Team building events can be extremely beneficial in helping to create a ‘one company, one team’ mentality.  Using a motivational team building event to bring colleagues together to work on a project or task that is outside of their usual comfort zone and remit, will help to improve communication and strengthen company ties, both within their own team and throughout the business. In today’s ever changing world, businesses can go through many re-organisations and changes of personnel.  This can often lead to employees having to acquaint themselves with new colleagues and learn to work effectively and efficiently together.   Redundancies and changes in management can often lead to a team feeling de-motivated and lacking in morale.  This results in lower productivity, distrust of management, higher rates of employees leaving and a general lack of interest and pride for the company.

Motivational Team Building Event Ideas

Getting people back on track and feeling good about the company they work for is critical after major re-structuring changes.   Attending a team building event can quickly restore balance and allow employees to showcase their skills to a new audience in a relaxed, informal and neutral environment.   This can help to overcome any feeling of mistrust, awkwardness and reservations that employees may be harbouring concerning the new company structure. Allowing teams to participate in fun, yet challenging team building events will give everyone a chance to shine and also get to know their new team on a different level than they would in their usual working environment.  This will improve trust and communication within the team, which will lead to a better morale and a more motivated team when back in the workplace, and a bigger sense of pride in their team and the company as a whole. Getting participants to work together as a team rather than concentrating solely on their own roles within the company will help to strengthen inter-department relationships.  It will also increase trust and confidence between colleagues, regardless of rank within the company. Once back in the workplace, employees will be much more likely to consider their colleagues and their needs when going about their daily roles, they will be keener to offer help when necessary and continue to improve their communication skills within the team.  This will lead to a more united team who want to work together and be as productive and efficient as they possibly can.
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