Corporate entertainment

After debating, shortlisting and interviewing, finally, finally, you’ve chosen your corporate entertainment (and if you haven’t, you may want to read our guide: Corporate Entertainment – Four Top tips for Booking it Just Right).

Now? It’s time to consider venue. What’s on your tick list? The aesthetics? How far away it is? Whether they allow for your own caterers? Whilst these things are all important, you’ll also need to consider how your corporate entertainment will fit in. Here are some things you’ll want to think about…

Location – Consider your Guests First, and Entertainer a Close Second
Ideally, you’ll want a venue that’s in the middle of where your guests are travelling from. Then you should ask your entertainer about where they’re based and what their costs are for travelling. If they need to travel the length and breadth of the country, an entertainer may request that you cover their overnight costs.

 Ask about Insurance
First things first – your corporate entertainment should hold insurance, whoever they may be, whatever the act is. However, the venue should also have coverage, and both venue and entertainer alike should happily hand over their policy document upon request.

Remember – Your Corporate Entertainer is the Best Source of Guidance
Not sure whether the local hotel has a stage big enough? Thinking about the city centre conference facility, and whether it’s just a little too big? Before sourcing potential venues and shortlisting, ask the entertainer whether they recommend any particular venue. You could also benefit from looking through their portfolio – what forms of venue have they used? How big is the space they usually work with? Can you pick up hints and tips for theme, venue décor or hospitality?

Corporate Entertainment

Consider the Stage, Sound and Display Backdrops
Most forms of corporate entertainment require a stage, mic, sound system and background display, so who will it be that’ll provide these? Speak with the entertainment company in the first instance, and then you’ll have a few quick fire technical questions to be asked of any potential venue should it fall to them.

 Accolade Pro Tip: Venue’s Responsibility? Ask your Entertainment about a Tech Rider

A ‘Tech Rider’ is a one page doc that outlines all that your corporate entertainment needs in order to do their job. It may outline how a stage should be set up, where speakers should be placed, whether a display is necessary, and so on.

Setting the Tone – Matching Venue Ambiance with Corporate Entertainment
LED dancers aren’t going to work in a light filled room, while an elegant winter wonderland evening, complete with brass band, is hardly going to suit your local conference room without extensive dressing.

Considering ambience is key to matching venue, with entertainment, and can cut down on your backdrop dressing and décor costs.

Accolade Pro Tip: Ask your Venue About Décor
Some venues will provide room dressing as standard – ask about whether this is an option and whether this is included or comes at a premium.

Corporate Event Venue

Equipment and Access: Square Peg, Round Hole?
What equipment will your corporate entertainment bring? While our Haka Dancers bring themselves, their loin cloths and their tribal make up cases, our Team Generation Game arrive with plenty of tech under arm and more than a fair share of dancers.

Knowing what equipment your entertainers will arrive with is essential for judging what type of access into the venue they’ll need.

The Early Bird Books the Best Venue – Book Your Venue WELL in Advance
Good quality venues book up months in advance, so it’s advisable that you organise your corporate entertainment and venue at least 4 to 6 months in advance.

 Struggling to make a match between your corporate entertainment and a suitable venue? Perhaps you haven’t the faintest idea as to what type of venue should serve as the backdrop to your team building day or corporate dinner. Whatever you’re grappling with, we can help. Let’s talk.



Indoor team buildingIn our last blog article: Fun Team Building Activities – Nine No’s No’s we explained the benefits behind putting on a team event out of the office. But what if you simply can’t use another venue? Or how about companies that have plenty of space and more than enough resources to handle team building in-house? If that sounds like you then handily enough, you’re exactly who we’ve created this guide for. This is how to do team building, right, right at work.

