Surefire ways to accommodate everyone at large team building events

Once upon a time, team building events were focused largely, wholly, on the needs of the business. Companies approached such sessions, head on, with tens of corporate-centred goals in mind, the primary objective often being to train employees, prepare them, to take their place as cogs in the big machine. You may even remember the days. After all, in the great scheme of things, what’s a couple of decades between friends?

Yet, alongside the proliferation of diversity in the workplace, and a heightened awareness of individual need and wellbeing, we are now able to provide nuanced, tailored itineraries. These are team building events which really hit the nail on the head for everyone involved, capable of reaping results across the board. Just think of it as a win-win situ, for individual employees and employers alike.

The makings of a robust and versatile team

Every employee who works within your company has a role. Whether they’re CEO, an administrator, marketing manager, or backroom associate, whatever hat they wear, there are clear cut expectations or duties that are written into their job title.

In addition to this formal job description (ie. stuff you expect them to do when they rock up to the office), in recent years we’ve all got a little more savvy as to the individual strengths each individual holds within the workplace. That is, in a team of tens of customer service experts, it is highly unlikely that more than a few employees share the same way of working.

On the surface, this may strike you as a logistical nightmare! How in heavens is it possible to accommodate umpteen ways of doing things in one professional environment? Bring back the cogs! But, that considered, having a team brimming with brilliant, diverse minds, and complementary professional priorities can make for an exceptionally efficient squad. In fact, it’s pretty unavoidable; according to the book smart boffins over at Harvard Business, you can find the following four types of people busying about in every office:

  • Logical, analytical, and data-oriented
  • Organized, plan-focused, and detail-oriented
  • Supportive, expressive, and emotionally oriented
  • Strategic, integrative, and idea-oriented

The key is to providing team building events that introduce workers to one another’s awesome attributes, encouraging a cohesive fusion of their strengths and skills. It really is that simple. Accolade has your back.

Ice breaker activity

Team building events tailored to the individual

Smashing a team builder is all about finding the balance between business priorities and individual need and interest. What’s that mean? Well, all delegates are there in a professional capacity. They enter the room ready to jump into action and take things on board for the good of the business. As such, corporate events are an ideal opportunity to work your business ethos and aims into the very core of the day’s activities.

With that thought parked in the back of your mind, there’s another aspect that factors. To get the best from everyone in attendance, your day needs to have appeal and capture the imagination of your delegates. Once they are immersed in the action, they will invest, participate and produce some pretty good stuff. With everyone sticking in together, fortes shine through, and your employees get to know their colleagues strengths, quirks, and manner of working.  Along with breaking any stubborn ice amongst staff, delegates develop a tonne of transferrable knowledge about the business, themselves, and those they share an office with, too.

Booking a team builder with Accolade

Want to book one of our magical, happy-tear-inducing, mojo-enhancing team builders? We don’t blame you. We’ve got to be honest. Everyone does. The good news is, we’ve got such a selection of tailor made event ideas that we can guarantee one will be spot on for you and your business.

Accolade are the experts in bespoke team builders, that really get delegates off their seats, involved in what’s going on and eager to participate individually, and as part of a group. It’s what we do. From haka tribal dancing, to company festivals. It’s a Knockout outdoor inflatable games, to Cocktail Masterclasses. BBC-inspired Team Apprentice Item Hunt, to Simply Team Dancing. The options are endless. We’ve done the creative stuff, ready for you to bring the bespoke factor, with your business info.

Let’s get the ball rolling and your team performing. Call Accolade today on 0800 083 1172.

fun team building activities

Have you considered creative, fun team building activities a viable option for your next event? Out of the office, away from the humdrum of the daily routine, these fun team building activities can inject a much needed dose of mindfulness into team meetings.

In the past, long ago, in times gone by, creative team builders, which incorporate painting, sculpting, and animation-centred tasks, for example, were solely reserved for a certain arts-focussed industries. But, as insight into how individuals develop, communicate, and collaborate with others progressed, it became pretty darn clear that such fun team building activities aren’t solely reserved for arty farty types.

Now, zooming into 2018 and beyond, creative team building events are held by companies of all kinds, across the globe. Valued for their ability to capture delegates imagination in immersive, free-thinking activity, which subtly reinforces your business ethos and key conference messages, they’re a top choice amongst employers.

In the mind-set to invest

Whether carving away in one of our Sculpture Workshops or creating fantastical designed bakes in our Company Bake Off, creative workshops are a little out of the ordinary.

