There are many benefits from working in teams, for both the business at large and the individuals within the team. Encouraging working in teams where appropriate helps colleagues to bond and increases the working relationships between the team members, making them more likely to want to help each other achieve goals and have a pride in each other’s success. Here are some more benefits of working in teams: Shared Pools of Talent Having a diverse team of people usually means that different team members will excel at different things. Bringing together the talents of individuals into a collective can only help to reach those goals sooner. Happier Work Environment A team which works well together and enjoys each other’s company equals a happier workplace. If people like their colleagues and enjoy working with them, they are less likely to want to leave and find a job elsewhere Employee Cover Working closely in a team means that people can pick up on each other roles. This is important if you need cover in the event of absence due to holiday or illness. Learn from Each Other Working in teams often means that members will be teaching each other new skills. Sharing best practices and learning new skills can occur for all members, with those with experience being able to show newer members of the team how to do things. Being Able to Look at Things From New Perspectives Often newer members of a team can suggest new ways of tackling problems, as they will be able to see things through fresh eyes, rather than just do something a certain way because that’s how it’s always been done. Shared Responsibility Because responsibility for a task is shared amongst the whole team, individual members will feel more obliged to really give their all. Also, team members will rally round and help those who may be struggling.
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