Is your company having a difficult time retaining your workforce? Read about how team building events can be the deciding factor in keeping or losing valuable employees on your team.  Employee retention continues to be an enduring problem for businesses worldwide. Because the job market is now online and easy to access, employees are much more willing and eager to move from job to job to capture the best pay and benefits possible. With that in mind, businesses now struggle to find a balance between meeting their payroll budgets and doing what it takes to keep the talent in-house. If spending more money on your workforce is becoming difficult, hosting a team building event might positively impact employee retention more than incrementally incrasing salaries or benefits. Those in management are keenly aware of the delicate balance that exists between engendering a team atmosphere in the office and the need to reach out to employees. To be sure, managers and business owners hope for a workforce that is self-motivated to succeed just for the sake of the business itself, but the reality is more sobering: the role in the work process has to be rewarding in and of itself, and employees need to be essential to a team's professional success. Most of all, workers must feel that their salary is balanced with the work they are doing. DSC_7121Team building events can significantly aid in reinforcing an employee's sense of connection to their team. Events like Team Apprentice -- which is modeled after the popular television reality show -- help to recreate an employee's place in the success of a workforce team in a setting that is fun, casual, and engaging, all while remaining connected to the business world. The event itself assists in reinforcing the critical nature of each worker's role in helping to make a team into a success, and also reveals to a team and its employees the business' will in investing in the happiness of their employees. Team building, after all, should be a fun experience that takes employees away from the normal business day. As a result, the experience really resonates. Often times, employees lose sight of their importance in the business processes that they work within. Or, sometimes employees realise their importance, but feel that their management fails to recognise how important they are to the team. Use team building events to show your employees how much you care about their role in the success of the company. Thanks for reading our article! Are you looking to get more information on how team building events can help your company's employee retention? Be sure to contact Accolade for a FREE quote today!
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