Whilst whole-day team building events are often favoured by companies as they take people away from their workplace and engage them in fun and informal activities, team building can also be just as dynamic and effective in short bursts.

Incorporating quick team building games into other corporate events often serves a dual function.  Not only are you getting the teams to work together, improving vital skills such as communication, listening, decision making and leadership, you are also providing a quick and fun way to break the ice and help people to instantly bond.

These quick team building games work well for conference energisers, giving everyone a welcome chance to get out of their seats and do something engaging rather than just listen to presentation after presentation.  They are especially productive used for the opening or closing slots and the usually lethargic after-lunch period. They can either be fun and a way to introduce colleague to each other—perfect for large dinner events such as Christmas parties or the annual ball— or they can be used to further illustrate your company message in a powerful and profound way. Concentrating effective team building activities into a short space of time is easy than you think and can often yield surprising results.  Who could forget your company message delivered via song or dance? Certainly none of the delegates who take part in it!

Short and sweet team building activities can be very uplifting and rewarding, serving to get everyone on board and really feel a part of a team that is going places.

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