Activities for team building are used by many corporations around Europe and North America to increase morale and boost productivity. These events, when planned and executed with a high degree of attention to detail and focus, can be very effective in improving many essential business skills. When done poorly, however, activities for team building can be seen as a waste of time. In fact, poorly run team building games and events can have an adverse effect on business skills, productivity, relationships and reaching goals. Improving upon the way that activities are planned and implemented should be a part of the team building routine.

Improving Activities for Team Building

Each time your corporation holds a team building event there must be some recording of results for continued determination of what needs to be worked on, what needs to be changed and how to improve the events. These observations will lead to creating better experiences for your workforce while also developing new resources and ways to build teams. Here are a few ways to improve your activities for team building to make the most out of every event, conference or corporate retreat. 1. Keep Competition Low - Competitive spirits can run strong in many people. Games that rely on competition and winning can bring out the worst in some of the team members and work against the goals which you want to achieve. Choosing activities that can help people feel good about themselves, foster teamwork and pride in a finished product will drastically improve team building days. 2. Be Productive - One of the great ways to incorporate both the business side of things and the fun of games is to incorporate a little bit of productivity into the mix. Have teams do some role reversal as members take on new tasks such as brainstorming marketing tactics or creating new services. This exercise not only gets people out of their mundane day to day activities, but instills a spark of creativity and communications. 3. Hand Out Shirts - This may seem like a small thing, but providing employees with custom team shirts is a great way to boost morale and remind everyone that they’re all part of the same team. This should be made fun with creative designs or team names. Giving the employees themselves input into their colors, design, logo or other aspects of the shirts can also inspire more production. 4. Be Regular - Activities for team building are only successful if they are done on a regular basis. Sports teams know the value of regular practice for continued improvement, building unity, and learning how to interact with each other. The same holds true for businesses and individual offices. These team building events do not have to be a major cost or drain on personnel. A simple one to two hour activity during the regular work week can help maintain what is learned in major corporate retreats. Activities for team building are a major tool to use in improving team cohesiveness, communication, innovation, and leadership. If your organization is looking to improve in its specific field, start to incorporate more team building and team events into the corporate life.
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