When a company hosts a large corporate event such as a conference or annual ball, there is often a bit of trepidation from some delegates.  Some people don’t relish being outside of their comfort zone and worry about meeting new people.

Including ice breaker activities in your corporate event helps to put people at ease.  The sooner you break down barriers between people, the sooner everyone can relax and enjoy the event.

Using ice breakers at formal dinners where seating plans often mean people are not sat with their everyday colleagues is an excellent way to help everyone to quickly bond with their dining companions.   Fun and impacting, ice breakers start the event off on the right foot and immediately give everyone some common ground to start conversations and begin building their relationship.

Traditional quiz and game shows make exceptional ice breakers because everybody knows the rules already and they can be played in teams with each table being represented.  Questions can either be related to your business or general knowledge. They work well between courses or at the end of the meal when everyone is relaxed and in good spirits.

Ice breaker activities are also very effective if they come as a complete surprise to delegates.  Crashing waiters not only have the dramatic surprise element, but they are also a powerful tool to help bring everyone together and reinforce your company mission statement in a way that will not be forgotten lightly.

Ice breaker activities add fun to any corporate event, but more importantly they turn a good event into a truly memorable event.

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