When it comes to choosing team building venues, we here at Accolade Corporate Events are experts.  We have insider knowledge of some of the country’s, and indeed the world’s best venues and we can secure them at the best prices.

However, there are some considerations that have to be taken into account when choosing team building venues:

How Many People are Attending?

Finding team building venues for small crowds of under 50 is usually pretty straight forward.  However, if you need a venue for a large number of delegates then your search can become more difficult.

Not only do you need a main room large enough to cater for everyone where the team building event is to take place, but you should also have a separate greeting area which can double up as a place to serve refreshments.


If all of the delegates are coming from the same area then it is more practical to hold the team building event locally.  Things start to get complicated when you have delegates travelling in from different parts of the country, or even from overseas.

Finding team building venues that have good motorway, train and airport access is crucial to enable people to arrive as easily as possible.

What type of event?

Different types of team building events need different types of venues.  Some of our outdoor team building events require a large area of grass, whereas others, such as our Treasure Hunts, merely need an exciting city centre to play host to the event.

Indoor team building events require venues to be large enough for teams to have their own separate working space - this needn’t be separate rooms, but enough space so they don’t all drown each other out or feel cramped.

If you need help finding perfect team building venues, then you can take advantage of our FREE venue finding service.
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