Corporate Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas for Work – Entertainment that make the most of your Party. When your planning your Christmas party entertainment, you need to make sure that it’s a lot of fun, it’s good quality and a huge success – this is where we come in! At Accolade Corporate Events, we’ve years of experience of planning the perfect party and we have lots of Christmas party ideas for work.

Take a look at the selection below or why not explore our Party Entertainment section or simply call us on 0800 083 1172.

Christmas Party Ideas for Work

Christmas Party Entertainment
With so much to choose from you need to make sure you choose the right party entertainment for your company and as you’d expect, we’re bursting with ideas and what’s more, we know what will work perfectly for your group. From interactive game shows that feature festive editions of Team Generation Game and Team Millionaire to a surprise Singing Santa reading from his naughty or nice list specifically designed for your company. If you’re looking for entertainment after dinner then we’ve got everything from selfie booths and mirrors, casino tables to flight simulators, the choice is endless.

Fun Christmas party entertainment

Christmas Party Themes
This is where our imagination can go wild! We love the opportunity to transfer your room into a magical experience and a party theme that everyone in your company will love! If you are wanting to host a traditionally Christmas festive theme then our Winter Wonderland or A Victorian Christmas will fit the bill perfectly. For those wanting to host something completely different then why not have Christmas in Vegas or a Christmas Beach Party? We’ve got so many different themes to choose from that really do have the WOW factor, give us a call and we’ll talk you through all of the different Christmas party ideas we’ve got.

Company Christmas Party Nights

Christmas Party Bands and Entertainers
A great band can be the icing on your company Christmas party’s cake and we know all of the good ones! From corporate party bands to tribute acts, we can recommend groups and acts that will fit your guests. We also work with the nations finest magicians, illusionists, meet and greeters and many other fun exciting entertainers to enhance your party night.

Christmas Party Bands

Christmas Party Venue
Of course unless you’ve got a venue, it’ll be very difficult to host anything for your company! With our completely free venue finding service, we can help you find the perfect location for your Christmas party. We can source a venue for your party night anywhere in the country, no matter what size of group you have or your budget, we have something for everyone.

So as you can see, we’re brimming with fun Christmas Party ideas for work and we would love to help your company organise a fantastic party this year. You can take a look around our website at our Christmas Party Entertainment or why don’t you save time and call us direct and we can start helping you straight away.

Company Christmas Party – Case Study

We were really excited when our client approached us asking for Christmas Party Ideas for work we knew we’d have just the thing for them and their company!

Fun Christmas party entertainment ideas

It was a mixed bag of guests, with some office based, some satellite sites and it included employees partners, so we had to ensure that we delivered an event that would get the guests talking to each other, breaking the ice and needed to make sure that the partners didn’t feel like they were out of a company loop.

Christmas Party Ideas for work that Engage Guests

The fun evening was planned to incorporate a three course sit down meal and so we suggested that a team focused gameshow event that would compliment the evening and create a fantastic competitive atmosphere! With tables becoming teams and every table playing all of the time, this meant that guests had the perfect reason to talk to each other – by the end of the show, they were up out of their seats cheering each other on, laughing and having an incredible amount of fun.

Play Your Cards gameshow went down a storm, our professional compare effortlessly put people at their ease and built the audience up into a competitive frenzy! With the rounds happening between the courses of the meal and tables playing as teams, guests still had time to eat and chat with the gameshow creating an ever increasing link and common topic for the evening.

As the evening went on, guests became more and more involved, people were on their feet encouraging their team members and doing their level best to become the winning team.

Play your cards entertainment

The evening was managed by our very own Events Director Jane Chapman who ensured that everything was fun focused, running smoothly, working very closely hand in hand with the venue and the banqueting team to deliver a seamless event.

At the end of the finale round, the winning team was announced and the celebrations started! Our client was very pleased with the event, the level of interaction and how it effortlessly transformed a room full of people who didn’t really know each other into a room full of new friends – a great result and they’ve already asked us for more office party ideas for their next event.

Christmas party organisers

If you’d like to find out more about our wonderful Christmas party ideas for work, then give our team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we can talk you through the many different possibilities for your company!

Qucik teambuilding activities

Outdoor team building activities are a great way of bringing your team together outside of the corporate work environment, clearing the air – literally and also encouraging communication and an environment that can promote a team focus towards problem solving.

Of course at Accolade Corporate Events, we’ve got a whole host of effective and fun outdoor team building activities for you to choose from but we’re going to focus on three fun team building events.

See more outdoor team building activities.

The Crystal Maze
Based on the popular 90s TV show, the Crystal Maze team building event will really put your team through their paces. This is a great event for those of mixed age and physical abilities as each of the challenges are uniquely different and require different skills to overcome.

Crystal Maze Outdoor Team Event

Team Apprentice Buying Task
Can your team show their bargaining skills and time management? As in the hit TV show, the teams are sent out with an obscure shopping list – the team that comes back with the most items and the most spare cash left is crowned the winners. However, unlike the TV show – nobody gets fired!

Buying Task Challenge

Spy Catcher
Our Spy Catcher team building event is a great way to really get to see a city and all her sights. We set challenging tasks and goals that require a variety of skills to achieve, all leading up to finding the spy and their location.

