Team build events encourage guests to get to know each other and break down barriers. In many cases this will not be enough to create a better team. There may be deep-rooted issues that need a more focused approach. There are plenty of organizations that sign up for team building weekends and retreats in the hope that they will find the missing ingredient, or the "Holy Grail", that will solve all of the problems within their workplace. While there is no special ingredient, team build events can help an organization rise above their current level and become leaders within their industry.

Common Problems Highlighted Through Team Build Events

One of the problems in thinking that team building is the perfect solution is that teams have problems too. Therefore, while team build events are not the "Holy Grail" of business solutions, they are the one aspect that highlights the weak areas that need to be worked on. Things like:
  • Ineffective team communications
  • Lack of experience within teams
  • No confidence in team members
  • Inefficient leadership
Most events that focus on team building incorporate many different activities that put these weaknesses into the forefront of desired goals. These events are even more powerful when run by outside personnel, or team building specialists, who can bring a more objective look into what weaknesses need to be addressed.

Practical Team Build Events

Weekend retreats, multi-day conferences, one day games, or simply an afternoon with different challenges can all be incorporated into a full team building calendar. Each of these have their place, but it is always best to choose/plan team build events that are based on weaknesses you want to tackle first. Practical events, that address any weaknesses, can reap many more rewards than those that are built on popular game shows or "over the top" adventures. Using a series of short problems will allow a team to be observed a number of times. An experienced facilitator will be able to pick out problems and provide feedback to the team after the task.

Plan Events With Care

Efficient teams are not born, they are created through great attention to the different events in which they take part in, bond through, and achieve goals and solve problems. For this reason, the team build events that are planned must be done so with great care. There are several things to think about that will lead to an overall successful event. They include:
  • Venue - The actual place where the event is held can create either a winning or depressed attitude.
  • Duration - How long the event takes places is a major factor, especially if people are not completing the tasks.
  • Challenge difficulty - Challenges that are best suited for young athletic types are not going to go well for middle-aged office workers. Keeping in mind the abilities of your teams, and challenging them slightly beyond that, is the best way to improve skills.
  • Focus on skills - The games are fun, but not the main focus of team build events. The facilitators should always keep in mind the goals set and skills needed to improve.
As you can guess, trying to do all of this in-house can be a bit overwhelming for any human resources department. This is the reason that companies, like Accolade Corporate Events, are a vital addition to any corporation. They have the expertise (maybe not a "Holy Grail") to help move an organization in the right direction in order to accomplish goals and strengthen the weaknesses that are found.
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