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School sports Day Team Building

Team building has changed. In the modern day, you can forget about blind folds, trust exercises, tent building and unfathomable activities involving everyday household items.

No doubt, you’re right to have high expectations, yet team building companies shouldn’t be thought of as much of a muchness, nor in any way, shape or form as all the same. Your choice of provider is a choice between an engaged team and a day that focuses on your business goals, and a group of disconnected, bored-outta-their-minds individuals who can’t wait to get home. Thankfully we’re here to (probably) save the day with seven simple tips for making the right selection.

1. Reputation. This should really be pointer one, two and three: Got a shiny, pixel perfect website? Pretty pictures in their brochures? Impressive sounding words spoken by fast talking sales people? Despite an event company seeming and looking like the perfect providers of your team building, you really know nothing if you haven’t heard from past (happy) clients. So ask for testimonials, check to see whether they list their clients on their website, and consider speaking directly with previous clients to find out about their experience first-hand.

2. Apples for Apples – Know Exactly What You’re Comparing: Gathering quotes from numerous team building companies may seem like a wise strategy, however this is only going to add up if the packages you’re comparing are exactly the same. Elements such as group size, event duration and included refreshments should be like for like, as should equipment and hosting staff numbers. Then there are other things to consider, such as the quality of venue and whether the team building company holds insurance. On this latter point, all event companies are legally required to hold £10 million public liability insurance.

3. Look Out for Companies with a Large Selection of Events: Choice: They say it’s the spice of life. And it’s most definitely important when it comes to choosing between team building companies. Whilst there are plenty of respected businesses out there that specialise in a limited number of team building activities, for most it’s beneficial to have a wide selection of events to choose from to suit your team, goals, group size and budget. Here are a few examples, complete with links…

4. Key Question: What Does the Team Building Company Really Know About Team Building? Here’s something that may not be obvious – this is an industry that almost anyone can enter. Any collection of individuals can purchase props and stock and call themselves superstar team building specialists, when in fact truly effective team building is nothing short of an art form. Discerning a pro team building company from pure chancers is then a matter of asking the right questions about how the company you’re speaking with will help you achieve your very specific team goals.

The brightest, most creative and of course fun of the team building companies (not that we like to brag)

5. A Bright Red Warning Flag: Too Cheap to Be True: Team building activities don’t (and shouldn’t) come cheap – they demand careful planning, may require plenty of materials, staff, hospitality and a suitable venue. Unfortunately, these costs are often under estimated by clients who call on our services with a few days to go, having faced a brick wall with the company they paid a couple of hundred pounds for a complete event. Bottom line? If it seems too cheap to be true, run a mile.

Corporate Team Events

6. Is the Company in Question Willing to Bend Over Backwards? Got a CEO who wants to speak at a certain time? No problem. Need to cater for a specific diet or allergy? We can handle that. Struggling to find a venue? We’ve got a dedicated service at hand. The little requests, last minute panics and frustrating tasks that you’re getting nowhere with should all be welcomed by your team building company. No fuss, no refusals.

7. Finally – How’s That Gut Feeling of Yours? Who is it that you’re talking to, and what’s your gut saying about them? Are you being dictated to by a smooth-talking sales person or consulted with by a team building expert who clearly knows their stuff? Do they seem plausible, experienced, approachable? If you’re not finding them to be all of these things, how will your teams be led, coached and coaxed onto bigger and better things by them?

We are specialist team building event pros, but if you take anything away from this guide, it should be that companies can splash whatever words they like across their website. So we allow our impressive line-up of past clients to do the talking. Take a look, right here. Then head on over to either our daytime events or evening events pages to search for your team building event solution – done and dusted by lunchtime.

It could be the middle of August, yet the annual task of the Xmas do must be tackled – entertainment, food, venue, theme – with so much to organise there’s little wonder that you may need to get to work in the midst of the summer heat wave.

If you’re feeling less Ding Dong Merrily on High and well and truly Grinch-like, you may welcome our tips for a Christmas party theme made easy.

1. First Things First – Get the Venue Right: We can’t stress this enough – get your venue wrong, and almost every element that follows will through up a headache to rival your Boxing Day hangover. Wrong location? Mass RSVP turndowns. Too small? Health and safety nightmare. Too restrictive? Expensive catering and limited choices for your entertainment.

Here are four key tips to make sure you get your venue pick right…
· Ask for suggestions – Speak with your colleagues, friends and family who’ve previously faced the challenge of putting on a corporate party
· Always (always) research a venue’s reputation online
· Confirm whether you’re able to book the venue on its own, or whether you need to use their hospitality and entertainment
· Confirm the theme before you book the venue – Not every venue will play well with your chosen theme. Ideally the venue in question will have a gallery of   images for you to view to see how the space can be transformed with backdrops and staging of varying styles.
· Book early! The best of venues will be booked a good six months in advance.