When delegates are allowed time to focus in on tasks that are a little out of the ordinary, to say the least, the mind switches on, and creative juices start to flow. Fully immersed fun team building activities, your delegates invest in the project at hand.

And you bet ‘cha, this investment is transferrable. Corporate messages are built into your team builders, and when team members actively engage with these objectives, you see the results back in the office too. Your ROI shoots through the roof, with informed, motivated, interested individuals, who are driven by their contribution to the bigger picture.

Creative events

Pictures speak louder than words

Way before words, we were using symbols and drawings to communicate with each other. Believe it or not, despite having all the words in the world to articulate our every opinion and inner desire, we are still drawn to drawings.

In today’s corporate world, where investing in the individual is an absolute essential, it is definitely worth chalking this one up and giving it a go. Accolade’s Big Picture event is a brilliant way of bringing teams together through art, as they each contribute a small area of a large masterpiece.

Utilise these fun team building activities to give your team’s communication skills a boost, using visual means to stimulate creative, collaborative thinking.

Building teams mindfully

When was the last time you allowed your team some time out, specifically to calm the ambience of the office and improve overall wellbeing? Let’s be honest, despite the progressive steps companies have made to forge compassionate workplaces, employee wellbeing still has a long way to go.

Our creative team builders are an innovative, alternative option for businesses hoping to hold events which holistically tackle targets, team skills, and mental wellbeing. It’s a hole in one, it’s a win-win situation, it’s having your cake and eating it. Quite literally, as well, if you opt for the Company Bake Off.

We spend a whole lot of our waking hours at work. Nurturing a content, calm, and cooperative team is absolutely essential if you want to reel in those results. Whether you opt for Sculpturing Workshops, Cake Decorating, or Team Animation, give your delegates the chance to channel their creativity and reinvigorate their minds.

Creative teambuilding

Celebrating individuality

The key with all Accolade corporate events is the fun factor. We work with you to build bespoke, one-off company days, truly tailored to capture your aims, and your team’s imagination. Creative fun team building activities only accentuate these benefits, allowing for the individual to shine through, whatever their skills and strengths.

Of course, not all peeps are artistic types, but that’s really by the by. There’s more to it than that! Simply giving delegates the space to play with their creativity is liberating in itself. Providing the time for them to collaboratively indulge in immersive original tasks, can send staff confidence soaring.

After all, it’s all about what they can contribute to the mix. The part they play in creating something wonderful, and innovative as part of team. Whatever they can offer, no matter how big or small, everyone’s individual influence and vision is important. And there’s no better message for the office mind-set. We’re not wrong.

So, all ready for some fun that will really make a difference? Ok, then, lets talk about how we can build your team and give them a really fantastic day – call the fun team on 0800 083 1172!



Corporate Team Events UK

In the everyday of your business, your teams must be creative, resourceful and ready to react to rapidly changing circumstances. Each individual in your workforce has been chosen especially for their natural talents in each of these areas, yet continually nurturing and developing these individuals is often what defines your company, from your competitors. It’s no easy feat, but that’s not to say that training must be dull and devoid of fun. Let’s take a look at how creative events can be put together, and what you should think about.

Creative Events – Six Core Elements
Team building could and should be fun. Full stop. Yet in order to also be productive you need to ensure the following six elements are woven into the fabric of your team day.

  1. The event is fun for all: This first pointer can be a tricky one to get right if you’re organising the event yourself – after all, everyone’s idea of fun differs, and whist the CEO may think that old school trust exercises are a belly-rumbler, others may consider them a tear-jerker. Your see, ‘fun’ is nothing short of an art form in this industry of ours. If you are set on organising it yourself, undertake plenty of research – explore our fun team building activities as a great starting point.
  1. The activity is something completely new to everyone: Creative events must push your teams and challenge them in new ways to work out fresh ideas and solutions. So you can forget about going bowling, ice skating or anything else that’s been done before and has no focus on creativity.
  1. The task encourages communication and problem solving under pressure: Pressure is a critical ingredient to developing creative thinking, without it your team could just sit back with all the time in the world to test and trial bog-standard solutions to the challenge before them.
  1. The fun team building activity is seriously challenging, a little competitive and truly rewarding: Just because you’re aiming for ‘fun’, doesn’t mean that the task at hand shouldn’t challenge your teams and pit them against one another or against the clock. The best team building activities balance fun with adrenaline and pressure – so don’t be afraid to challenge your professionals with a task that tests them to their limit. In doing so, they’ll be forced to find new ways of working, or admit defeat to their co-worker counterparts.
  1. The challenge must involve everyone: A team is only truly a team when every last individual is involved – so make sure you consider skill sets and roles, and create a challenge that is interesting enough to engage and inspire an entire room, not just a select few motivated individuals.
  1. The team building activity must ensure that success is felt by everyone: Experiencing success is a great morale booster – and success, to some extent, should be experienced by every member of every team. While there may well be an ultimate team that wins the illustrious prize of top dog, smaller awards are helpful in recognising the unique strengths and differences between your staff and your teams.Creative events

