There are a wealth of different team building events to choose from, from outdoor physical events to indoor business-led activities, so what benefit would you get from choosing a creative team building event?

In most cases, people tend to stick quite rigidly to their work roles, doing as they have been taught to do in the way that it has always been done.  Often however, these very same people probably feel that their work lives could be improved if they did things differently.

big picture 3
The Big Picture

Having your team attend a creative team building event will help them to think more laterally, as well as logically, about their own roles. And will hopefully give them the confidence to try new things when back in their workplace.

Creative team building events allow people to think outside of the box and to draw upon their own and their colleagues’ creative skills. You don’t necessarily have to be able to paint, design or perform to be able to think creatively, but these type of team building activities will help open the door to new possibilities.

Because creative team building events are not generally business-led, the pressure is off to perform to a perceived level. Working together as a team, the creative team building events help people to see what can be achieved by working together and doing something completely new and different to their everyday roles, giving people the opportunity to showcase talents that would normally go unnoticed back in the office.

As well as raising team morale and motivation, a creative team building event has everyone on an equal footing which can help to dramatically break down any barriers between management levels or different departments.

Teams will still need to be able to effectively communicate and time manage to complete the tasks, but they will also be tapping into their own creative potential at the same time.

There can be many instances where team cohesion isn’t quite as it should be.  Changes of personnel, company restructures and internal promotions can all have a negative effect on how a team works together.

Taking time out to attend a team building event will help to reunite the team, forge new and closer working relationships and restore trust in one another.

Which team building events are best for team cohesion?   We think that team building events that require everyone to come together to achieve the end goal are best for team cohesion.

Assigning roles within problem solving team building events such as treasure hunts, or all working together on a creative task such as Catwalk Challenge or The Big Picture all help to really focus the team and allow vital skills such as communication, trust, listening and leadership to come into play.

Creative team building events usually have delegates doing something completely different and unique to their everyday work.  This often means that people can showcase skills that wouldn’t normally come to the fore in their usual roles.  Allowing different people to take the lead on a project and be responsible for areas that they wouldn’t usually be involved in, such as decision making or time management, lets the rest of the team see how they can be more involved and engaging when back in the workplace.

Problem solving team building events utilise every member of team, so no-one can sit back idle.  This hands-on effect helps helps to restore confidence in each other and therefore strengthen bonds and bringing back that team cohesion.