for Corporate Party

Your Very Own Company FestivalForget Reading Festival, Boomtown and Bestival. As for Glasto? Huh, it’s not going to have anything on your very own company festival. You choose the line-up, we source the talent – from solo performers, to bands and onto incredible impersonators. We’ll even create chill out zones, complete with a massage service on tap and performers that could include fire eaters, jugglers, acrobats and stilt walkers. The warm up acts can include harmonica players, acoustic guitarists and drummers, and of course no festival is complete without ponchos and props for selfie sessions.

Perfect for?
Brands that think corporate parties are a matter of going big or going home. Of all corporate party ideas, a summer festival provides serious flexibility and can include a guest list incorporating your clients, customers and personal VIPs.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 50 – 5000
Duration: 2 – 9 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Location: Any UK venue of your choice

Your name’s down (on the VIP list, no less) – you coming in?

Corporate party ideas

German Beer Festival PartyJust when you think you’ve seen it all and experienced every party theme, along comes your CEO in a blonde braided wig and a pair of Lederhosen. Now, just how many corporate party ideas incorporate thigh-slapping, foot-stomping Bavarian-style oompah bands? This is a miniature Deutschland set up wherever you wish – they’ll be inflatable pretzels, mountainous backdrops and plenty of beer (and no German beer party would seem complete without the odd life-sized cow). Prost! (that’s ‘cheers!’ in German – this glugging down beer isn’t just for fun you know – it’s a cultural learning experience!)

Perfect for? Standing up, sitting down, linking arms, laughing, then swiftly falling over – it’s the ice breaker of all ice breakers, a perfect way to boost communication and rapport between your workforce. It’s also an event that can be branded from top to toe – see your name and company colours on everything from the beer mats to the bunting.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 30 – 2000
Duration: Flexible
Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoors
Location: Any UK venue of your choice

Auf Wiedersehen David Brent-style party let downs. Hallooooooooooooooo German Beer Festival Party

Corporate party ideas – dare to be different…Company Party Idea

Back to School Party ThemeRing a ding ding – it’s time to turn the clock back and step into a school not quite like the one you remember. Whether 50’s student or 90’s wild we’ll take your workers right back to their school days. Imagine a packed curriculum of fun, a science lab as a bar and a host for the evening who’s your resident Headmaster (fair to say he’s pretty old school). They’ll be coat pegs, benches and blackboards, flying saucers in the tuck shop, and an end of term party to end all end of terms. Choose from a school DJ, a live band, or mix it up with both.

Perfect for? This corporate party idea is ideal for those that like plenty of personality and a little nostalgia to their wild nights out. We can even combine your back to school party with our School Sports Day Team Building event (complete with a skipping race, good ol’ egg and spoon and soft javelin thowing).

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 30 – 2000
Duration: Flexible
Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoors
Location: Any UK venue of your choice

Now write after me: “I will book the ultimate corporate party. I will book the ultimate corporate party”.

Speakeasy Company Party

The Speakeasy PartyProhibition – a time when alcohol ran dry and the heavy hand of the law would weigh down on you if caught with so much as a shot of brandy. Serious stuff. But it also meant that parties of the infamous 1920’s were wholly more fabulous, raucous and downright wild. The Speakeasy Party celebrates the creativity behind the sneaky underground parties during the times of prohibition – with gin served up in retro tea cups, gangsters and casino games. We’ll welcome you into our clandestine club, complete with jazz band and 1920’s attire for your employees (think trilbys and feather headbands).

Perfect for? Lovers of swing, jazz and the casino, as well as those looking for a party that’s slick, sharp and truly entertaining (look out for the Bugsy Malone-style tommy gun showdown!).

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 30 – 2000
Duration: Flexible
Indoor/Outdoor: Both indoor and outdoors
Location: Any UK venue of your choice

The roaring 20’s are calling. Get your Charleston on and shimmy on over

It’s the party of the year, the corporate event of the decade… what’s it to be? Going back to the old school or rolling with Fat Sam’s molls? Maybe you and your team are all about the wellies and ponchos, or perhaps your workforce are primed and ready to step into traditional German dress.