Fun Spy Catcher Event

Outdoor Team Building Activities that Promote Communication and Problem Solving

Spy Catcher Case Study
Our corporate client who is in the private finance industry in London, had hosted a number of different evening entertainment events with us before entertaining their clients and after hugely successfully events, they asked us to organise their annual team building event. They had a good brief, it was to be an event that could easily cope with 100 people, it had to be outdoors, they wanted activities that included problem solving and they needed it to be challenging but a lot of fun! Of course we were only too happy to put forward our Spy Catcher event – so much more than a treasure hunt, this was tailor made for our client and saw teams communicating and racing around London.

As with all our outdoor activities Spy Catcher was precision planned and had lots of different elements to suit all different kinds of personality traits within the team. Based around the West End of London, the first problem that the had to solve together was a memory activity before they could even begin to start on the outdoor element. Once outside, teams had to track down secret agents and obtain vital information from them. They had to take a series of photographs both outdoor and indoors and they had to answer a number of coded questions, it was fast paced, it was exciting and it was fun.

The client was delighted with the event, how the teams were out of the normal corporate environment and could really bond as a team. They saw their teams communicating and problem solving in a relaxed and fun way. The day was a huge success.

Fun Team Focused Spy Catcher

The Crystal Maze Case Study
Our client, who works within the local authority, wanted outdoor team building activities that were a lot of fun but very much focused on team building, they wanted their teams to really stretch themselves and to try to encourage communication and out of the box thinking.

The Crystal Maze team building event was ideal for them and they were very excited. Based on the TV show our corporate event has many challenging and mystifying problems to be solved within the different zone and we certainly put the teams through their paces as they raced against the clock trying to solve the different problems.

With this being an outdoor event, our client was concerned about the weather – what if it rained? We helped them to book a cost effective wet weather plan just in case, this way the show could go on without any problems. On the day however, the sun was shining and we hosted the event outdoors as planned. The feedback that we received was fantastic and our client is already talking to us about next years event.

Crystal Maze Dome

Team Apprentice Buying Task Case Study
We’ve hosted hundreds of Team Apprentice corporate events, in fact we’re proud to say that we were one of the first team building companies to launch Team Apprentice – so we as you can see, we’re the experts!

Our client didn’t know if they wanted indoor or outdoor team building activities, so we suggested Team Apprentice as it has the perfect balance, tasks that are completed indoors and then the outdoor Buying Task. The Buying Task is always a favourite on the day. We worked very closely with the client and visited their location prior to the event to ensure that we picked the most suitable items for teams to track down and buy – items that were both achievable but obscure at the same time, some items that would test teams lateral thinking and negotiation – a key element to the buying task is communication and planning. Without clear communication without each other and strong problem solving, they would be coming back empty handed.

The teams loved the tasks and activities and even surprised us with their ingenuity! Their were lots of smiling faces, lots of conversation and it was clear that individuals within teams were bonding, there was a team cohesion that was strong before and that, our client declared, was the sign and a brilliantly successful team building event!

outdoor team building activities

When a client approached us needing help finding a venue for a two night stay for 300 people for an anniversary family celebration, we jumped at the chance to use our expertise! They also wanted us to help them with a little outdoor team building which was also a lot of fun for all involved. We suggested many different options to them and it was decided that our It’s a Knockout Total Wipeout style event would be the ideal solution for them!

So the day came for the event and we arrived nice and early onsite – we always like to arrive within plenty of time so there is a stress free set up and we can snag any problems should they arrive. We unloaded the truck full of inflatables much to the delight of the guests that were gathering in eager anticipation.

BJSS - 2013Accolade Corporate Events0095

Everything was set up and it was time to start the show! With guests split into teams we set them off on a series of inflatable games. The excitement was high as they started competing, each one wanting to beat the other!

We warmed the teams up on the dry inflatable games, this is a very physical activity, so you have to be careful with people, you don’t want to start with the wet games straight away because people can get cold and tired, luckily as you can see from the photos this was a glorious day!

BJSS - 2013Accolade Corporate Events0210

The scores were kept top secret throughout the whole event, which ensured that teams gave it their all right the way through to the end but with the final game completed it was time for our compare to announce the winning team. The tension was high as the scored were announced in reverse order and when the winning team was announced they went berserk! What a great event! Our client was delighted and said everyone was talking about it and saying what a brilliant time they had had!

BJSS - 2013Accolade Corporate Events0200

If you’d like more information on how to host the perfect outdoor team building event then please fill in our contact us form and we’ll call you straight back or give the Accolade team a call on 0800 083 1172.

Each year organisers looking for company away day ideas come back to Accolade Corporate Events because they know that we are the experts in hosting professional, inspirational and fun company away day activities.

Fun corporate event ideas

There are many different reasons that you may be organising an away day, it could be an opportunity to get your team together, to reward them in a fun and interactive way or it could be that you want to work on team cohesion or another element that you feel needs building; whatever your specific objective is,  Accolade Corporate Events can help you.  Want us to call you to discuss your next event? Fill in this quick form and we’ll call you back within the hour.

Shoot Out

In the meantime, why not take a look at our different company away day ideas that have been designed specifically to motivate teams just like yours.

Company Away Day

Daytime team activities can be both indoor or outdoor and as you would expect, we’ve got many different inspirational events for you to choose from.

Company away days don’t always stop at the end of the afternoon and many of our clients stay overnight at a venue and combine their evening meal with fun corporate entertainment, this can be as low key as a magician entertaining your guests during pre dinner drinks right up to a fully themed party night and once again, we’ve got a portfolio packed full of great Evening Entertainment Ideas.