Five Tips for Team Building Done Right

  1. What’s the Point?! Why?! All too often this is the question that team members are left with post-team building event. Deciding on a meaningful outcome for your team building activity (such as a team that communicates more effectively, become better presenters or who are more productive), should be the very first thing on your list when it comes to the direction of your day. Pretty lucky for you that we’ve recently written a blog post on the very subject of goals and event organising: Your Corporate Event: What’s the Point?
  1. Key Question: Are you Covered? Planning on inflating a giant slide ‘It’s a Knockout’ Style? Good idea (it’s actually one that we use ourselves). Before you dive in head first with planning a physical team building event, you may want to check out whether you’re insured, first. Most specifically your public indemnity is going to have to extend to certain activities – as such it may be worth speaking with your insurers directly.Total Wipeout events
  1. Context – Setting Expectations What do you expect from your teams on the day? Do they understand the goals of the team building, and how this aligns with the company’s vision, wider goals and values? Making your team building coherent is key to avoiding the whole ‘What’s the Point?!’ issue and securing the best possible results.
  1. Feedback – For a Bigger and Better Team Building Day Next Year Post-team building it’s going to serve you well to gain feedback as to what worked, what didn’t and how that goal of yours faired when it came to the crunch. This feedback could and should shape any future team building events – making them more effective with each iteration. Our top tip here is to make the process anonymous for a wholly more open and honest collection of opinions – a questionnaire and collection box will do.
  1. The Team Building Post-Event Wrap Up – Make your Teams Feel Valued Your post-team building period should also include a post-event wrap up – a summary of the day, who achieved what and how hard your teams all worked. Feature the story in your newsletter and on social media – include photos and comments from your team. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, thank your workforce for being a part of an excellent day of laughs, motivation and morale-boosting teamwork.

The Top Three Countdown – Events for In-House Team Building

  1. The Haka Positive attitude of a tribe’s person? Check. Fearless in the face of the competition? Double check. A unified team ready to take on the world? Check, check, check. The Haka will have your team stomping and shouting their way to better results.

team Building Icebreakers

  1. Boomwhakers We’re forever amazed at the results of song and sound-based team building events – they seem to unify and strengthen teams in pretty impressive ways. Boomwhackers is one such event – ideal for team building that energises and that could have an underlying company message. They’re also perfect for working within a confined space (in-house conference room here we come!)
    Icebreakers for large groups
  1. Thriller Dance As it turns out those zombies and the King of Pop were really onto something when they started their side stepping back in 1982. Who knew that group dancing demanded so much teamwork? This event is the perfect mix between group dancing and fancy dress, zombie style, boosting your team’s ‘if we can do the Zombie shuffle, we can’t do anything’ positive mental attitude. Discover why Michael Jackson Ain’t Got Nothing on Your CEOThriller dance event

 So there you have it – boosted morale, bolstered productivity and one happier team without you having to even leave the confines of the office. That said, organising team building is far from a breeze, even without the venue to book and sit-down dinner to arrange. In fact, it can often be  more challenging. If you’re looking for a helping hand in putting on productive team building at the office, you know where we are – let’s talk.

Fun Team Building Activities –Nine Things to Avoid

Team building – get the activity right and engaged, motivated, better gelled teams await (and the sales will follow). Get it wrong however and you’ll only waste money and wind up with irritable staff who are only too keen for the day to come to a close so they can shoot home.

For event organiser novices, the pitfalls of team building activities are far and wide ranging, with any number of missteps that can be made. So consider this your fun team building activity masterclass – a fast-fire run through of the nine things to be avoided at all costs, if your day is to go with a bang, instead of crashing and burning. If you want to avoid any mistakes and talk directly to the experts then call our team on 0800 083 1172 today and ask for a free quote.

Fun Team Building Activities –Nine Things to Avoid

1. Organising your team building activity with zero experience
Over the course of twenty years we’ve heard some real disaster stories when it comes to team building activities handled in-house. From trips to A and E, to dull, dreary days out building makeshift shelters from loo rolls. Ultimately you may save on the cost of the day, but what you save in fees you end up paying in one wasted day that results in no actionable outcome, and even less fun.

2. Not understanding your team (and their goals)
Who are your team, what interests do they have and what will they genuinely find fun in doing? Knowing your audience is every bit as important as knowing your corporate goals, and the real challenge comes in finding a balance between the two. Our best advice? If you’re determined to go it alone, seek out all the information you can from professional event organisers (for which you may want to start with our team building blog).

3. Putting together a team challenge the morning after the night before
Planning fun team building activities over the course of a weekend is a great idea. What’s not such a great idea is planning a tough, physical or mental challenge following a team night out on the tiles. No. Just, no.

4. Hosting the event in-house
Not only are there going to be practical limitations as to what you can do in the office, research has actually shown that participants find in-office team building events to be less valuable than those hosted at a third-party venue.

5. The activity runs on and on and on
Even the most engaging of activities has a lifespan. After about 3 hours, energy and interest will begin to wane – long story short, keep your activities to an appropriate length of time. If you’re planning a task that lasts longer than three hours, make sure you schedule in regular brakes and a pit stop for refuelling on food.