Send us a message and we’ll be right back in touch or call us directly on 0800 083 1172.

Ideas for team building events

Brilliant. You’ve just landed on the page of the team building experts, that’s exactly what we do, we build teams. With over 20 years of experience, we know exactly what we are doing and your company will be in safe hands. On this page, we’re going to give you ten ideas for team building events, just a tiny glimpse into what’s possible for your team event; if you’d like more event ideas then take a look at our daytime and evening events ideas or even better, just call us on 0800 083 1172, it’s always better to talk to an expert and we can guide you towards the right events for your objectives but if you prefer to email us then that’s fine, we’re here and ready to answer all of your team building questions.

Singing conference icebreaker

Before we look at nine ideas for team building events, let’s just tell you what type of clients we work with; we work with all sizes of business and all types of industries; from Blue Chip to small business, from Pharmaceutical to manufacturing. These are just some of the companies that have trusted Accolade Corporate Events with their team building activities Shell, Norgine, Lloyds Banking Group, BT, Pfizer, BJSS, British Gas, John Lewis, Abbott, BPLC, 3M, AkzoNobel and the list goes on…Now on to the team building ideas!

Ideas for teambuilding events

Team Animation: We love this fun team event. It’s got all of the right ingredients for team building, time management, communication, planning and creativity in bucket loads! Who would think that being handed packets of plasticine, paints and an iPad would create a wonderful team building experience and my goodness it delivers. Your teams script a short animation film together and then it’s time for some hands on fun as they make the stars of the show. Naturally, we have creative experts on hand for advice and technicians to ensure that everyone can produce a film to be proud of. Call 0800 083 1172 for more details.

Game of Knights

Game of Knights: Winter is here.If your team want to get anywhere near the iron throne then they are going to have to prove they have got what it takes with this fantastic Game of Knights come Medieval team building activity. Name your team and design a flag that’s fit for the throne, build a castle, knock a castle down, joust the other teams right off their bouncy ‘horse’, construct a life-size suit of armour and dance around the maypole, simple. A great team building event that can be hosted for up to 100 people.

Indoor Event

Drumming: Calling this event a ‘drumming workshop‘ never seems to do it justice. We can’t encapsulate the energy and the levels of heightened communication by its name. If you’ve got a specific message to communicate to your team, no matter how complex or how difficult you think it’ll be to convey in a team building event, then this is the event for you. Our expert drum facilitators don’t just teach drumming skills, the drumming is the icing and your company message is most certainly the cake.

Outdoor teambuilding

Total Wipeout: We couldn’t resist including this in our 10 ideas for team building events because it’s fun on a huge scale. Just the sight of our giant inflatables brings smiles to faces and yes, there are a few nervous looking faces but there are games that everyone can enjoy. This is definitely a great team event if you want to nurture team spirit, cheering your team members on and encouraging them is high on the list for Total Wipeout. Email us if you’d like more details.

Big Picture event

Big Picture: No one person can take care of everything, if you’re going to succeed then you need a collaborative effort and Big Picture team building activity illustrates that perfectly. Think of a picture, a Picasso and imagine it split into small squares, then imagine your group being split into teams and handed a square and paints and a section of the Picasso to recreate. Easy? Well no, not as easy as you may think because the lines have got to match up, the colour has got to match and so each team needs to communicate with the others. Perfect. Once all of the squares have been finished our team will busily construct the giant masterpiece ready for the grand reveal. You can take your art work back to the office with you and display it for all to see. What a great idea.

Right Track

Right Track: It’s amazing what you can build with just a bunch of cable ties and steel rods, which incidentally, is a great business analogy. Each team will be tasked with building a small section of a race track, think of a kind of manual Scalextric but this one twist, turns but this one can be as tall as you! Brilliant hands on team building.

9 different and fun ideas for team building events

Not all team building happens in the daytime, so what are the options for you in the evening? Here are just three ideas for team building events in the evening.

Team building events for large groups

Haka: Oh yes, this is definitely a huge and powerful team building activity. Never underestimate the power of this magnificent event that features genuine, real deal, Maori Haka masters who are so good that even Prince Harry chose them to open the Invictus Games with him, yes, they’re that good. Just like the drumming in the daytime, we are able to expertly blend into the Haka your company message in a strong, focused and successful way. Stunning.