Entertainment Ideas

Case Study

We were delighted when one of our favourite clients that we’ve been working with for many years now, asked us to host their company away day this year.Knowing what a great bunch of people they are, we knew that we were going to have a lot of fun with them!

Fun Company Away Day Ideas

Our clients wanted us to organise the venue for them, they were to arrive, have activities in the afternoon, an evening meal with entertainment and then everyone was to stay overnight. Partners were included as they realise the importance of including partners and making everyone feel like they belong to the company. Hanbury Manor in Hertfordshire was chosen out of the shortlist we suggested to the client and the activities were decided upon.

Team Away day

Company Away Day Ideas That work

The afternoon got off to a roaring start, the sun was out and everyone was up for a great afternoon! With lots of activities to participate in, there was certainly something for everyone and everybody could feel that they’d really had a go and enjoyed themselves.

Fun Team Away Day Ideas

Geese Herding was a big hit, with the sheepdogs at the ready and the shepherd demonstrating how the dogs respond to the commands, it was up to the team members to try to round up a gaggle of rowdy geese! There were Segways to master too, balance and coordination was essential to be able to navigate their way through the twisty course laid out for them.

Fun team activities

Rifle shooting was very popular and with their eyes firmly on the target you could feel the concentration as everyone tried to hit a bullseye – some more successfully than others! Another one for a keen eye was Crossbow which was a breeze for some but infuriated others!

For those wanting a little adrenaline rush we had our double seated powerturns, they always go down a storm and are quite tricky to master – Jeremy Clarkson once described them as ‘shopping trolleys on steroids!’ These are real boys toys but not just for the boys!

Archery team building event

No Country Pursuits Company Event would be complete without hay sack throwing, horseshoe throwing and of course Wellie throwing – nice and simple and brilliant fun!

Each of the teams were playing for fun money and we have to say that the lengths that they went to to ‘acquire’ it was admirable! But there could only be one winning team, so the money was counted and the winners announced and the celebrations started! Then it was off back to the bar for a well deserved drink and to get ready for the evening entertainment – a perfect end for their company away day!

Corporate event ideas

Corporate event ideas

If you’d like to find out how we can help you create the perfect Country Pursuits company event, then give our team a call on 0800 083 1172 and we’ll talk you through the many different exciting options.

Ice breakers for Large Groups

Organising conference ice breakers for large groups can seem like a daunting task, how can you engage all of your delegates, will it be motivational and most importantly, what ice breaker activity can you do with a large group? Don’t panic, you’re on the best possible website, we CAN help you and we’ve got lots of activities and ice breaker ideas that can suit a ‘large‘ group of 50 people right up to a whoppingly huge group of 5000! Yes, really we have! Take a look at three of our popular ice breaker activities or why not call our events team on 0800 083 1172 and tell us what you are trying to achieve or fill in our quick contact form, tell us a good way to contact you and we’ll be in touch at a time and way to suit you.

Let’s take three top conference icebreakers for large groups and how they can help your company.

Team Millionaire Gameshow

Team Millionaire: Isn’t this a game show that just involves one person? No. Most definitely not, We involve all of your delegates all of the time and can host Team Millionaire for groups of up to 500 people in as little as 45 minutes. What’s really useful for conference organisers looking for icebreakers for large groups is that we can personalise the questions, to be your company questions, something that we’ve done for companies like HSBC, American Airlines, and GlaxoSmithKline. We’ve other game shows that work really well too – take a look at our game show ideas.

Icebreakers for large groups

Boomwhackers: Fast, colourful and hugely motivational. These little plastic tubes of pure energy can be distributed within minutes, even to groups of 5000. With the only AV requirement from us being a lapel microphone, this is a conference icebreaker with the most minimal of set up but one that delivers a motivation surge like you wouldn’t believe! Take a look at our other icebreakers for large groups that work very well too.

Conference Ice breakers for large groups

Against the Clock: This is a great icebreaker, packed full of 100 different small tasks that teams must complete to earn points, some are far more difficult than others and teams have to decide if the points justify the time it takes to complete them.We can run this fantastic icebreaker for as many as 500 people and in as little as an hour. Call us for more details on 0800 083 1172 or fill in our contact us form and we’ll do just that – be in contact at a time you say is good for you.

Conference Ice Breakers for large groups

These are just three of our conference icebreakers for large groups but we have got many more fabulous ideas. If you’re unsure of which activity would suit your large group, then please give our events team a call, we are team building experts and can answer all of your questions and have many great ideas.

Conference icebreakers for large groups are what we specialise in

Conference Energisers for large group

We’ve been working with many of our clients hosting conference icebreakers for large groups for years now and we love it when our clients move to a different position or a different company and they’ve built up such a good trusted relationship with us, that when they look to host another event, they immediately think of us.

That’s exactly what happened when our client in the Pharmaceutical Industry called us up and asked if we hosted conference energisers for large groups; of course we do! Our client had a very specific remit, one that they thought would be incredibly challenging for us to fulfil; they had 300 delegates in cabaret style, they had a quick 45 minute slot, they wanted everyone to come together, feel energised and as one big united company and…oh yes, the event was in Barcelona!


Conference Icebreakers for Large Groups

No problem at all, we love events like this! We are so experienced in hosting team building events for large groups that we were able to suggest a wide range of different events that matched their objectives perfectly and they decided upon Drumming.

