Twitter is one of those corporations that have changed the rules of news, communications, and the way that people live. Last year, the social media giant went public and the spotlight has been shining on them ever since. That spotlight has revealed several team building benefits through a recent award given to the CEO, Dick Costolo. During the 7th Annual Crunchie Awards, held in San Francisco this past week, Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo, was given the "CEO of the Year" award. This is a great achievement for the social media leader as the company just went into the public sector a few months prior to that. What is of great significance in this award is that Costolo did not take the credit for himself as the leader of the company, but said that the award is actually a "team award." He also went on to say, "it's the people inside the company that make the company what it is, and I certainly wouldn't be here without them."

Team Building Benefits in the Spotlight

The significance of this can not be overstated. Costolo, who could have easily said 'Thank you' and left it at that, gave the attention, and the credit, to a team philosophy. He did this because of something that he learned from an NBA player. During the presentation he said;
"One of the great players in the NBA told me that championships aren't won on the court, they're won on the bus, and what he was referring to is that sense of team building and making sure that it feels like a team, and that you're all pulling for each other and working together. That is what makes something work. And I think that's something I just really pay very careful attention to."
This philosophy has found its way into one of the largest social media companies in the world today. The reason is that team building benefits outweigh any of the risks.

Team Communication Skills Improve

The accolades that Costolo gives to team building is something that he attributes to the ability of the employees of Twitter to be able to communicate on a high level. This is something that is implied through the NBA analogy. That as the employees do things together, complete tasks together through team building games, they learn to communicate with much more efficiency and clarity. This is directly related to completing tasks with much more accuracy, solving problems which may arise, and staying in touch with the needs of users or customers.

Leadership Skills Improve

Through a team building philosophy, that is corporate wide, leadership skills are vastly improved over traditional methods of teaching leaders or raising new leaders within the workplace. Through team building games like Team Apprentice a company is able to gauge leadership skills, on a measurable basis, to see where improvements are needed or where skills have improved. Leadership skills are natural team building benefits. These essential skills are not adequately taught in a manner in which memorization of principles are involved, but through the practical use of critical thinking, teamwork, and management within a "real world" scenario.

Individual Thinking Skills Improve

As you look at team building benefits you can begin to see that it is all about improving the essentials of corporate success. Strong department communications and leadership skills are just part of the overall need for today's corporate world. Another essential is for the individual skills - the thinking skills - to be build up and strengthened through working in a team. Traditionally corporations have revolved around the philosophy that rewards and recognition are given based on individuals. From this comes an environment where individuals have their own agendas and goals based on their personal desires. What Twitter CEO Costolo has opened up for the corporate world to see is that individual efforts are good, but the way they use these efforts in a team is better. Team building games have a way of building up individual critical thinking skills which is then employed through a team based philosophy. Everyone works together for the good of the team, from which individual efforts are also praised. Creating a team philosophy within a corporation is not a risk when you see the various team building benefits that naturally occur. They are not skills which are forced upon people, but are skills in which employees learn by learning by trial and error. Accolade Corporate Events has been partnering with many different companies in the last 12 years and have shown that these team building benefits, and many others, are essential to continually building a business that leads rather than follows. Check out their vast knowledge and how you can work with them by going to
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