Game Show Marathon

Gameshow Marathon: Bruce Forstyth, Chris Tarrent and Roy Walker eat your heart out because we take our favourite rounds from our favourite shows and put them all together to create the larger than life Gameshow Marathon. And if you’re looking for ideas of how to make it just that little more special, that little bit more memorable then why not have a celebrity like Roy Walker host your show…now that really is a great idea!

Auction team event

Antiques Teamshow: Is that really a Picasso or did we just paint that with our eyes closed? Is that plate a wedgewood or from Tesco’s? Would you know? Could you spot a fake? Well that’s exactly what we ask your teams to do tonight. Our auction house will be open for viewing and your teams get the chance to study the brochure and see the items on sale; then armed with their team money they have to decide what to bid for and what to bin. Will they make the right choices? Will they spin a profit or will they be totally broke!

Intrigued? Want to know more? We certainly hope so and we’d love to speak to you about our fabulous ideas for team building events. Give us a call and speak with our team building experts on 0800 083 1172 and let’s make your next team building activity the best ever!

Laser clay shooting event

When you are starting to organise your team building day the choices can often be overwhelming and it can be quite a worry having to choose something that will suit and engage everyone. By choosing Accolade Corporate Events, we take all of that stress away from you, we’re experts at team building events and have over 20 years experience, so as you can see, you’re going to be in safe hands with us! If time is of the essence and you need to speak to someone quickly then call us on 0800 083 1172 and we can get a no obligation proposal with prices to you very quickly or alternatively please fill in our contact form for more information.

We’re going to take a look at four fun team building day events that are great fun for all of the team.

Thriller dance event

Thriller: ‘Night creatures call, And the dead start to walk in their masquerade‘ this is certainly a thriller of a team building activity! Get ready to join the undisputed King of Pop and his deadly crew of zombie dancers! We take you on a team journey as you transition from a group of colleagues to a finely tuned, deathly looking crowd of zombies. Our expert choreographer isn’t just any old choreographer, he’s a talented choreographer who has worked on the stage show Michael Jackson’s Thriller Live – so you know you’re getting the real deal here. He takes even the most nervous of dancers and shows them effortlessly how to recreate the Thriller dance. Teaching them in a fun and relaxed way, your team will soon pick up the moves. Once they’ve got the zombie moves mastered, we’ll give them the zombie look with costumes and a horrifically looking makeover – yikes! Then it’s time for the grand finale, the lights dim and the music starts…cue the zombies! Why not film the whole routine and show it over dinner? You can give each of your team a copy of the film so they can show their families back home. This is a fantastic team building day – quite literally thrilling!

Crystal maze team building events

Crystal Maze: Start the fans please! Ahhh how we love to hear those iconic words from good old Richard O’Brien but there’s a new breed of Crystal Maze contestants ready and waiting now, as you company get ready to play this fantastic team game. With team names chosen they then have to navigate their way around the zones, in our version we have Mental, Mystery, Physical and Skill. This is a team focused event, we build teams here so there’s not going to be anyone sacrificed for the crystals; and speaking of crystals, each zone successfully earns your team a crystal and each crystal earns you valuable time in our inflatable Crystal Maze dome!

Team Building Day

Bake Off: Mary, Mary, Mary! Have we got some delicious creations for you to taste and judge; sadly unless you have a huge budget it’s unlikely that the real Mary Berry will be at your team day but we do have our very own team of chefs with discerning pallets that are waiting to crown the star baker! We bring the ovens, the ingredients and the know how for each team to be able to successfully create a range of cookies or petit fours, then all that’s needed is teamwork, communication and imagination to win the day!

Spy catcher event

Spy Catcher: The ideal team building activity, full of fun, energy and of course tracking down spies that have gone deep undercover! We can host Spy Catcher anywhere, Birmingham, Manchester, Paris or New York, the world is our oyster! We always write Spy Catcher for your company, meaning that it’s bang up to date. If you would like to see your team becoming a crack team of spy hunters then get in contact for more details.

