Let's face it: for any business, an event is an investment. Whether you are looking to train your staff, raise morale, or simply have a good time, the event itself has to have value and effectiveness to make it worth spending money on. To get the most return on investment from a team building event, it is vital that you know exactly what you want to get out of the occasion.  Whether you want to host a team building event that is just for fun, or if you want something that is more business-minded there are a few important elements that you need to decide upon to ensure the team building event is a great success -- both for employees and as an "ROI". We’ve detailed some of the main issues you need to decide upon before hosting a team building event:


The timing of your team building event is vital.  You want the maximum amount of people to attend. so you need to ensure that your date doesn’t conflict with any other industry occasion or business commitment people may have. The time of year may also be a concern; hosting a team building event when the children are off school could cause issues as more parents tend to take their annual leave at this time. This is particularly true for office Christmas parties as well as events in the summer, which coincide with the summer holiday season and the kids being out of school If you want to have your team building event in another town or city, Mondays and Fridays are generally the worse days for travelling, and most employees won’t thank you for getting home late on a Friday night.


How many delegates do you want to attend the team building event?  Many of our team building events can be tailored to both small and large numbers; however, some are more suited to smaller groups. Which employees do you want to attend the team building event?  If you want to host something open to all employees then a having a good mix of people from different departments, management positions and ages will get the best results.  If you just want to focus on one team, ensure that everyone in that team—even those who work part time or are long-term temporary staff—are included. Send invitations out early so people can plan around the event and make sure you advise people of the dress code.

haka3 Type of team building event

Our team building events can be general or tailored to your exact business requirements.  Do you want your team building event to focus on specific areas that you feel your team needs to improve upon, such as communication or creativity? If you want a team building event that involves problem solving or being creative, you need to ensure that you give the delegates enough time for them to complete the tasks set without feeling rushed. If the objective of the team building event is for everyone to have fun, a quiz or game show can be an ideal event that everyone will enjoy and makes for a great ice-breaker at a conference or seminar.


Do you want your team building event to be held at the workplace, or at a different venue?  For larger companies with widespread employees it makes sense to hold a team building event in a central location so delegates don’t have to travel too far. Picking locations with good motorway or train links is essential. City centre hotels can be good choices for venues, but many have very limited car parking availability, would this be an issue? Remember: planning your team building event properly is going to play a major role in whether it turns out to be productive. Using these helpful tips can ensure that you make the right moves in planning and executing your next big event. Thanks for reading our article! Are you ready to begin planning your company's next team building event? Why not let Accolade handle the entire process for you? Be sure to contact Accolade for a FREE quote today!
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