So, we shipped all 300 drums out to sunny Barcelona and flew our four fantastic facilitators out too. The energiser was to take place after lunch which is notorious for people not being able to stay awake – there was no time for dozing, as our drum masters stormed the stage and treated the delegates to a rousingly loud drumming performance which really showcased the sound of the drums.

Each delegate was quickly given their own drum and then it was time to teach them how to play their rhythms, we split the room into sections and each section was taught a different rhythm. An elite group of VIP’s were welcomed on the stage as they also learned a rhythm.

Ice breaker activity

Then it was the finale to this whirlwind energiser, we layered the rhythms and the sound was phenomenal, it was incredible to think that just 45 minutes before, nobody could play the drums. The sheer concentration on everyone’s faces to get this right was amazing, which broke to euphonious smiles when they finished! There was a huge feel good factor in the room and it left the next speaker with a room full of happy people eager to listen and absorb!

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with conference icebreakers for large groups within your company, then please call on 0800 083 1172 or fill in our contact form – it’s time to talk to the experts!

When a new client in the pharmaceutical industry approached us asking if we could help stage a company school sports day, we leapt at the chance to help – it’s one of our favourite events! This was slightly different from the usual team building sports days that we host because this event was going to be a charity fundraiser, there would be lots of different companies taking part so it had to be professional, it had to be quality and it had to be a lot of fun!

Adult School Sports Day

We knew that we could deliver this effortlessly, all our School Sports Day events are professional, quality and fun so this was going to be a great event! With over 100 people gathered all in school uniform, the school bell was rang to the sound of the Grange Hill theme tune and the fully costumed Headmaster and his team of teachers called all the teams onto the sports field to start!


After a quick warm up to make sure everyone was ready for the physical activity ahead, a whole host of fun traditional sports day games were played, the egg and spoon race, sack race, skipping race, football slalom, javelin and many, many other fun team focused games.

Everybody had a fantastic time as the sports day progressed the competition increased and it was absolutely brilliant to hear the teams screaming encouragement for their team mates as they bounced on the space hoppers or dribbled their hockey balls!


Each team put their all into the last activity of the day which was the tug of war and then it was time to sit down, rest and have a refreshing drink while the scores were marked up and the winning team  was announced!

Our client was delighted with the whole event and there were huge beaming smiles from everyone there and a LOT of laughter. After the event our client said:

‘It was a truly fabulous day and everyone had lots of fun! Really great feedback internally’ another wonderfully successful event and one that helped raise money for charity!


If you’d like to find out more about how you can host your very own Company School Sports Day then why not give our events team a call, they’re experienced, friendly and hugely enthusiastic and can help you with all aspects of the event. Call them on 0800 083 1172 today.


Corporate Days Out are a great way to revitalise and rejuvenate your team or renew and strengthen your relationship with your clients. Whatever your reason for organising a corporate day out, you can be certain that we can help you – why not fill in our quick contact form and we’ll call you back within an hour.

Take a look at our five most popular events for Corporate Days Out.

Corporate days out ideas

Total Wipeout is always a popular summer team event. There’s nothing more invigorating than bouncing your way over the inflatable games and of course getting a good soaking from all of the foam. Always popular and always producing lots of laughter and a huge surge of team spirit.

Company fun days

Company Fun Day’s reward not only your employees but their families too and is a fantastic day out. With fun and interactive activities available for the children and adults, this day out really does produce the feel good factor and enhances relationships with your employee’s families.

Treasure hunt corporate event

Treasure Hunts are a firm favourite and with the ability to host our treasure hunts virtually anywhere in the world, we’re pretty confident to say that we can definately write one for you. None of our treasure hunts are off the shelf, they are all written just for you and your company, so they are fresh, vibrant and of course, FUN!

Thriller energiser

Thriller, we are thrilled, excuse the pun, to host this fabulous Thriller dance event. We’ve hosted it all over the country in hotels, conference centre and even at Pineapple Studios. Learning the Thriller dance can be as short as an hour right up to a full day. Brilliant, you’ll find however, there’s a lot of zombie dancing going on when you’re back in the office.


Team Apprentice, still a firm favourite and when you think, you could host Team Apprentice anywhere in the UK, or if you fancy a little further afeild, how about completing a task in the Souk at Marrakech or racing around New York City – they’d be pretty cool destinations for your day out!

Case Study

We love Corporate Days Out and the great outdoors and even with the unpredictable great British weather, we always seem to be lucky with our events and so that’s why we were excited to host an outdoor Country Pursuits team building event for a client we know and love.

Crystal maze 3

Working with their team over many years has helped us have a real understanding of what makes their lovely team tick and what we can suggest to maximise their corporate days out events potential.

So, we helped them find a venue and decided on Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire as the perfect location to host the event. The day arrived and as usual there was an excited anticipation of what the group was going to be doing, so when we announced that they were going to be competing in laser clay shooting and archery, and then racing against each other in our exhilarating Honda Pilots and on Quad Bikes, the team were thrilled.


We split the group up into teams and rotated them around the different activities and everybody threw themselves into the competition with a sheer determination to be the winning team – there was also quite a bit of banter of who were the better drivers, the men or the women and we are not going to cast any judgements on that front!

Fun Corporate Days Out

Our experienced instructors ensured that everybody was safe and had full instruction so they could really attempt the challenges successfully and we discovered some surprising talents. Our Events Director Jane Chapman was overseeing the whole event, making sure the guests were happy, encouraging them and generally enjoying herself because the event was running so smoothly.