A team building day to remember

Corporate days out ideas

So there we are four great team building day ideas, we think your team would love them but naturally, we do have lots of other team days for you to choose from. Take a look at our daytime events or give us a call and we can talk you through the different options 0800 083 1172 or if you’d prefer to send us an email and we’ll be in touch very quickly.

Fun corporate event ideas

It’s that time of year again that you need to plan your corporate day out but what are you going to choose that will appeal to all of your team, fulfill your company objectives and be in budget too? You’ve most certainly landed on the best website! We’re experts in corporate days out and have a great range of fun and motivational team events for you. If you’d like to speak to one of our friendly and enthusiastic events team about your corporate day out then phone us on 0800 083 1172 but we realise that sometimes you have to keep your team day out under wraps, it’s got to be a surprise, so if that’s the case for you then why not just whizz us over a quick message using our contact form, let us know exactly how you would like to communicate and we’ll be in contact with you very quickly.

Company days out

When organisers call us and ask for a team day out, they could mean literally a full day of fun events or, as is quite often the case, they mean it’s an afternoon of events as it’s often combined with a conference. Whichever is the case for you then we can help you.

Take a look at our events ideas page and in the meantime, let’s look at three fantastically different fun corporate days out that we could host for you!

Outdoor Team Building Events

Country Pursuits: This is always a firm favourite with organisers of corporate days out. It’s a great way to mix activities and networking and always works especially well. So what could you expect to do? Well, you could fine tune your geese herding skills for starters as our flat capped Shepherd shows you how to communicate with the sheep-dogs to get those unruly geese into their pen! You could try your sense of balance on the Segways, a gentle touch is definitely needed here as you have to navigate your way around a course, it’s not speeding, it’s accuracy here that counts. Then let off steam because no country pursuits day would be complete without welly throwing and hay throwing. Fabulous country fun and can be hosted for your team day out anywhere in the UK.

Spooks Team Building Event

Spooks: Add intrigue, challenges and the opportunity to see the sights of your location with our spy themed corporate day out. Houston we have a problem, well no actually, Houston doesn’t have the problem, the UK has the problem. MI4 is reaching out to your teams asking for their help in tracking down under cover assets who hold vital evidence that is of national importance. Naturally, these assets are suspicious and will only reveal their identity to the most elite and convincing of teams. Each asset can be located by following a set of clues and by speaking a special code phrase to them. Easy? No, not that easy we’re afraid. When they do reveal their identity, they will then have an MI4 challenge for your teams, it could be safe cracking, code breaking or legend learning – who knows, our assets are clever and forever changing the challenge. A thoroughly fun, team focused activity and ideal for corporate days out. If you’d like to find out more about Spooks or any of our other team days, then talk to the experts on 0800 083 1172 or fill out this really quick and simple contact form.

Corporate Day Out

Company Festival: There’s always a buzz of excitement that ripples through the office when a client chooses our wonderful Company Festival as their corporate day out. This is a very special team day. It’s got a relaxed festival vibe going on, think Glastonbury, V Festival or Womad and you’ve probably got a pretty good idea already of what you can expect on this corporate day out. This is an event that is perfect for groups of 50 upwards and there really is no upper limit. We build the main stage and erect tents and provide the line up of acts to entertain your team throughout the day or evening. With the best musicians and an array of musical genres to choose from, you can guarantee that we’ve got music for everyone, from Ed Sheeran to Adele tributes and from Abba tributes to Queen; seriously we have work with them all. It’s not just about the music though, is it? Just like any good festival, there’s a lot of extra alternative entertainment for your team to enjoy; strolling entertainers, stilt walkers, illusionists and mind readers. massage tents, fortune tellers, and VW camper van photo booths…the list is endless. If you want this to go down in history as one of the best corporate days out – scrap that, THE best corporate day out ever, then contact us today!

Corporate Days Out

A corporate day out that will blow your teams away!

If you are serious about your corporate day out and want your team day to be the best, then you really do need to speak to the experts – Accolade Corporate Events. We’ll talk with you and find out where you want your fun day, when it’s going to happen, how many people and what’s on your ultimate wish list.Contact us today on 0800 083 1172 or fill in our contact form – we can make this happen for you.