2. Forget winter wonderlands and red and gold colour schemes:

Think it’s all been done before? That a Christmas party must be winter based, feature a token Rudolf or demand a vat of mulled wine? Forget it. Rethink your upcoming festivities, with a Christmas party theme such as a Venetian BallViva Las VegasEnchanted Forest PartyBack to SchoolBack to the 80’s or a German Beer Festival.

The ultimate Christmas party theme

3. Want to keep it traditional? Take the Winter Wonderland theme up a gear: Tinsel, onesie fancy dress and plastic trees sprayed with off-colour fake snow.Urgh.

If you’re opting for the winter wonderland theme, do it with stylish backdrops and accessories – go glittering, enchanting, and understated. Take a winter leaf out of our book – and draw inspiration from our Winter Christmas party theme. This classy theme welcomes your guests into a cool blue atmosphere with a sparkling dance floor, orb table centre pieces and an ice white illuminated bar.

Winter Wonderland Themed Party

4. Craft a Christmas cracker of a (correct) atmosphere: Casual? Formal? Somewhere in-between? Deciding upon this element of your party can help you in making your upcoming decisions – such as staging, food, entertainment and dress code. Your guests should be at the centre of this decision – will your event be open to your most valuable clients? If so, your party may benefit from being more on the formal side. Perhaps you’re organising an intimate knees up for your fun, feisty office team? If so then a relaxed atmosphere would be best, complete with fancy dress theme.

5. List the life out of your decorations: Think about the walls, stage backdrop, bar, seating and tables for the interior, as well as how you’ll decorate the entrance and outdoor areas. Head over to Pinterest for inspiration, and scour online party theme shops for ideas (then make your way to a website such as Amazon or eBay to cut the costs). You’ll need to confirm with the venue that they’ll accept your decorations however, and they may even have their own decorations either as a free added bonus, or as a premium add on. This also applies to asking whether they’ll accept that 10 foot Christmas tree, before you go ahead and buy it.

Well call us Rocky Robin and deck the halls – now you’re all filled in on filling your guests with festive cheer, it’s time to get your party shoes on and your corporate Christmas party organised. Then again, you may want to leave the Yuletide celebrations to the pros –which is right about where our team step in. Let’s talk about your Xmas corporate do.

Merrily call us on 0800 083 1172 – ding dong!

Corporate party ideas

We’ve previously waxed lyrical about tackling the challenge of corporate entertainment*, and you’d probably think that putting together a corporate event for a smaller group of people is a whole lot easier. But you’d be wrong. Very, wrong. You see, that smaller the audience, the even less impressed they sound with lacklustre entertainment. As for atmosphere? Well it takes some careful consideration as to how a party for 10 could rival the hustle, bustle and laughter of an event for eleven hundred.

In short, we’d better get to work with the following six industry insider tips if you’re miniature event is going to be mammoth in memories made, ambience and entertainment.

* Missed our font of all knowledge advice? No worries, here are the links: Corporate Event Entertainment – Why it Matters and How to Get it Right | Corporate entertainment – Four Top tips for Booking it Just Right.

The perfect corporate event for your group

1. Ask yourself – What’s the point? What are you trying to achieve? A more cohesive team? Impressed clients? A celebration of the company’s progression? Deciding upon the purpose of your event is an essential firm foundation for getting what you want out of the day or evening, whether that be motivated employees, new contracts won, or boosted, company-wide morale. Understanding this core purpose can then guide your choice of entertainment, venue, activity, even your catering choices.

2. Take one step back, and put together a strategy: SMART – it’s the most overused business anagram of all time, but it’s also super relevant when it comes to creating an on-point corporate event. For those who’ve escaped this business concept thus far, this means that your event goal should always be:

· Specific (simple, sensible, significant).
· Measurable (meaningful, motivating).
· Achievable (agreed, attainable).
· Relevant (reasonable, realistic and resourced, results-based).
· Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive).

Examples of focused, SMART event goals could be to connect, better, with clients or potential clients; or it could be to create brand infinity, more motivated managers or establish a better knowledge of your company’s ethos.

Corporate Entertainment

3. Remember: Key to killer corporate event entertainment is interaction and engagement:

When your delegates are limited in number, it’s critical that your event engages each and every individual – ensuring everyone is involved, and ice is shattered. Events that fall into this category include quiz style entertainment, like our Multi Quiz Show, Million Point Drop, Name that Tune or the Play your Cards Gameshow, and interactive entertainment that includes our Murder Mystery Evening, the Haka Evening Event, Casino Tables and Cocktail Masterclasses.

