You may think that creative thinking is not a skill any of your team needs.  However, attending corporate team building events for creative thinking means you can unlock potential in your team and also encourage people to take a different approach to troubleshooting and problem solving when back in the workplace.

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You don’t need to be a master artist or an aspiring actor to be able to think creatively. Creative thinking is about looking at things from a different angle and trying something completely new.  Coming up with unique and innovative ideas that can help to make their roles more effective and efficient.

Here are some of our favourite creative thinking corporate team building events:

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is perfect for slotting into a day’s team building event or other corporate events such as a seminar or conference. Getting different teams to work on separate parts of the same giant painting will give good visual emphasis on how working together as one, even when you can’t see what the other teams are doing, equals success. Thriller Team Event Can your team recreate the legendary Michael Jackson, Thriller routine?   Working with professional choreographers and dancers we can turn your team of pen pushers into the undead for the afternoon. Coming together to perfect the routine and their zombie look, Thriller Team Event will help everyone to unite and pull together, whilst giving them a unique shared experience they will never forget. Catwalk Challenge

Can you design, create and model a fashion outfit in just a few hours? This creative corporate team building event will unleash the divas and designers in your team.  Catwalk Challenge helps to focus on teamwork, creativity and presentation skills in a fun and inventive way.

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