6. Not watching every penny of the budget like a hawk
Fun team building activities can end up costing you far more than you receive in boosted morale, productivity and output, if you’re not careful. In order to achieve optimal ROI, you need to plan for each element of expenditure before you make even a single booking. If you plan on roping others into the organising, you should make each person aware of the budget and how much is allocated for the part of the event that they’re responsible for.

7. You involve too many people in the planning
Taking on the task of arranging an event alone can seem incredibly intimidating, and it may be tempting to delegate what’s on your to do list. Whilst teamwork can certainly lighten your load, you need to be careful that you don’t create too many organisational layers – doing so can result not only in confusion, but also in debates between the team as to what direction is best for the event. Our best advice? Keep your team small and use an app such as Asana or Trello to track what’s done, what’s left to do and who’s responsible for what.

8. Not planning for the days, weeks and months that follow

Fun team building events should be planned with an end goal in mind – the outcomes that you want to secure when you all trundle back to the office. This must involve follow on tasks – such as future team training, a post-event wrap-up for the newsletter or social media shout out, thank yous sent to each team member and feedback for team activities in the future.

9. Leaving it all to the last minute
Ideally you should be leaving yourself a minimum of 4 to 6 months of organising time.
As you may have guessed from the 8 pointers above, putting together fun team building activities takes time – a lot of time. This is especially true if you want to book the best venue, hotel or restaurant, which each may be booked up well in advance.

Feeling set and ready to get to work on your team building day? If you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals, we’ll be on the other end of a phone or email when you need us – call 0800 083 1172.

Corporate event

You’ve been tasked with the mammoth challenge of ensuring your corporate event goes with a bang. How’s that checklist shaping up? You know, the one that ensures your event achieves what it sets out to? Come to mention it, have you even spent the time to create a crystal-clear vision as to what your corporate event should achieve, and how? If not, this may just be three minutes reading time that focuses your efforts and ensures that your theme and entertainment are totally on point.

Corporate Event Goal Number One: Raising Funds for A Great Cause

Hoping to raise funds for your company’s chosen charity? Rather than a plain old fundraiser with a sit-down meal and disco (pretty unimaginative), go for an adrenaline pumping, laughter-filled day or evening with a PR-friendly task for your teams.

With your venue found, your guest list promised a good old knees up and the local press invited, it’s time to get around to choosing the main event. Here are some suggestions:

  • A football game (hey, if it’s good enough for the likes of Robbie Williams and Olly Murs…)
  • A team dancing event that knocks spots off Strictly
  • A talent show to easily rival Simon Cowell’s prime time telly?

Accolade events fit for a fabulous fundraiser: Football Fever | Company’s Got Talent | Simply Team Dancing

Ideas for Corporate Party

Corporate Event Goal Number Two: Celebrating the Achievements Of your Company/Teams/Individuals

Whether company, certain teams or a number of individuals, celebrating success forms a central part in motivating and rewarding the efforts behind impressive sales figures and business growth. As for the secret behind such an evening, well that would be a well-chosen theme.

Here are just a few ideas for a celebratory corporate event:

  • Consider creating your very own Glastonbury by organising a company festival (just remember to weigh up the weather in your chosen month);
  • Go all out for extravagance, with a Las Vegas theme
  • Opt for the ultimate opulence, by throwing a Venetian Ball
  • Go crazy, with an Alice in Wonderland-inspired Mad Hatters Tea Party

Accolade events perfect for a party : Company Festival | Viva Las Vegas! | Venetian Ball | Mad Hatters Tea Party Theme

Corporate Event Goal Number Three: The Annual General Meeting

AGMs needn’t be the pinstripe wearing, greyscale affairs they once were. Sure, the meeting must be business as usual, but a surge in profits and share price calls for an evening soiree and more than a fair share of glasses raised.

If you’re organising a post-AGM corporate event, you’ve got one core challenge on your hands – a super diverse guest list. They could be all ages, from many regions and hold vastly differing interests. With this in mind, your secret weapon is going to be laughter – whether entertainment that takes to the stage, or an act that engages an entire audience.

Accolade events to liven up your AGM: Crashing Singing Waiters | Back to School Party Theme | The Haka
Back to School Party Theme

Corporate Event Goal Number Four: A Sophisticated, Client- Focused Evening

So your guests are mostly important clients and potential clients – the type who wouldn’t be impressed at being thrown into stomping their feet and making tribal chants? You need the wow factor – a beautiful ambiance and impressive décor, such as a magical winter wonderland, complete with smoking cocktails and snow laden ground, or an enchanted forest, where a harpist plays and mischievous wood nymphs serve up the drinks at the table.