Then it was over to the results and to announce the winning team, the tension was high, there were groans from the unsuccessful teams but sheer delight from the winning team and they instantly won office bragging rights!

Feedback was terrific, with our client saying many said it was the best event that they had been on – they are definitely looking forward to the next one which is already booked but we can’t tell you what that is because it’s a secret but we are looking forward to more corporate days out with them!



If you’d like to find out more about our wonderful corporate days out, then why not give us a call. We’ve got a wide range of different activities to suit all types of people and personalities, so you can guarantee that there will be something for everyone.

Every day is different at Accolade Corporate Events and we love the fact that our clients are always wanting us to design unique corporate entertainment events especially for their company.

When one of our long term clients asked us to make their summer meeting memorable and to provide their team with impacting entertainment, then we let our creativity flow. We’ve been working with this team for quite a few years and we knew just the thing to blow them away, so we developed fantastic corporate entertainment ideas for them to choose from.

So, after a lot of planning, designing and excitement we hosted their very own outdoor music festival! We arrived onsite very early in the morning and slowly built up a fantastic stage, this was a stage that just by itself was impressive but when we combined it with the entertainment, it was phenomenal!


Working closely with the venue, we organised for the food that was served to be traditional festival fare, we organised a themed VW camper van photo booth and lots of wigs and props. Sound checks were made, bands arrived…everything was prepared!

The meeting finished and the guests started to arrive, walking into the grounds of the venue they were visibly taken aback, the huge smiles for the anticipated fantastic evening ahead were on everyone’s faces.

We had three sensational acts lined up for the guests to enjoy. As the daylight started to dim, the stage lighting really came into its own and everyone felt like they were taking part in a very special evening. Just like at Glastonbury, it started to rain, but did that matter? No, not at all, we’d got poncho’s at the ready and umbrella hats and everyone enjoyed wearing them and the festival feel just grew and grew.

With an Ed Sheeran style act to start with, the guests were singing along and warming up nicely, then a good all-round band singing favourite well known songs were second to take our festival stage leading up to our dramatic and hugely well received finale act of Freddie Mercury tribute. The guests were dancing and singing all night and had an absolutely brilliant time!


The feedback was fantastic both on the night from the guests themselves telling our team it was the best evening they’d had ever to the MD feeding back what a huge success it had been after the event, our job was done and we were left with a wonderful sense of satisfaction – we had not only met our clients expectations, we’d exceeded them. We’re already talking about how we top it for next year, we’re all looking forward to another sensational event.

If you’d like to know how you could host your own company festival event or if you’re looking for inspiration and corporate entertainment ideas for your next corporate event, then give our team a call on 0800 083 1172.


Does Daniel have a Doppelganger?

We’re not sure what we found funnier in the latest episode of The Apprentice – Solomon carefully carrying the skeleton across a busy road then allowing it sit on his knee in the car, or Lord Sugar’s face when he saw Tenacity’s paper version which to make matters worse, was still in the box! And why can’t Solomon say the word “anatomical?” It’s not so difficult we think.

Daniel’s dramatic transformation

The biggest turn up for the books on Wednesday had to be the charisma transplant Daniel had been for during the past week. Instead of someone who routinely noised up every individual in his team, here was a team leader who considered the opinions of others, handed out praise when deserved and proved inspiring throughout the task (which was to collect nine items at the cheapest prices using £1000, business directories and a map of London).

Arch enemy Mark even praised Daniel’s team leader skills in the boardroom when he told Lord Sugar: “He’s turned over a new leaf, he’s willing to listen and is far more positive.”

Katie said she believed Tenacity were getting results because they were “finally working together as a team.” Ah sweet.


Felipe fails to impress

Until that is – that very four found themselves the team under threat in the boardroom. Then the praise turned to recrimination with lawyer Felipe getting it in the neck from all team members. His crime? To “think out the box” as he put it. What that means is he tried to pull one on Lord Sugar by ordering a paper skeleton rather than the real thing on the basis that Lord Sugar hadn’t specified “a real skeleton.” Hmm.

On learning it was the skeleton that cost Tenacity the team Katie told Felipe she’d “never been so angry in her life.” Just what kind of uneventful existence has she had up there in Sunderland all this time?

Other highlight’s of episode nine was Roisin’s brilliant bagging of a diamond for the fabulous knock-down price of £50. Admittedly there was a lot of eyelash fluttering and smiling involved. But don’t knock it – it worked!

Katie and Mark in Tenacity also pulled a blinder when they managed to buy a vial of oil for more than half the cost that Summit did. The reason? They bought it from the internet whereas Sanjay turned up at a posh shop. Meanwhile Daniel used his Jewish background to nab a 30% discount on a kosher chicken (whereas Sanjay, in a fit of stupidity, admitted he didn’t even know what this was).

And so to the board room execution. Make no bones about it, the skeleton did it for Felipe. Lord Sugar told him in no uncertain terms that fetching a paper skeleton had secured his departure.

On learning this bit of news, Daniel – who had been making his fourth appearance in the board room – breathed a huge sigh of relief while his right ear twitched uncontrollably. So convinced were the others that Daniel was in the firing line that when he appeared in the house he was greeted with a baffled silence. The contest continues…

Meanwhile, here at Accolade Events we have the skills and expertise to help you set up your own company’s Apprentice team building event. Read here for more information on this fun team building activity.