4. Don’t (whatever you do) overlook the logistics: The seemingly smallest of details could, and often does, prove disastrous for the novice event organiser, so you really need to pay attention to the dull logistics of your big day – think about equipment, staging, public transportation, event content, refreshments, special dietary requirements and so on (and on and on and on).

5. Changed a teeny-weeny detail? Look at your corporate event at a whole: Things get in the way, details can change, providers may let you down – you may get months into the planning and need to change caterers, venues or entertainers. If some rearrangements do pop up, you need to consider how they could railroad other elements of your event – such as whether a new venue can still provide the facilities for the chosen entertainment, or if your new caterers can handle the special dietary requirements of your guests.

Corporate event

6. Whether resources, time or budget, always respect your limits: Organising a corporate event for even the smallest of companies can be tough, expensive, hard going, when going it alone. Our top tip? Choose a reputable event company. Failing that however you should always understand your limitations – in resources, budget and time.

From playing detective and discovering Whodunit, to playing bond and bonding over the casino table, we know just what it takes to create coherent teams, celebrate successes and entertain small and perfectly formed audiences.

So, when you’re ready to talk, you know where we are, call us on 0800 083 1172.


Winter Wonderland Christmas Party

A business is defined by its Christmas party. That’s just a statistical fact. The end-of-year celebration will be talked about for months afterwards, and will undoubtedly have a ripple effect on your team’s morale and enthusiasm.

With that in mind, there are two kinds of festive corporate events. There’s the typical, boring kind where, aside from some inappropriate behaviour from certain over-indulgent staff, nothing much really happens. No one wants to go to these events – expect a lot of last-minute excuses and no-shows.

Then, there’s our Christmas party themes. We take no half measures and leave nothing to the imagination – every Christmas party theme is designed to teleport you to a whole other world, engrossing the entire staff and earning the organiser some serious brownie points. We’re very serious about getting every little detail just right, and our flexibility means that, whatever your needs and ideas, we’ll craft the perfect Christmas party theme for your corporate celebration. It’s what we do.

If you’re stuck for ideas – but know that you want something truly special and unique – look no further. Our portfolio is overflowing with a wide range of festive events which we’ve amazed our clients with – and many of them are not what you’d expect of a typical Christmas party theme.

There’s our German Beer Festival, an authentic evening which will take each guest and place them within a traditional German celebration. It’s complete with long tables for festive feasting, an enthusiastic Oompah band who will have your staff out of their seats and joining arms, and our very own kitted-out Frauleins who complete the experience and make sure that the beer is always flowing.

German beer not your thing? What about prohibition-era gangsters? Though it might not seem like your average Christmas party theme, our Speakeasy Party is very popular with companies and offices who are looking for something a little different. You don’t really know your co-workers until you’ve seen them dressed as a 1920’s gangster or showgirl, ordering a drink at the bar or playing a hand of poker whilst our live jazz band provides the authentic soundtrack.

Host a jaw-dropping awesome Christmas party theme this year

Company Party

If you’re looking for a Christmas party theme which is a little more nostalgic, then our Back to the 80’s event might very well be your kind of thing. Our team of experienced designers go to great lengths to build a world in which you can get lost in for the evening – and the Back to the 80’s theme is a great example. Your room will be utterly transformed into an authentic 80’s rave, filled with Rubix cubes, awkwardly oversized mobile phones, neon lights and wonderfully clashing colours. Our own DJ will top it all off with the best 80’s tracks – or you can even go with an awesome live tribute act, which we carefully select. Who needs Rudolph when you’ve got Duran Duran?

Or, perhaps, you feel like your staff could use a refreshing nature experience, as far from the office environment as possible? Then you might want to consider our Enchanted Forest theme for your corporate Christmas party. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for something with a beautifully detailed environment in which your team can unwind and celebrate the hard work they’ve put in throughout the year. A woodland bar will be set up, complete with flowing mist to give it that mysterious feel, and each table is decorated with foliage, candles and ivy. Our harpist and flutist will complete the scene with gentle music as you enjoy your dinner and cocktails, making this a truly magical Christmas party experience.

For those who are looking for a slightly more traditional Christmas party theme, we’ve got you covered. As soon as you enter our Winter Wonderland party, you’ll find it impossible to resist the festive magic pouring from every corner of the room. Decorated entirely in a winter coating by our professional team, your guests will be greeted by falling snow and an icy decor.

But, if you’re somehow still left unsatisfied, have no fear. We’re more than prepared to handcraft a bespoke Christmas party theme for you and your team – whatever the size.

Just come to us with an idea, no matter how vague, and our experts will help guide you through the process until we’ve got a solid plan for your perfect Christmas party theme – then just leave it to us.

