We were particularly looking forward to this episode in the Accolade office.  Obviously team building events are what we do best, so to see how the candidates on The Apprentice thought they should be ran was of much interest to us.  Would they go with the common misconceptions of what a team building event should be, or would they go completely off the rails and deliver something akin to a major train wreck?  In fairness to the candidates, they managed to do both! Lord Sugar decided that Doctor Leah should be the PM for Team Endeavour and Francesca was given the task for Evolve. The brief was clear from Lord Sugar, he had set the teams up with a large corporate client and a budget of £5,000, the team who made the most profit and delivered the best customer satisfaction would win, and in the other team…. yeah you know the rest. The teams started by brain storming themes for their team building events, both of which come up with a school theme.  However, Leah decided that she’d rather their theme be a historical one.  In true democratic style she put it to the vote and four out of the six voted for the school theme, showing how much of a team player she is, Leah decided to override the vote and went with the medieval/historical theme anyway. DSC_7064 The teams spent approximately ten minutes apiece deciding what fun games they could incorporate into their team building days, with little or no regard as to what the delegates might actually get out of them.  Rather than think of innovative events that would challenge the delegates, Team Evolve thought that chocolate making and wine tasting were excellent team building activities for a school themed event.  Team Endeavour felt that lawn games would suit their theme, but didn’t consider how they could incorporate the client’s brief into them. Endeavour found out their client was Barclays bank, Leah started off the process on a completely unprofessional foot by managing to both turn up late, and have her suggestion of the jolly medieval theme laughed at by the client.  She seemed somewhat surprised that Barclays wanted a business orientated outcome for the day, with specific instructions to concentrate on listening and communication skills.  With this in mind she swiftly ditched the medieval theme and quickly, and rather randomly, decided upon an army theme instead. Team Evolve’s client was the holiday company lastminute.com.   Their brief was simple; they wanted a team building event with business value that focused on everyone working together towards a goal.  Chocolate making and wine tasting should cover that, right? The teams then headed out to source costumes, props and catering for their team building events.  Luisa and Jason visited a lady who would take care of their chocolate making slot.   However, Luisa quickly decided that she could run a cupcake making workshop for free instead and rudely gave the poor woman the heave-ho, although not before asking if she can buy some piping bags off her. Rebecca suggested that Team Evolve hire a professional motivational speaker, not a bad move considering the rest of the day doesn’t appear to be at all motivating, or even interesting. The following day the teams headed off to two different locations in Hertfordshire.  Team Endeavour’s army themed team building event was quickly taken to task by Myles and Neil who finally sat down and started to strategise on how they were going to fulfill the customer’s brief.   Neil offered to deliver the motivational speech at the end. Over at Team Evolve’s location, everyone set about dressing the school theme with flamingoes and feathers, because obviously these are the first things you think of when reminiscing about your school days.  A flamboyant waste of £300 that only served to confuse the theme further. Rebecca and Jason seemed somewhat confused as to what competition they had entered, with Rebecca commenting on them being tucked away in the kitchen as the best use of their skills.  Well it would have been if they were appearing on Masterchef.  The Apprentice?  Not so much. Both teams had omitted to factor the weather in their plans for the day and after a few very basic lawn games it predictably started to rains.   Team Endeavour relied on an overdressed Alex to provide some indoor entertainment in his new guise as Colonel while Neil and Myles dressed up as sumo wrestlers to illustrate a badly put across point by Leah, much to the perplex of the Barclays managers. Meanwhile, Team Evolve delivered probably the worst wine tasting session ever that instead of looking to teach the delegates anything about wine only showed how little qualified they were in the field.  Elsewhere, Luisa demonstrated some cupcake decorating.  Both workshops received a very luke-warm response and failed to deliver on the brief of the client. Both teams rounded off their days with a motivational speech; Team Evolve’s professional speaker went down well, but Neil offered up the surprise of the day with a polished and heartfelt speech. Back in the boardroom Neil wasted no time in telling Lord Sugar what a bad PM Leah was.  Karren tells them how unprofessional they were for turning up late to the meeting with the client and the poor theme.   Francesca doesn’t fair too well either with most of her team questioning her skills as PM. Leah’s team made a profit of nearly £2,100, but Barclays wanted a refund of 25% because of the lack of contingency plan for poor weather, which left the team with a profit of £1,600.  The client singled out Neil as being particularly impressive on the day. Francesca’s team spent more money on the professional speaker and unsuitable props, and the client decided that the day had a complete lack of business sense so also demanded a refund of £1250, leaving the team with a profit of just over £1000. Team Endeavour’s reward for winning the task was a pampering session.  For Team Evolve, a trip to the Bridge Café where the knives were out for Rebecca and Francesca. Francesca decided to bring Rebecca and Luisa back into the boardroom with her, where ultimately Rebecca was fired because of her idea for the motivational speaker, although we felt that the professional speaker probably helped to save them from a higher refund demand. If you'd like to host an Apprentice Team Building Event then please give us a call today, we can certainly put your teams through their paces in a fun and motivational way!
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