In any type of business, companies are always looking for ways to improve the day to day running of its operation.  Often this comes down to certain aspects that need to be addressed and team building events can be effective business tools in tackling problem areas.

Identifying where your weak spots are is paramount to enable you to move forwards as a company.  Using team building events that concentrate on these key areas will help to improve the efficiency and productivity of a team, as well as strengthen the working relationships between team members.

The key areas to focus on should be:


Good communication is at the heart of any business, but it is often the area that most needs addressing.  The ability to be able to listen effectively is just as important as being able to verbalise your own needs.

Many of our indoor and outdoor team building events require people to be able to communicate effectively to complete the tasks.

Time Management

Using the time in the working day effectively is an area that most teams could improve upon.  Planning, communicating and the ability to delegate if necessary will all help people to better manage their time in the office.

Nearly all of our team building activities have a time constraint, so right from the start the teams will need to be aware of how much they need to get done in the amount of time they have.

Problem Solving

Allowing people to take ownership of their own roles within the workplace often leads to a much more productive and happier team.  Using problem solving team building activities to help improve this field will give people the confidence to look at their jobs with fresh eyes and not be afraid to try different things to help make their day run smoother.

If you would like to find out more about Business team building, then give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and we’ll talk you through the many different team building solutions we have for your company.

There are a wealth of different team building events to choose from, from outdoor physical events to indoor business-led activities, so what benefit would you get from choosing a creative team building event?

In most cases, people tend to stick quite rigidly to their work roles, doing as they have been taught to do in the way that it has always been done.  Often however, these very same people probably feel that their work lives could be improved if they did things differently.

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The Big Picture

Having your team attend a creative team building event will help them to think more laterally, as well as logically, about their own roles. And will hopefully give them the confidence to try new things when back in their workplace.

Creative team building events allow people to think outside of the box and to draw upon their own and their colleagues’ creative skills. You don’t necessarily have to be able to paint, design or perform to be able to think creatively, but these type of team building activities will help open the door to new possibilities.

Because creative team building events are not generally business-led, the pressure is off to perform to a perceived level. Working together as a team, the creative team building events help people to see what can be achieved by working together and doing something completely new and different to their everyday roles, giving people the opportunity to showcase talents that would normally go unnoticed back in the office.

As well as raising team morale and motivation, a creative team building event has everyone on an equal footing which can help to dramatically break down any barriers between management levels or different departments.

Teams will still need to be able to effectively communicate and time manage to complete the tasks, but they will also be tapping into their own creative potential at the same time.

Ice breakers for Large Groups

You’ve been tasked with choosing team building icebreakers your company’s next corporate event, how do you make sure that what you’re choosing is right for your group? How do you know that it’s an icebreaker that will deliver and meet your objectives? Well for starters, you’ve landed on the right website, we have an extensive range of team icebreakers for small intimate groups of 10 right up to a colossal 5000 delegates. Need help choosing between the ideas? No problem, speak to us on 0800 083 1172 or email us using our contact form and we’ll be in touch. Take a look at our conference icebreakers ideas or why not check out 3 of our client’s favourite team building icebreakers at the moment:

team Building Icebreakers

Learn the Haka: A powerhouse of a team building icebreaker. A genuine Maori, focus your delegates, deliver a strong message powerhouse and one that won’t be forgotten, some of our clients are still talking about their Haka event 10 years after we hosted it, it really does pack that much of an impact into it. We only host the real deal, sure there are others that will have someone dressed up in a rugby outfit and teach your delegates the moves of the Haka but we’ll leave that to them. The Haka that we host, is real, it has authenticity stamped all over it and the guys that will be hosting it for you, they even opened the Invictus Games with Prince Harry, so you know they are going to be the best of the best. Name the names…who has enjoyed our Haka event before? Well amongst the many are Siemens, Abbott and Key Retirement. Think this could be right up your street and want to find out more? Call us on 0800 083 1172 or drop us a line and fill in our contact form and we’ll come back to you straight away.

Family Fortunes Events
Company Fortunes: Get your fingers on the buzzer and be prepared to answer quickly in this superb team building icebreaker. With questions that either Bob Monkhouse or Vernon Kay would be proud of, we know that Company Fortunes would be a great choice for organisers looking to create an air of competition, a necessity for delegates to communicate with each other and to lighten the mood in the conference room. You won’t be surprised that this game show is team focused, so to be successful your delegates have to think and act as a team. When you throw into the equation that we can tailor the questions to be specifically related to your company or your industry, you’ve suddenly got a very powerful conference tool.So who have we hosted Company Fortunes for/? Royal and Sun Alliance, Joseph Rowntree and Faccenda are just three of many…

Against the Clock
Against the Clock: This is a favourite for events organisers looking for fun team building icebreakers ideas that get people off their seats and moving around. There are 100 different challenges designed to be completed by your team. Some are fairly quick and easy (well, to some they are easy) and some are quite difficult and time consuming, the question is, with the clock ticking, which one’s are your teams going to tackle to earn maximum points? There are games focusing on problem solving, creative, mental, technical, sensory, physical team games, general knowledge – a real mixed bag and something for each skill set.Want to know a few of the tasks? Well, in no particular order we have plate spinning, domino rallying, puzzle solving, giant dice building, hand shadow making, hula hooping, sailor knot-tying, bell ringing, play doh modelling, balloon modelling, trigonometry solving, beer mat flipping, mystery solving, Lego tower building, etiquette relay racing, boomwhacking, card pyramid building, jelly bean conversion scoring, blindfolded elephant drawing, juggling, cup stacking and a whole host more.