5 Staff Christmas party ideas that will make you a total company legend this year!

Been given the task of organising your staff party this year? No pressure then! You need your party to be better than last years, it’s got to be more fun, more inclusive and you want people to say it was the best company party ever!

So, let’s think party themes, OK, we’ll take a look at a traditional theme in a few minutes but wouldn’t it be great to surprise people? To give them something just a little bit different? Here we have 5 staff Christmas party ideas that could just get you crowned as the best organiser…ever!

Haven’t got time to look through our site? Call us on 0800 083 1172 and let’s get talking about your party theme straight away or if you need to organise it out of earshot of your staff, then ping us over a quick message and let us know the best way to communicate and don’t worry, discretion is our middle name!

So let’s take a look at just 5 of our fantastic company party themes!


German Beer Festival Party Theme: We’ll bet you haven’t hosted your very own staff German beer festival before have you? With a very German Christmas markets feel and fabulous themed party entertainment, this is a party that will be legendary, it really will! We’ll have decked out your party venue with long bench tables, bunting and fabulous German backdrops. A grassed stage with a mountain backdrop will be waiting for the ever so energetic, ever so charming and ever so engaging Bavarian band who will have your staff standing up, sitting down, singing, laughing, slapping and tapping as they learn and sing along to the iconic songs of Germany – my goodness it’s a whole lot of fun, although we can’t be held responsible for any sore throats the day after!

Welcome to the Speakeasy Party Theme! If you’ve ever watched Bugsy Malone you probably have an image in your mind of gangsters and glamour, of tommy guns and long silk gloves – yep, you’re on the right track. Throw in an air of secrecy and underworld mob intrigue and you’re well and truly immersed in the wonderful world of the Speakeasy. With jazz and swing bands to entertain your party guests and modern music to take them right up to date, this is one of the best staff Christmas party ideas – you’ll love it!

Speakeasy Company Party


Back to School Party Theme: It’s the school Christmas party and it’s time for you to let your hair down! This wonderfully retro Christmas party theme will send your staff straight back to school remembering all that was great about school discos! Take a trip to the tuck shop for your favourite gobstopper, sit in the corner of the common room with your mates for a gossip or go to the science lab for a cocktail. Play on the retro arcade games, Space Invaders, Pac man and air hockey – they are all here at your school Christmas party! Like the sound of our staff Christmas party ideas and want to find out more? Call us on 0800 083 1172.

Winter Wonderland Party Theme
: We really couldn’t talk about staff Christmas party ideas without talking about our Winter Wonderland. This is a party theme which is typically winter. Giant icicles and snow machines set the scene for your party guests as they walk into a blue and white wonderland. There will be nothing icy about the atmosphere tonight as your guests are treated to superb party entertainment which includes stilt walkers, ice statues, meet and greet entertainers, live bands and DJ’s.

Viva Las Vegas Party Theme: Prepare yourself for an evening of high rollers, this is an over the top night typical of Las Vegas, we’ll have neon lights, show girls and of course, we’ll have the casino for your guests to have a flutter on. The party entertainment will be large too, Elvis could very well be in the building tonight with his entourage or a fun party band could play a wonderful fun mixture of genres for your party guests to dance the night away to.

So we’ve just taken a look at 5 staff Christmas party ideas and we think they are all pretty great but of course we have more ideas – we are the staff Christmas party experts after all! We’d love to be able to talk to you about your staff Christmas party and we can help your company, so why not call us on 0800 083 1172 or fill in this super easy contact form and we’ll be in touch faster than you can say Christmas party!

Need help finding the perfect Christmas party venue? No problem, we work with literally thousands of Christmas party venues up and down the country and offer a completely free of charge and no obligation venue finding service. We aren’t tied in with any specific venues, we’re free spirits and can choose any venue we like, so you know if we’re recommending a venue to you, it’s because we think it’s the perfect fit – try us, at no cost to you it’s a no brainer! If you have already booked your staff Christmas party venue and need Accolade Corporate Events help with just the party theme or the entertainment then that’s absolutely fine too! We are happy to provide as much or as little as you like – the most important thing to do is to get in touch!

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