The business world today can be best described at hyper-competitive. This competition is not just limited to companies, nor is it limited to the marketplace. One of the areas that many companies have a big problem is in the retention of good, qualified employees. This goes for corporations, hospitals, schools, and non-profits. The short term solution is to focus on team building and the different team building benefits within that philosophy. However, the long term solution requires people being happy. One of the keys to keeping people within an organization is that they have to love what they are doing. They want to know, and like, the people they are working with, and they need to trust that the people they work with are doing the right thing for the company. They also like to be a part of the process. Through a team philosophy each member of the team has important skills that are used on a daily basis. They work hard to reach company goals, that they also feel are theirs.
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Keeping these people happy, therefore keeping the team happy, is how you realize the full range of team building benefits like stronger communications, emerging leadership skills, problem solving, and innovative creativity. But, how do you do that?

Realize Team Building Benefits Through Four "Happy" Thoughts

Keeping the members of a team happy is a matter of four very simple processes that anyone would want returned in their direction. In essence, they are normal human desires, but are often times missing within the corporate world. 1. Be Honest - If you want to realize the full string of team building benefits your leadership must be completely honest with their teams. Don't pretend to be something that you are not and don't lead people on in believing something that will never happen. Always have an open door policy and keep everyone in the loop. 2. Be Transparent - It is quite difficult to move a group of people towards an end goal if they do not know what that goal is. Each team member must be adequately supplied with the direction that the organization is heading and how they are helping achieve each of the different goals. 3. Be Accommodating - Workspace is a big issue when it comes to productivity. You can have the best team skills, but if the members of the team are not comfortable, productivity declines. Many companies enlist the individual team members to help with their workspace. Whether it is a cubicle desk, a standing desk or a small partitioned room finding what works propels a company more than it detracts. 4. Be Investing - Every company wants to enjoy the wide range of team building benefits, but there are those that do not show it in their investments. Investing within the team - through team building events, special corporate entertainment, special awards and recognition days and bonuses are all great ways to continually invest in your teams. Keep your teams strong, and happy, while the company enjoys the many team building benefits through the use of these four simple keys. They do not require much more than simple communications, but they can lead to a much greater success.

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