Are you looking to host a team building event in the near future?  Handing over the reins to a professional corporate entertainment company such as Accolade Corporate Events means that you can be assured you’re getting the best people in the business, the best venues and all at the best price.  All we need to know are a few basic facts:

What’s Your Budget?

As soon as we know what your budget is we can set about finding the best people and venues your money will buy.  Because we work with so many venues across the country we have great bargaining power when it comes to getting the best deals.

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How Many People Are Attending?

We will need to know a ballpark of the number of delegates attending your team building event.  This way we can ensure we get the best venue—not too small that everyone is crowded and cramped, but equally as important, not too big that everyone feels a little bit lost.   Also we can tailor the team building event to suit the size of party.

What Are Your Objectives for the Day?

Is the team event to focus on specific business needs, such as improving communication skills or encouraging creative thinking?  Or is the team building event purely a fun activity to help the team bond?

Do you Want an Indoor or Outdoor Team Building Event?

We have a comprehensive portfolio of both indoor and outdoor team building events.  Most of which can be tailored to your specific company needs if you so require.  Outdoor team events such as treasure hunts are great for people of different ages and physical abilities, whereas some of the fun inflatable events may suit a younger and fitter crowd.

How Long Do You Want Your Team Building Event to Be?

Our team events can be short and sweet—perfect to be used as conference energisers or icebreakers, or longer half or full day events.  Team building events used for concentrating on key business skills are generally better as longer events as there is more time for people to come out their shells and shine.

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