Here at Accolade, we don’t believe in generalising or copy-and-paste designing. In each and every case, we tailor your event so that every detail is just right and any idea you may have is made into a reality.

From expert lighting and audio design, to costumes, actors and entertainers, interactive shows and fabulous surprises – we take absolute pride in what we do so that all guests enjoy themselves to the fullest and experience something they’ve never experienced before.

So wait no more! Just give us a call and let’s start talking about your next Christmas party theme and let’s make sure you go down in company history as the person that organised that awesome event! Call 0800 083 1172 or pop us over an email using this contact form.

ive corporate events. There’s the

Singing conference icebreakers

You’ve got hundreds of people on your hands, perhaps even thousands – spanning many departments, job levels and management types. Selecting a singular team building event for such an expansive group can seem impossible. You’re probably wishing that you worked for an itsy bitsy start-up right now. First, stop panicking, second, read onwards.

The benefits of large team building events

Planning a team building event for a HUGE team has its challenges. Complicated? It can be. A little intimidating? Sometimes. A logistical nightmare? Sure is, without the right help. Yet team building for large teams also boasts plenty of benefits for business, including…

  • Large events can incorporate an entire business – from C-suite to interns – perfect for creating unity and driving home a business ethos so every last worker is on the same page.
  • Team building for large teams can be ideal for businesses split across regions – making them perfect for events such as AGMs, conferences or a re-brand.
  • Events for large teams tend to work out cheaper per head as compared to the same event for a small, intimate team of 30 or less.
  • They can create consistency between disjointed departments and sites.

Three absolute no nos for your large team building event

barclaycard_logo‘The way you transformed our group of tired delegates into a highly charged team of 250 people was amazing – your team was amazing, thank you so much!’

That up there is what one of our many happy customers had to say about one of our large team building events, so it seems that you’d be in good company if you were to choose Accolade to handle your team building event. But if you’re going to go it alone, or use another company, we won’t hold it against you. We will, however, say that it pays to be aware of the following three all-too common mistakes when it comes to putting together a large team building event…

Never schedule your event on your staff’s time
OK, your team building event may be AMAZING – fun, filled with laughter, a real action-packed day out. But here’s the thing – no matter how good it is, your staff won’t thank you for having to do it on their own time.

Thinking of your team building event as a one-off, one-shot deal
Your team building event shouldn’t be a standalone activity – it should be chosen and designed to suit your business, your challenges and your teams. It should also be reinforced with an action plan when back in the office – and it should never (ever) be considered a one-time thing.

Not choosing a professional events company
Team building for large teams only ever pays off when organised by people who know what they’re doing. But we would say that, wouldn’t we? Here’s a little concrete proof… we’ve spent twenty years perfecting events – and we know that the success or failure of a team building event relies on tailoring the program to you and your commercial goals. Put simply, a generic, cutter cooker approach to team building just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

 Team building events for large teams – Accolade style

Mulling over making the wise choice of choosing our team for your team? Then you’re probably wondering just what we’d personally recommend for large teams of over 50. Well, here’s a short and sweet taster.

team Building Icebreakers

The Haka
Perfect for? “Whakawhiti te ra, A upa ne ka up anem, Upane, Kaupane!” This event draws on the ancient war cries of aborigine tribes – safe to say that your team will be ready for anything come Monday morning- motivated and engaged as a ferocious, go-getting team.
Group Size: 8 – 2000

Corporate party ideas

Company Festival
Perfect for? Grab your wellies and your workers – it’s party time. The Company Festival is perfect for celebrations, congratulations or annual get togethers.
Group Size: 50 – 5000

Icebreakers for large groups

Perfect for? This massive musical event takes tunes to a whole new level – the more the most definitely better. Boomwhackers is perfect for emphasising the importance of unity and working as a well-oiled team.
Group Size: 10 – 5000

School Sports Day Team Energiser

School Sports Day
Perfect for? Large teams looking for a fun, energetic team building event that ensures workers hop, skip, run and jump out of their comfort zones without even realising it.
Group Size: 25 – 200

Singing team building event

Your Song
Perfect for? Harmony. That’s the key behind this musical event – Your Song will get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet – with plenty of fun and laughter in-between. It can even create a song that encapsulates your business message or ethos.
Group Size: 10 – 1000

Drumming corporate event

Perfect for? Teams that could do with a little energising and unifying, this drumming event guarantees a charged and happy team come the end of the day.
Group Size: 10 – 5000

Want even more?

Use our team building event search feature to uncover and discover exactly what may be in store for your teams.

 Bespoke team building events. It’s what we do. And it’s what we’ve done for the last two decades. Need a team building event as suitable for newbie Nat, nineteen years old in national marketing, as it is for the big whig CEO whose making you feel just a little nervous about your event? You know where we are when you need us.

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