Accolade events that take your breath away: Winter Wonderland Theme Party | Enchanted Forest

Company Party band

Corporate Event Goal Number Five: The Christmas ‘Do

Each year you do the same – a plain sit-down meal (as delicious as it is), with an underwhelming evening out. Every, single, year.

While you could go still go for the traditional, with a festive-friendly Winter Wonderland or Enchanted Forest theme, this time around, put on an Xmas party that involves your workforce – with a fun theme and fancy-dress code.

Accolade events with the festive factor: Winter Wonderland Theme Party | German Beer Festival Party | Back to the 80’s

Whatever the goal of your corporate event, we’ve got your theme and entertainment covered. Ready to pass the reins over or want to know more? Our team are right here to answer your questions, ready when you are.

Corporate Entertainment

If you’re looking to assemble the ultimate workforce, then you should know that your team’s cohesion and motivation are the most crucial elements. They’re the pillars which keep the whole structure together, and without them you can expect an unenthused and demotivated team.

So how do you create a truly functional workforce, and how do you keep that positive energy flowing? Don’t worry – we’re here for you. Our corporate events ideas are specifically crafted so that your employees will be enjoying themselves to the fullest within a unique environment, all the while strengthening their teamwork skills and allowing them to form powerful bonds.

We’re redefining corporate entertainment – and we’d like to show you a few of our favourite corporate events ideas for large groups, just to give you an idea of the lengths we go to for the perfect corporate event.

The Company Festival: Here’s where our corporate events ideas get pretty ambitious. If you’re thinking of an event which is large-scale, full of different things happening at the same time and which will host multiple thousands of people – then it’s time to put together your own Company Festival.

Your corporate festival will be centred around the main stage, upon which several great acts will provide the soundtrack – from solo artists to full bands, and many tribute acts playing well-known songs. Laced throughout the festival will be a myriad of exciting entertainment; from fire-eaters to acrobats, unique food and designated chill-out areas for relaxing massages.

We’ve had great success with the Company Festival event in the past – check out what our clients have had to say about it:


“Wow! What a great night – everyone had a brilliant time, it was just like we had our very own private mini Glastonbury! Thanks for all of your hard work!”

Generation Game Corporate Event
Generation Game:
 There’s nothing like some friendly competition for bringing members of a team together. That’s why we created the Team Generation Game – a fun and quirky game show which will blow any dull team building exercise out of the water.

For example, let’s say that you’re looking for some corporate events ideas which will bring your staff together, as they consist of people of all ages and backgrounds. Breaking down these barriers can be difficult, and ignoring them will only lead to further problems. To create the right atmosphere within such a diverse team, just sprinkle a little competitiveness in there, with a dab or two of retro silliness, and everyone will feel the benefits.

The great thing about the Team Generation Game is that the warm energy produced between employees can be easily carried over to the workplace. This means that your team will return to work much more accustomed to each other, whilst being able to get along more effectively due to their newly-strengthened bonds. Plus, they’ll be swapping inside jokes about the evening for months to come.

Brilliant corporate events ideas to inspire your team

teambuilding for executives

The Haka: Looking for some corporate events ideas which are a little more “out there”? How about a traditional ancient Maori experience, replicating a true tribal ritual that’s thousands of years old? Stay with us here. Here’s your chance to show your corporate workforce and partners that you care about their enthusiasm and morale – whilst throwing something completely unexpected at them.

The Haka is the traditional celebration of the Maori – the indigenous people of New Zealand who, to this day, still uphold a deep culture and a profound respect for their traditions. We’ve done our research and have gone to great lengths to put together our Haka evening – it’s something your team will never forget.

Your hosts for the evening are of real Maori heritage – the very best people for the job, dressed for the part and eager to show you their culture. They’ll guide your team through the powerful chants and movements, performed for countless centuries to bring together tribe members and strengthen bonds.

When it’s over, your guests will be left to enjoy the rest of the evening, with the ice well and truly broken. The Haka is known to give a real burst of energy and foster positivity – the perfect setup for the evening.

So if you’re after a unique way to bring your team together, you may very well have found it. The Haka is a great representation of how varied our corporate events ideas are, and also of how committed we are to providing an authentic and memorable experience.

Looking for more corporate event ideas? You’ll be glad to know that we’re barely scraping the surface here. Click here to check out more of our corporate event ideas for your next corporate gathering.


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