Corporate Teambuilding Activities Team morale? Check. Original fun, laughter and memories made? Double check. Fired-up and ready to roll teams? Check, check, check! No awkward ice breakers, bewildering games or soul-destroying trust exercises, this little list of corporate teambuilding activities show how things should be done, Accolade style. Prepare for belly-laughs, baking up a storm and singing from the soul. No time to look? Need to speak to an expert quickly? Call us on 0800 083 1172 for an immediate response. Gum Boot Dancing event Gum Boot Dancing: Gum boot dancing is an authentic taster of South African miner heritage. Get ready for teams who throw themselves into an energy and laughter-filled dance routine. They’ll step into their wellies and foot stomp, side-step and thigh-slap – all led by pro gum boot dancers. Corporate teambuilding activities will never be the same again! Perfect for? Invigorating conference delegates who could do with a fresh, fun awakening or finish to the day. Gum boot dancing gets individuals well and truly out of their comfort zone, without them even realising it. Event at a glance... Group Size: 15 - 500 Duration: 40 – 60 Minutes Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice – including your office Step up and into your foot stomping wellies Corporate team building activities Right Track: Think Top Gear, corporate event style, on miniature scales with added “Loop da Loop da Loops”. Be calm, under immense pressure. Stay cool, in the face of one seriously pressing problem. Coordinate, delegate, communicate. Do all this, and victory could be yours with this fun, car-themed corporate team building activity. Your teams will face challenge after challenge to grab critical, track building materials, then things get complex, fast, as they work against the clock to create a solid structure to carry that all-important track car. Perfect for? Teams who need to work like the slickest of well-oiled machines in their day to day working lives. Event at a glance... Group Size: 10 - 200 Duration: 1 - 3 hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice Jeremy, it’s time to put the pedal to the metal and check this corporate event out. Voom voom! Cooking Team Building Team Bake Off: Get your oven gloves on and get set for something more testing than recreating Mary Berry’s soufflé – the Great British Bake Off has had a corporate teambuilding activity make-over.This event features three exciting baking challenges: The Signature Bake, the Technical Challenge and the Show Stopper! Throughout which your teams will work together to create some fabulous cakes, treats, cupcakes, fondant fancies and petit fours. Ready, set, bake! Perfect for? Everyone from the newbie in admin to those overseeing critical day-to-days in middle management, this is a hands-on event that unites all levels of workers. Event at a glance... Group Size: 12 - 100 Duration: 1 – 4 Hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice Tin the talk of soggy bottoms and dough balls. It’s time to get serious. *Team Bake off is not in any way associated or endorsed by the BBC programme Great British Bake Off

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Singing team building event Your Song: With skilled, specially selected vocal coaches leading the way, your teams will step out from under their own shadow and unite in song. These coaches have each worked in the West End, on tour or on TV. They know a thing or two about quick-fire tunefulness. They’ll be ice beautifully broken, and we can even include your corporate messaging – to get your most invaluable assets literally singing to your tune. Perfect for? Singing is perhaps the ultimate level playing field, making this activity pitch perfect for all staff members from the most junior right up to the C-Suite. Event at a glance... Group Size: 10 - 100 Duration: Flexible (from 45 - 60 minutes) Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice Get your singing tackle around this event – warm up with a Do Re Mi and rock on over to the main event page Outdoor team building ideas Motorised & Shooting: Ready, aim, fire! This is an adrenaline pumping, action packed, fly by the seats of your pants kinda’ day. As the name suggests they’ll be motoring and shooting – which kind depends completely on your brief. Your teams could be precision shooting with arrows, weaving and revving a quad, firing air pistols or putting their foot down in a fun and bouncy beach buggy. Perfect for? In short? Almost every personnel challenge you ever faced. Want the long version? Well that’d be team bonding, employee rewards, communication improvement, worker motivations, client entertainment and networking - perfect corporate teambuilding activities. Event at a glance... Group Size: 12 - 250 Duration: 2 – 6 Hours Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoors Location: Any UK venue of your choice Step out onto the field, up to the firing line and into that high-adrenaline motor Treasure Hunt Events Treasure Hunts: From A, to B, to C, your teams will be set against one another in a bid to race from point to point to pick up treasures and thrash the competition. This event is designed to engage every last person on each team and ensure that they leave us as all the more motivated. Perfect for? Every employee, from apprentice Adrian to Mike in middle management, this event gets everyone out there – having fun, working together, regardless as to their role when back at the office. Event at a glance... Group Size: 12 - 250 Duration: Flexible (from 2 – 3 hours) Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoors Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice Head-scratching clues at the ready, well-hidden treasures tucked away, it’s time for your teams to meet their match Canape event Company Canapé Making: Your team is about to pop their chef hat on and take on many classic canapé recipes. They’ll be handed the equipment and the ingredients, but they’re going to need a whole heap of creativity and culinary skills if they’re to master the taste factor and meet the imposing standards for presentation up to the standards of our expert chefs. Perfect for? Hungry team members ranking from juniors up to middle management who could do with a tasty, energising day out of the office. Yum yum! Event at a glance... Group Size: 12 - 100 Duration: 2 – 3 Hours Indoor/Outdoor: Indoors Location: Any worldwide venue of your choice Canapé cream syringe to hand, apron on, creativity bubbling away – we should get to work Let’s talk about your team and the right choice between these corporate teambuilding activities - send us a message and we’ll be right back in touch, or call us directly on 0800 083 1172.

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