Often it is all too easy to get stuck in a rut in the workplace.  Everyone has their job to do and they tend to stick rigidly to their own routine, rarely taking into account other people and the roles they play - other than when they are late or do something that holds up their own progress.

By sending people on a  team building event, it challenges this thought process and makes people much more aware of their co-workers and how they might be able to join forces with each other to improve their working day.

Team building challenges the attitudes of ‘them and us’, and helps to build bridges between different departments.  Team building events are also great for helping to break down barriers that may have occurred between different departments or levels of management.

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Barriers in the workplace can quickly lead to a lack of trust and ultimately to a downfall in communication.  Getting people together to concentrate on improving trust and communication will help to mend working relationships and have them realise how important each person is to the company as a whole.

Team building also challenges the ‘can’t do’ attitudes that sometimes people have both of themselves and of others.  Taking people out of their comfort zone to participate in fun, yet challenging team building events often has the added bonus of bringing people out of their shells and allowing them to showcase their skill set in a different environment.

Allowing junior members of staff to take the lead, and more seniors one to sit back and watch and observe the rest of their team often leads to great surprises.  Senior management become more approachable and human, and junior staff are given the chance to shine and show their potential.

Team building challenges your people to think outside of the box, to be better communicators, better listeners, better problem solvers and better at time management.  It challenges them to work with, not against others and to come together and share the talent to truly succeed.
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