Team building events can be used for various reasons, whether it’s purely for fun -- a nice change of pace for your employees -- or if you want to tailor your event to focus on particular skills needed for your business.  A good team building event should be fun, informal, have all the participants relaxed and eager to join in, and most importantly, it should serve a purpose. We look at some of the main reasons why companies use team building events for their employees. To reward hard work Whether it is to celebrate landing a big contract, increasing your year-on-year sales figures or simply to say thank you to your employees, a team building event can be an excellent way to show your appreciation.   Fun events such as It’s a Knock Out or Country Pursuits will ensure that everyone has a day to remember and events are talked about at the water cooler for a long time. Improve working relationships Sometimes it is necessary to take employees out of their usual surroundings and daily routine to get them to look at each other in a different light.  Mixing teams up with participants from different sectors of your business can help to improve inter-department relationships as well as allow people to better understand and respect the needs of others. Change Management A change management can often throw a team into disarray; employees often feel distrustful of new management, particularly if there have been redundancies.  A team building event can be extremely useful in bringing newly formed teams together and introducing new colleagues to each other, helping to quickly establish trust and harmony in the new set up. Bring colleagues together Team building events are excellent ways of bringing people together who may have spoken and emailed each other for years, but because of their geographical location they may never have actually met. Finally putting a face to a voice or email address will help to strengthen working relationships and improve morale. To be included in another corporate event Conferences and seminars can often be long and drawn out occasions that need something lively and informal to break up the day and recapture everyone’s attention.  Fun and snappy team building events can provide a surprise element to your corporate event and help to reinforce your company message. If you have brought employees together from various departments and locations, it makes sense to take the time whilst they are all together to spend on concentrating on vital workplace skills that could be improved.  This can be achieved by adding a team building event to either the evening or following morning. Change of personnel Whether it is a new line manager or an expansion of your existing team, having everyone attend a team building event is a great way of letting colleagues get to know each other in a neutral and informal environment. To focus on a particular business need Has communication broken down?  Is time management becoming a major issue? Has the creativity dried up?  A team building event can be tailored to focus on specific areas that your team needs to improve upon. Thanks for reading our article! Are you contemplating a team building event for your company? Get a FREE no-obligation quote from Accolade Corporate Events today!
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