Junk Funk Energiser

Team building icebreakers to get your message heard

We know that it can be difficult to choose team building icebreakers for your group, the pressure is on and with all of our ideas, you are spoilt for choice. The best way is always to call us. We can then ask you some key questions such as, how many people are going to take part, how long have you got for the activity, what kind of space have you got to use and what’s the budget you are working towards, once we know all of these answers, then we can get working on a no obligation proposal detailing all of our ideas and send it over to you to pick your favourite. Simple. So get in touch, call us on 0800 083 1172 or send us an email and fill in our contact form, just let us know how you’d prefer us to contact you and we’ll do exactly that.

Singing conference icebreakers
Team building icebreakers are important at a corporate event, they help people to settle much quicker and aid networking. They can also be used as a quick, yet powerful tool to further enhance your company’s mission statement or simply build team morale in a fun and memorable way. At Accolade Corporate Events, we understand what makes a really successful icebreaker and we ensure that your event is a huge success!

If you are planning a large corporate event this year, you may be wondering about entertainment.

Striking the right balance is important when it comes to corporate entertainment.  You need to cater to the masses and ensure that your corporate entertainment ideas will please everyone.

Tastes vary considerably, particularly when comparing age groups, so what would please a younger crowd of employees may not be to the liking of older team members.

However, there are ways to ensure that your corporate entertainment packages hits the spot.  Choosing tried and tested corporate entertainment ideas from an established event management company will go a long way to securing a great event that will be enjoyed by all.

Some of our best corporate entertainment ideas are actually fairly simple.  Whilst some would love a disco blaring with all the latest chart sounds, a workforce with a varied age group would see the majority leaving the corporate event early for a bit of peace and quiet.

Deciding upon events such as classic quiz and game shows means that everyone can take part and be thoroughly immersed in the event.  You don’t have to have been born at the time The Generation Game or Bullseye were first shown on TV to understand and enjoy the formulas and newer quizzes and TV formats such as Millionaire or Britain’s Got Talent are popular with young and old alike.

You can use quiz and games shows as your sole source of corporate entertainment or run them as a side line to a more traditional DJ and disco set up, so that everyone has a choice and can feel really included in the event.

If you’re trying to decide which summer team building event is right for your people, you may want to consider an outdoor active team building event.

Getting your team outdoors for some wet and inflatable fun could be just the thing to reignite some company passion and increase team morale.

Whilst there are occasions where business-led team building events are more useful and serve to improve vital skills required in any company, there is also a time for some fun and frolics without a serious agenda or trying to impress anyone.

Active team building is fantastic for building confidence, increasing trust and allowing everyone to let their hair down in a neutral setting, where for once rank and management level are not important.

This level playing field allows bridges to be built between colleagues and helps to break down any perceived barriers.  If you mix up the teams with people from different parts of the company, active team building events can help to improve working relationships between different departments.  If you choose to have departments form their own teams, then a little bit of healthy competition will add some spice to the occasion.

Choose from retro favourites such as It’s A Knockout or Battle of the Superstars, or take yourselves way back with our School Sports Day inspired active team building event.  Whichever event you choose you can be guaranteed that everyone will have a blast, and most will probably get rather wet!

To get even more out of your summer team building event, why not insist that everyone comes in fancy dress, or better still, link the occasion with a chance to raise money for your favourite charity.

The British summer is short and sweet so you need to act fast if you want your teams to participate in an outdoor team building event this year.

Team building often has a bad reputation, with far too many employees thinking that their company sending them off for a ‘team building day’ is almost a punishment.

We, however, think the complete opposite.  Team building events should be seen as a reward or an incentive, and they should absolutely be fun to attend and participate in.

Fun team building is the core of a successful event.  Boring, dreary and seemingly pointless exercises will do nothing but create bad feeling amongst employees and serve to further widen the ‘them and us’ gap.

Sending your team on a fun team building event should help to build working relationships, improve interdepartmental communication, and if you get your mix of teams right, help to break down any barriers between management and other levels of employees.

The key to ensuring that you have a fun team building event that is enjoyed by everyone is to select the right event for your people.  A wholly young group of employees will have different tastes and expectations of a team building event to workers with more experience, so it is critical to find an event that will suit everyone.

Thankfully, we have a great range of team building events that cater for all age groups and management levels.  By providing a level playing field for all, where people get a chance to showcase their skills as well as mingle with different management levels as equals, our fun team building events help people to learn as much about themselves and their capabilities as well as each other.  Which will then be taken back into the workplace to help everyone grow as individuals as well as together through the company.

If you want a dramatic and energising team building event that can be easily slotted into a large corporate occasion, then a team building drumming event would be perfect.

By using percussion to bring everyone together and increase morale you are sending an incredibly powerful message about teamwork and company pride.

Team Building Drumming Events Build Company Harmony

Drumming is loud, but it also require precision and timing to ensure that it sounds good.  Getting several hundred people to drum to the same beat at the same time shows just how easy it is to create something magical if they work together and really listen to one another.

Drumming workshops offer a unique chance for a large group to understand company cohesion and because they are so engaging, they will be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

They help to foster good leadership skills and require people to hone their listening skills if they are to create the right sound.

Quick team building activities

However, you don’t even need to have a drum!  Team building drumming can be used in different ways.  Our Junk Funk team building event uses all sorts of different objects to create a sound.  From brooms to pipes to dustbin lids, the inventiveness and how you play the new musical instruments is entirely down to your team.