Lets get those creative juices flowing with our ever so fun, ever so productive creative events

Fun Team Building Activities – Accolade Style

Those six mission-critical pointers above may have you thinking that fun team building activities that also nurture creativity are tough to get right. We get it. We’ve been in this business for two decades, and over those years we’ve sought to perfect this corner of the company events market. Here’s the fruits of our labour…

Sculpture WorkshopThis event is ALL about creativity, as your team is challenged to create a totally unique sculpture that fulfils our brief. The Sculpture Workshop can even be entwined with your company’s vision, values, goals or target market.

FunopolyFrom destination to destination, donning police hats to jail bird jumpers, Funopoly encourages your team to be as creative as possible for photo ops around the local area – for which they’ll receive points (and what do points make?!).

Team ApprenticeEver watched the latest hapless intake of apprentices on TV and thought that you could do better? Now you can hand your teams this chance with the Team Apprentice day – an event that’s totally customisable. You could even create viable business ideas that are ready to be taken straight back to the boardroom come Monday morning. The real Sir Alan Sugar hasn’t got anything on our Alan Sugar Rush.

Company Bake Off!Mary Berry? Pah! Who needs her when you’ve got teams who are encouraged to channel their creativity into baked creations? This event is perhaps the least pressurised of our line-up, yet it’s no less demanding when it comes to your team having to brainstorm, develop and design their very own cake.

At Accolade Events, we know just what it takes to get your teams thinking laterally and helping them pool their creative input. From Play Dough to Big Pictures, we bond teams and boost productivity. Let’s get those creative juices flowing, let’s talk about organising your creative event.

Crashing and Singing Waiters

The big corporate event – organising it is intimidating, and creating a unique theme can seem impossible. Forget fretting over being creative, and sweating it out in front of the A1 brainstorm. We’ve done the hard work for you – here are five corporate events ideas that rock, stomp, crash, bang and wallop.

Sit Down Meal? Liven (and Louden) It Up with Crashing and Singing Waiters

Who said that sit down dinners had to be a dull affair of pâté and soup of the day? Crashing and singing waiters deliver starters with a song and deserts with a welcome encore. Just a word to the wise however – it’s probably best to leave this to the professionals, otherwise that soup of the day could well end up as an impromptu fancy dress.

Perfect for? Making your guests’ dining experience totally memorable.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 10 – 1000
Duration: Flexible, usually 20 -45 minutes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice – including your office

Meet your (rather clumsy) waiting staff

Singing Policemen

Company’s Got Talent – Uncovering the Hidden Talents of Your Team
Ant and Dec… Ant and Dec who? This corporate event idea provides all the fun of the traditional talent show, with a twist – for teams that are kitted out in costumes, trained by West End professionals and given music to dance, sing and tap their feet to.

Perfect for? Breaking ice, boosting morale and shining a bright light on your team’s hidden talents beyond the office – ideal for end-of-the-day conference entertainment.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 10 – 325
Duration: Flexible
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Ready to step into the shoes of Simon Cowell?

Add a little Fizz to Your Corporate Event with a Cocktail Masterclass
Get hands on and the drinks in, with this corporate event idea. A cocktail masterclass is a fun, informal task that can break ice, with ice. Our top tip for this corporate event idea is to get qualified mixologists in to show your team the ropes – and challenge your team to create their own cocktail after they’re inspired by the professionals.

Perfect for? Teams that are cocktail lovers and a little creative. A perfect finale to a team building day out, or an ideal entrée to your sit-down conference dinner.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 15 – 250
Duration: 90 minutes – 3 hours
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Shaken or stirred? Get set to mix up your next corporate event

Cocktail Corporate Event

A Theatrical Performance around the Dinner Table
If you put on a corporate event each year, chances are that you’ve had your fill or corporate evening meals. But how many can you really, truly remember? We’re guessing not many. To make a spectacle of your evening eating experience, consider introducing a little pizzazz, a whole load of jazz hands and a few pros from the theatres of London’s West End. We talk, of course, of our Crashing and Singing Waiters.