For a quick blast of morale raising euphoria, our Body Percussion is a short team building activities that works brilliantly as an conference energiser.  No equipment is necessary, which makes it ideal for large corporate events, all you need to make an amazing amount of noise is to be able to clap, stamp your feet and generally follow and keep up with everyone else.

If you’d like to find more about how effective team building drumming events are or more information on our many different team building activities, then please give us a call on 0800 083 1172 and we’d love to help you!

When it comes to choosing team building venues, we here at Accolade Corporate Events are experts.  We have insider knowledge of some of the country’s, and indeed the world’s best venues and we can secure them at the best prices.

However, there are some considerations that have to be taken into account when choosing team building venues:

How Many People are Attending?

Finding team building venues for small crowds of under 50 is usually pretty straight forward.  However, if you need a venue for a large number of delegates then your search can become more difficult.

Not only do you need a main room large enough to cater for everyone where the team building event is to take place, but you should also have a separate greeting area which can double up as a place to serve refreshments.


If all of the delegates are coming from the same area then it is more practical to hold the team building event locally.  Things start to get complicated when you have delegates travelling in from different parts of the country, or even from overseas.

Finding team building venues that have good motorway, train and airport access is crucial to enable people to arrive as easily as possible.

What type of event?

Different types of team building events need different types of venues.  Some of our outdoor team building events require a large area of grass, whereas others, such as our Treasure Hunts, merely need an exciting city centre to play host to the event.

Indoor team building events require venues to be large enough for teams to have their own separate working space – this needn’t be separate rooms, but enough space so they don’t all drown each other out or feel cramped.

If you need help finding perfect team building venues, then you can take advantage of our FREE venue finding service.

Building a strong corporate team is paramount to the success of any business.  Corporate team building helps to strengthen bonds between colleagues and evoke a real sense of pride in the company.

Feeling an integral part of a corporate team brings confidence to the individuals and also a sense of loyalty.  They want the company and their fellow colleagues to succeed and achieve their set goals just as much as they want to personally succeed.

Investing in corporate team building is a shrewd business move.  Team building can be used in various ways—to improve on workplace skills or simply as a reward or an incentive—but the emphasis on informal, yet challenging events cannot fail to bring your people together, helping them to forge lasting working relationships and raise team spirits.

Morale and motivation is heightened when a team works well together.  Success is contagious and wanting to achieve, excel and surpass expectations is much more evident in a corporate team who have a real passion for their work.

Corporate team building works well because everyone is taken out of their comfort zone. Delegates get to experience a fun and unique occasion where they can showcase some of the skills that their day to day jobs doesn’t call for.

Because everyone starts a team building event on an even footing, management levels, length of service within the company and experience are all irrelevant.  What matters is what people do on the day.  This leveller helps to break down perceived barriers and allows people to be much more open and approachable.  This will then be taken back into the workplace where relationships will have improved because trust and confidence has grown.

There are many benefits from working in teams, for both the business at large and the individuals within the team. Encouraging working in teams where appropriate helps colleagues to bond and increases the working relationships between the team members, making them more likely to want to help each other achieve goals and have a pride in each other’s success.

Here are some more benefits of working in teams:

Shared Pools of Talent

Having a diverse team of people usually means that different team members will excel at different things. Bringing together the talents of individuals into a collective can only help to reach those goals sooner.

Happier Work Environment

A team which works well together and enjoys each other’s company equals a happier workplace. If people like their colleagues and enjoy working with them, they are less likely to want to leave and find a job elsewhere

Employee Cover

Working closely in a team means that people can pick up on each other roles. This is important if you need cover in the event of absence due to holiday or illness.

Learn from Each Other

Working in teams often means that members will be teaching each other new skills. Sharing best practices and learning new skills can occur for all members, with those with experience being able to show newer members of the team how to do things.

Being Able to Look at Things From New Perspectives

Often newer members of a team can suggest new ways of tackling problems, as they will be able to see things through fresh eyes, rather than just do something a certain way because that’s how it’s always been done.

Shared Responsibility

Because responsibility for a task is shared amongst the whole team, individual members will feel more obliged to really give their all. Also, team members will rally round and help those who may be struggling.

Using team building events that inspire creative thinking or use music and dance can often yield amazing and surprising results for your corporate team building day.

By bringing together people from different parts of your company and having them participate in a unique and challenging team building event, you can help them to see things from a different angle and appreciate where you want your business to go.

Creative team building events allow people to think laterally as well as logically.  This different approach to problem solving can then be taken back into the workplace and put into practice.

In addition, creative activities take everyone outside of their comfort zone and challenge them to work together to complete the task.

Challenging, yet engaging musical team building events require total unison and are excellent for motivating and galvanising a team.  When used as conference energisers they are powerful tools for reinforcing company mission statements and helping people to realise the potential they have if they work together.

As well as being hilarious fun, our range of dance team building events are perfect for a corporate team building day.  Using costumes and makeup to ensure everyone looks the part, professional choreographers will guide your people through the steps until they can turn out a polished performance.

If you would prefer a quieter and less physical way to inspire and promote creative thinking, then we have a range of team building events that will bring out the budding artists amongst you or unearth the entrepreneurs and captains of industry.   All of which can be used as a stand alone corporate team building day or slotted into a larger corporate event such as a conference.