 Perfect for? A real surprise, come dinner time and a truly memorable evening and a lighter atmosphere than your usual stuffy sit-down meal.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 10 – 1000
Duration: Flexible, usually 20 -45 minutes
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Can be hosted throughout Europe at a venue of your choice

Ready for your entrée?

Take your Team to the Dance Floor, with Simply Team Dancing
Think sequins, a make shift Shirley Ballas and teams that step the Samba – this is one corporate event that uncovers hidden dancing talents. Bring in a pro team of dancers to take your workers from novice, Reverent Richard Coles-style, to Joe McFadden show dance final. Throw in a professional MC and a live band and you’ve got yourself a Saturday night that easily rivals the entertainment-factor and sparkles of Strictly.

Perfect for? Teams with a natural flair for hot footing it across the dance floor. This event could top off a team building day or burn some calories post corporate dinner.

Event at a glance…
Group Size: 20 – 200
Duration: Flexible format from 1 hour upwards
Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors
Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice

Make your CEO Dame Darcey Bussell for a night

So there you are – five totally original corporate events ideas for your next corporate event, and if you need a professional helping hand putting it all together, you know where we are – let’s talk mojitos, blundering, warbling serving staff and lights hidden under bushels.

Animation corporate event

As an events company, we’re forever speaking with clients who’ve been left disappointed and disillusioned about team building events. All too often the investment is made, and teams return to the office with little more than fun memories of a day of laughs. Of course, fun should form part of the focus (who wants to go back to the bad old days of trust exercises and tent building, hey?), but more than this, team building should deliver real, tangible ROI. And that can only be secured if you start with the end game in mind – your corporate goal. Let’s dig into four common aims for businesses, when it comes to their teams.

Corporate Goal Number One: A Sparkling Team Reputation for Doing Good for Great Causes
Want to showcase your team as one with a heart? Combining your team building event with a charity fundraiser is the answer. One challenge with this type of event is how to successfully bond individuals, whilst also raising funds. Think about team head to head activities – such as a football match, school sports day, treasure hunt or game show-style quiz, and make a night of it. Invite friends and family, who’ll donate, and clients, who could sponsor the night and have their name involved too.

 The Result? A fuzzy, feel-good factor for your team, money raised for a good cause, and boosted credibility as a corporation with a heart.

The Perfect Match? The Charity Team Building Apprentice Event

Corporate Goal Number Two: A Team That Should Work Better, Together, with what they Have to Hand
Where a team must be united in their goals and make use of company resources in the most efficient way possible, your team event can hand them tools to solve a problem or complete a challenge. Take our Junk Funk Energiser event – we hand teams brooms, dustbins and pipes, and mentor them onwards to creating beautiful music as a united front.

The Result? A team united in sound on the day, and that returns to the office with a fresh perspective on being resourceful, together.

 The Perfect Match? The Junk Funk Energiser

Junk Funk Energiser

Corporate Goal Number Three: Nurturing Creativity, Presentation Skills and Team Work
This goal could apply to a whole host of businesses and team types, although perhaps most often we find that this trilogy of skills are needed by sales teams that must pitch to clients, and be creative in doing so. When attempting to tackle these three goals, team building events must involve a challenge that takes a team out of their comfort zone – whether designing a fashion range from limited resources, or creating an animation from play dough. At the end of the day, each team must then present their solution to the audience of other teams, sharing the workload so that each individual takes a turn.

The Result? An energised team that are better presenters, more effective at channelling creativity and working as one.

 The Perfect Match? Let your team get their strut on, with the Catwalk Challenge or unleash the Nick Parks amongst your workforce, with the Animation Team Event.

 Corporate Goal Number Four: A Team that Works at Optimal Efficiency under Masses of Pressure
Helping a group of individuals become a better, more efficient team doesn’t necessarily require team building events that are work related. Truth be told successful, productive team work simply requires the right approach between individuals who know how each other work, and what one another’s strengths are. Uncovering these strengths does, however, require a diverse collection of tasks, so team building events that incorporate many games or challenges work well with this in mind.

The Result? A team equipped with fresh strategies for working together towards a successful result with an eye on the clock.

 The Perfect Match? Tick, tock, tick, tock – pit your team Against the Clock with 100 fun challenges.

 A super shiny corporate reputation? Check. A team more united and better at using limited company resources? Done. Work groups that bounce off each other with creative ideas? Check, check, check. Now go forth and put together a team building event that works, or get in touch for off-the-scale event organisation that ticks every last one of your goals off.

music team building events

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